Toebeans With A Side Order Of Side-Eye

Toe Beans. Side Eye[*Note: Hoomin address and phone number blacked out for Privacy Reasons. -Ed.]

“Hi! We have a little Yorkie named Inu. She’s 8 years old but still has some puppy tendencies. She’s very cute and she knows it! She’s got a little spot on the end of her nose that only adds to her cuteness. I hope she’s good enough to make onto your site! I love your site and i hope to see Inu! Thank you for your consideration, Melissa V.”

#Nosevember + Side-Eye Action ADDED

IMG_6189Been saving this one for EIGHT MONTHS almost to the day. On March 2nd, we heard from Karen M. And this one was filed under “SAVE FOR NOSEVEMBER.” And the time is now. “This is my boy, Duncan. He has quite the overbite; his top jaw is a good quarter inch longer than the bottom one. And his wonderful little nose is so wet it actually drips from time to time.


Bunday: Disapproving Nose On Nosevember 1st!

luna_toys1Can there BE a more Disapproving Nose? No. There cannot. Who is this? Looks familiar! “Hello! I sent some pictures along last spring of Luna The Bun chilling (disapprovingly) in a basket. Luna is back in a basket, this time blissfully unaware that she is about to have to share her space with a new hoomin. Disapproval is surely imminent! Thanks for continuing to make adorbs posts!” -Liz B.


#Tocktober: Frodo

IMG_4630Anybody up for some ‘Tocks? Thought so. Thanks, Julie O.: “This is Frodo, my grand-doggie, of previous C.O. fame demonstrating his Skipper skills, found here. The first picture (above) prominently displays Frodo’s Spectacular ‘Tocks AND an amazing Side-Eye. And then this one below shows Lulu trying to divert Frodo’s attention before snatching his ball. ‘Hey, look over there, Frodo – the evil fence-running squirrel!'”


#TBT: 10/15/2007: Whatchoo Talkin’ ’Bout Willis

I know, I know, that was a hackneyed sitcom saying from Diff’rent Strokes. What the heck else am I supposed to say after that Bun of Death sucked the soul right out of me?

Courtney B., Scout is really sweet, and I’m sorry she had to go after that bun. Someone had to do it.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]


KrameraloneWe don’t know if this pint-sized Kramer will blast open your door and slide into your apartment- but with that look and THOSE LITTLE WHITE BOOTIES- he can darn near do anything he wants. “Our new puppy has stolen our hearts. He may steal your heart as well,” remarks Tanya K.

“Cute today, tomorrow and always to us.”

And OK, for all your Seinfeld fans out there..

I Mean- Could You LOOK More Guilty?

20141001_140857Let us introduce you to Benjamin Button. Judging by the look on his face, he’ll be spending ‘Tocktober in the sTOCKade to pay for his misdeeds. Somewhere, a roll of toilet paper cries out for justice. “In honor of ‘Tocktober, I rounded up some of my favorite pictures of my Wheaten, Benjamin Button, or Benji for short. I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is my first submission. Thanks for always brightening up my day! Sincerely, Jackie S.”


#32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.

#54: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is cute.

Now THERE Is Some Side-Eye Action

As far as I am concerned, this puppeh can have WHATever it wants, WHENever it wants. Bacon? You want bacon? Coming RIGHT up. (Imgur/Reddit.)

Ever Heard Of Rule Of Cuteness #32?

20150908_080020_resizedAhem: “Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting that Sebastian here has done something bad…although he looks guilty as can be. Has to have something to do with the case he’s sitting on. (Maybe he stuffed The Dog in there?)

“Our naughty but extremely good looking ragdoll! Always sitting on Daddy’s lunch box. Sebastian the cutest muffin!” -Scott S.

Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy?

20150910_104021(Say like Archie Bunker:) “I’m tryin’ to have a little lunch heah!!!!!”

“This little guy was a visitor at a Nursing Home today. He was a pet of someone visiting a Nursing home where I was working. That is a very yummy (apparently) turnip. I petted him and booped his belly. (That belly is as soft as it looks, just sayin.’) Thanks for always making my day.” -Lisa H.


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