THIS JUST IN: Meet Otter 649

GOOD GRIEF, look at that FACE! And..THE FEET! Er, flippers! Whatever!

This is Otter 649, so named because he is the 649th stranded otter to be brought into the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Research and Conservation program since 1984. Learn more about 649 here, and check out their live Sea Otter Webcam!


There Otter Be More Of These Dudes In Nosevember!

This mega-snoot sent in by Cuteporter Dustin L., and first posted here. Japan, natch.



Poll: Name This Santa Cruz Sea Otter!

“Ran into an otter at the Santa Cruz wharf today and filmed it lounging, stretching, grooming, and just generally being adorable. It was hanging out on the same wooden platform as a bunch of sea lions. (Since it’s not my pet but rather an adorable stranger, I’ll leave it up to you to give him a cute name if you end up posting this.) -Melissa G.

Air Eddie

GET OUT! A sea otter that plays hoops.

Thanks to Lisa C. for the teep. Bring on the three-pointers!:

You Otter Be In Pictures

Got this prosh little dude from Cuteporter Robin S., who sez “Here’s an article from our local paper with an adorable picture of a newborn river otter, a first for the Oregon Zoo.”

[You realize we used this header before. Ah well, it's been 4 and a half years. -Ed]




OPAN GANGHAM STYLE (I kid, I kid, we’re not embedding that video)

Otter-vid from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Got Meelks?

They wouldn’t give me a bottle of Bud so thees ees gonna hafta do.


Via the Alaska SeaLife Center Facebookster.


Will you please check out Little Dude/Dudette, a resident of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Sea Otter exhibit is closed for the moment, so we can’t bring you a live look at the little guys- but here’s a live shot of Monterey Bay itself, and maybe a wild sea otter will swim into view.

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium Facebookster and Tumblr page.


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