THIS JUST IN: Crazy Time

Couldn’t think of a better headline for the one and only Simon’s Cat.


It’s the first day of Spring! Simon’s Cat has been cooped up inside all winter, and now it’s time to go out and play. Hmmmm, let’s see who’s inside the birdhouse, shall we?

THIS JUST IN: How To Draw Rabbits!

This free art lesson c/o Simon Tofield, creator and narrator of the Simon’s Cat series!

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Is Smitten

It’s getting closer to February 14th, so Simon’s Cat does his best to impress his Valentine!

THIS JUST IN: How 2 Draw Tabby Cats, By Simon Tofield

You might not know that name at first…but you know Simon’s Cat! In this new video, he shows us just how he draws Tabby Cats! (And of course, you get to listen to his fantastic British accent- always a plus. I don’t know what I’d rather have; the drawing skills or the accent. Must think.)

Fowl Play On Christmas Eve!

As you might expect, Simon’s Cat is involved.

And while we’re here, take a peek at this encore presentayshe from last year, eh?

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In Christmas Presence (Part 2)

When last we saw Simon’s Cat, he had decided to take care of a battery-operated Santa. Now, the Santa is back…but for what purpose?

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In Christmas Presence

Simon’s Cat decides to lay a big whuppin’ on a fireside Santa.

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Real Cats

We all know Simon’s Cat. But what about Simon’s real kittehs? Check eet out!

THIS JUST IN: The Simon’s Cat Story

Ever wonder how Simon’s Cat came to be? Wonder no more, with this new video JUST OUT.