“Best. Day. Ever.”

Once you read Kristin F.’s email, I bet you agree!

“I recently visited Cuyutlan Ecology Center, a Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico. It was the slow season, and we were the only visitors for the day, so they let us help release some lil’ sea turtles into the ocean. Best. Day. Ever. They were tiny but mighty!”

image (2)
“They also had Crocodiles, and I especially enjoyed this warning sign- “Don’t shoot, feed, or swim with the crocodiles, and most importantly: Never play the maracas with your buddy for the crocodiles!”

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Cute Overload’s 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…….is next.


Look Of Disapproval: Not For Buns Only!

Normally the Look Of Disapproval (#98: A look of disapproval is always cute) is associated with our Wascally Wabbit Friends. This fellow, though, wants you to know he’s up for some disapproving action too.

Found on The Facebookster by Smedley.

Friday Haiku: Turtles, Start Your Engines!

Nestled in the sand

Dig out and race for our lives

To the sea, our home

Go, turtles, go, via Redditor Colsey C.

C Turtle Haiku 4 U

Sea Turtle is king of
His underwater domain
And glides gracefully

Teeniest of turtles via David Doubilet

What’s a Jellie’s Favorite Song?

“Feelers, nothing more than feelers, trying to forget my, feelers of looove.

Feelers! Wooo-oo-o feelers! Woo-oo, feel you, again in my arms!”

Woah Jellyman, Super Jolly