Caturday: Try The COUCH, Mister

[Don’t even THINK about sitting on the chair. You won’t like what happens next.]

“She loves to sleep in this place but i don’t know about the pillow like this. And her name is White.” -Pedro S.

You’re Staring At Them, Aren’t You

Buff the golden - Imgur[S’OK…I’m used to it.] (Imgur.)


Clipboard01Photographer Ty Foster has created a photo series called “Timeout.”

The photos are meant to convey the emotion felt when a puppeh has to wear The Cone Of Shame.

I’d say he captured it pretty well. The cat (featured photo above) seems to enjoy it all, too. Imagine that.





As seen on Design Taxi.

Ever Seen A Bebeh Goat In A Red Turtleneck Sweateuh?

Around-The-farm-April-15You have now. (Edgar’s Mission.)

“♬ That’s Where We Wanna Go ♫…”

tumblr_nnjwj5xCsH1so4mdto1_540…”to play with Kokomo!”

“I tried to get Kokomo to play with his many other toys but he wasn’t interested. Here he is giving me some major Side-Eye and then being content once I brought out Babe (below.)” -Wendy W.



The Many Moods Of Emmie

emmie swing1OK, maybe there’s just…one mood.

emmie swing2
(Much more Emmie here.)

emmie swing3
From Jennifer C.

This Year, Vacation in the Philippines!

Bask in exotic tropical splendor and meet friendly people. Enjoy outdoor water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and… (um, we’re trying to film a travel commercial here, you’re in the shot…)

Yer Messin’ With My Head Again

[OK, guys- take the OMG Ponies!!1!!11! heads off. It’s late, and you’re gonna give me nightmares. NightMARES. Geddit? Never mind. Off with your heads.]


Five For The Price O’ One

This is how I dog. - Imgur(*Update: Make that SIX.)

1.) Side-Eye.

2.) Derpy Tongue.

3.) Toe Beans.

4.) Generous ‘Tock Display.

5.) The Tailio Iglesias.

6. Crossed Paws!

That just about wraps this up, don’t you think?


(Sing-Song-y:) “♬ SOMEbody Went To The Groomer…♫”

IMG_3701“This is my Radar’s before & after at the groomer,” writes Amanda S.


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