Simon’s Cat: The Christmas Collection

Here’s a “Greatest Hits” compilation from Simon’s Cat, who wishes you a “Meowy Christmas!”


Snow Cat

We’ve all made Snowmen and flopped on the ground to make a Snow Angel, right? What about…a Snow Cat? Simon’s Cat shows us how it’s done.

Simon’s Cat + The Cone Of Shame

Simon’s Cat is having a dickens of a time getting the Cone Of Shame off- until he meets a new friend. Problem solved.

Simon’s Cat Goes Off To The Vet

“Off To The Vet” is the name of a new Simon Tofield book (out today)- and here he tells us how he created it.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe is NEXT.

NEW Simon’s Cat: A Trip To The Vet

Cats simply don’t like going to The Vet. Even animated cats.

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In “Pizza Cat!”

There’s just one slice left. Now who do you think is going to get it? Simon does not stand a chance.

THIS JUST IN: The Simon’s Cat Kitten Chaos Collection

Almost FOURTEEN MINUTES of Cartoon Kitteh Chaos. Get your lunch out of the break room fridge, sit on down, and let this one roll!

Is This A Sqwerly Video, Or What?

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield is back, and he shows us just how he draws Sqwerls for his videos!

THIS JUST IN! April Showers Bring…Simon’s Cat

Wuz just wondering when we’d see another edition of Simon’s Cat, and here we are!

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In “Butterflies”

Simon’s Cat has a Valentine’s Day present for his one true love. But, as is often the case with cats- even animated ones- it doesn’t quite go according to (burp) plan…