That Did Not Just Happen (2015 UPDATE!)

“In 2007 I sent you a link to my “Otters Holding Hands” video, and after you posted it, it became a feel-good news story, and then a viral video. When I licensed the video (to Geico, Animal Planet, and many, many others), I asked the firm to make a donation to the Vancouver Aquarium (which is where I filmed the video.) Over the past 8 years, and continuing even today, there has been a good supply of funds being sent to them. In fact, the number is over $30,000. That buys a lot of fishies for the otters! So thank you for featuring my video. It is a sweet little moment that I imagine has made over 20 million viewers happy, and it has helped support marine mammals through the Aquarium. When you consider that you’ve given a platform to many, many videos and photos like mine, then really, you’ve done a ton of great for the world.” -Cynthia H.

Best. Job. On. The. Planet.

Grooming Bebeh Sea Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yeah, twist my arm. I’d do that gig.

Blocks it? Why would you ever want that?

“You get a mention (above) @ :22,” says Paul P.

Just Popping In For A Quick Visit, K?

This Wild Sea Otter decided to drop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Great Tide Pool. The video says, “After a power nap and grooming session, he was back into the bay to dive and hunt for urchins and crabs.”

Sounds like the perfect day, wouldn’t you agree?

Whackadoodle Sea Otter Eggstravaganza At The MBA

The Easter Bunneh Otter stopped by the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium a few days early. No PEEPS, Jelly Beans, or Cadbury Eggs, mind you- but these little maniacs don’t seem to mind at all. (Got a live cam at the bottom, too.)

Somethin’ You Otter Know!

Sea Otter Awareness Week runs through this Saturday. The purpose is to recognize the key role these little furheads play in maintaining the marine ecosystem. Here is a list of some of the events being held.








~Le Creditos~

First photo from Sea Otter; remaining photos as seen on NatGeo, with thanks to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Twitter feed.

Today Is World Oceans Day

Click here to learn about what YOU can do to help our friends in the ocean. While you’re doing that, check out the OMG LIVE BEBEH SEA OTTER WEBCAM at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Click the blue arrow to see ’em.)

Hold Still For Your Portrait~

tumblr_n5ezh2ihUF1qm9k25o1_1280Alllllllright…just one more second….hold stilllll…and……perfect!
As seen on The Daily Otter by way of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Tumblr.

Mom, This 1 Is 4 U

C.O. would like to take this opportunity to wish all Moms out there Happy Mother’s Day!








~Le Creditos~

1.) Mother & Bebeh Sea Otter from Telegraph UK.
2.) Meerkats from ZooBorns.
3-5.) Grilla & Bebeh from ZooBorns.
6. More Grilla & Bebeh, from Reddit.
7.) Orangutans from

We Can’t Wait ‘Til Easter BunDay!

We want our treats RIGHT NOW!

Otterly excellent video from the guys at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sea Otter Action (Updated)

We tried to show you some Sea Otter Mama & Bebeh In The Tide Pool Action from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but the video was taken down for some reason.

(UPDATE Jan. 28: It’s baaaaaaack.)

Check out these photos from Zooborns, and this video on the MBA Facebookster.



Photos by MBA. Also submitted by Maureen P.


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