Yes, This Shark Wants To Be CUDDLED

Two words you never thought you’d hear in the same sentence: “Shark” and “Cuddled.”

Cuteporter Abigail M. checks in: “Filmed by Stephen Frink while we were down in Grand Bahama this week. It is shark handler Cristina Zenato who knows the sharks by name. Let’s make sharks cute!” :)

Fins To The LEFT….Fins To The RIGHT!

Feeding Frenzy on Discovery Channel tonight!

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, the Discovery Channel’s rolling out the 26th annual Shark Week of programming, starting today. No word on whether this little dude will be a part of it, though. Yes, some sharks can be cute!

Photo by Lori Seaborg. Header borrowed from JB.