kitty needs his booby sleep, so he’ll be all fresh and fine for the morning.

“This is Boun and he lives here in Laos. Hobbies include ruling the world, melting asleep on his adoring humans, and generally stealing the hearts of anybody who lays eyes on him. He also likes my rack.” By Hannah M.-M.


Hodge-Podge o’ Pudge

These puppehzzz will fetch your slipperezzz but just five more minutes pleeeazzzzz…




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Today is National Cat Day! Poll: How Shall We Celebrate?

Yay for National Cat Day! It’s their party and you can adopt if you want to!

Or tell ALL your cat friends because…

Open the door!

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Jayda’s party kittens.
“Here’s Tony Wonder. He wishes he could have some hot fun in the summertime, but he’s still too little to go outside.” -Morgen D.
Cat perched on top of door via Rocket News
“This is our cat Moritz! She (yes, even the name is actually for male cats, its a she-cat) loves to crawl under carpets and blankets, so, sometimes when we sit down on our beds or our sofa, we might hear her squieking, when we sit down on her since we don’t always recognise her on the first sight. Greetings from Austria!” -Viki
“Buffy” –Photo by Tram Vu

Newborn Kittens Hugging *splode*

Tiny tie-tie overload! And, Peeps, you do not want to miss being completely overpowered by the simultaneous yawninks action!

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Math is Hard for Frankie

The magnitude of an object’s displacement from its equilibrium position exerts a constant downward force, Qte=(elebenty x mg²) on the fundamental physical laws required of those properties being of bulk elements with properties being the infinitesimal center of mass.

“This is Frankie, he was just too scared of the Dino to share the bed. He settled for using it as a pillow.” -Elizabeth O.

Finally. Now I Can Sleep.

My all night pouncing on feets, sitting on heads, bouncing on bladders, clearing off tabletops and soul-searching meow sessions training is complete.

Thanks for staying tuna’d, 99.1WQIK.

Stanley Doth Protest

We are sorry to announce our originally scheduled program Snausages Gone Wild, has been cancelled and is being replaced by the School of Collegiate Athletics Poetry Recital.

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Dolly, you are carrying this “falling asleep” business too far.

“I would like to present my toy poodle, Dolly, I love her to bits and she is so hilariously cute when she sleeps (and at all other times too!). It would be so amazing if you used any pictures of my sweet girl, since we have loved Cute Overload for several years (and religiously bought the page a day calendars haha)!” -Amy (human) and Dolly (poodle) (UK)

Photo Assignment #5 Rest of the Best

This is our third installment for Photo Assignment #5! This time we have puppy piles, a ferret jumble and a kitteh cuddle! What’s your sleep number?

Three! No, wait. Yeah three!

Two! Three!

Four! Three! …several!

Two, definitely two, …one and a half.


My Little Pony

Pinky takes some much needed time out from being a mega popular toy series and major entertainment franchise.

“This is Ringo — don’t tell anyone, but he loves to sleep with his pink horse. I’m sure he’s dreaming about rescuing damsels in distress on his trusty steed, Pinky.” -Marianne S. B.