What ARE Those Orange Things, Anyway?

3U8A4621The Penguins don’t seem to be interested in the Shedd Aquarium pumpkins, but for the Sea Otters and Belugas, that’s another story.





TGIF! (Sea Otter Edition)

Wanna see a Sea Otter get a brain freeze? Of course you do. Thanks to Emily S. for the Cheezburger gif.

It’s 5pm PT……so say it with us—TGIF!


Hey Otter #696- Time For Some REAL Food

As we continue the Sea Otter Awareness Week series on Monterey Bay Aquarium’s little Furrball Otter #696, we learn that the little knucklehead has a lot of things to learn on the way to being a big strong Sea Otter. He can’t eat Bebeh Food forever, for one thing!

#CO10: Thanks, Ms. Sea Otter!

CUTEOVERLOAD_BESTFISHESCute Overload would like to thank Monterey Bay Aquarium for their nice photo! And stay tuned later this afternoon for another Otter #696 Adventure– it IS Sea Otter Awareness Week!

Celebratin’ Sea Otters In Chicago And Monterey

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has had some memorable Sea Otter moments- Luna, anyone? And as we noted yesterday, this is their week! Each of their Sea Otters got a personalized treat, too-

Then, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium– it’s lunchtime for Otter 696! (Update: MBA says no name for #696- he’s gonna be released back into the wild.)

It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week (+ Bonus Wallpaper!)

Sea otterSea Otters are pretty much at the top of the Cute Hierarchy. And soon as you seen ’em, you go nuts. And this is their week! To celebrate this fact, we’re rolling out an Encore Presentayshe of one of the cutest videos you’ll ever see in the history of…well, history. After all…twenty million page views can’t be wrong.

[If you’d like to download the above image for your desktop, just click here.]

Sea otter
(Above Image from Sea Otter Week.org. Wallpaper source image/Shutterstock.)

That Did Not Just Happen (2015 UPDATE!)

“In 2007 I sent you a link to my “Otters Holding Hands” video, and after you posted it, it became a feel-good news story, and then a viral video. When I licensed the video (to Geico, Animal Planet, and many, many others), I asked the firm to make a donation to the Vancouver Aquarium (which is where I filmed the video.) Over the past 8 years, and continuing even today, there has been a good supply of funds being sent to them. In fact, the number is over $30,000. That buys a lot of fishies for the otters! So thank you for featuring my video. It is a sweet little moment that I imagine has made over 20 million viewers happy, and it has helped support marine mammals through the Aquarium. When you consider that you’ve given a platform to many, many videos and photos like mine, then really, you’ve done a ton of great for the world.” -Cynthia H.

Best. Job. On. The. Planet.

Grooming Bebeh Sea Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yeah, twist my arm. I’d do that gig.

Blocks it? Why would you ever want that?

“You get a mention (above) @ :22,” says Paul P.

Just Popping In For A Quick Visit, K?

This Wild Sea Otter decided to drop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Great Tide Pool. The video says, “After a power nap and grooming session, he was back into the bay to dive and hunt for urchins and crabs.”

Sounds like the perfect day, wouldn’t you agree?

Whackadoodle Sea Otter Eggstravaganza At The MBA

The Easter Bunneh Otter stopped by the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium a few days early. No PEEPS, Jelly Beans, or Cadbury Eggs, mind you- but these little maniacs don’t seem to mind at all. (Got a live cam at the bottom, too.)


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