Emma The Sea Otter isn’t messing around at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. She wants whatever’s in those big black cauldron’s and she wants it NOW.


Little Pudding UPDATE 2

Haven’t heard from Little Pudding in awhile- not since mid-August. So let’s get an update! It seems that LP has decided… take a swim in the Oregon Zoo’s Cascade Stream and Pond habitat.

And we’ve got :39 of Prosh YouTube video to prove it.

Otter #696: And That’s A Wrap!

Kudos to the guys at Monterey Bay Aquarium for their series on Otter #696, which we have been running since the start of Sea Otter Awareness week on the 20th. In our concluding chapter, Surrogate Mom Rosa shows #696 how to forage for food- it’s not like he can just swim on up to In and Out Burger!

(Also thanks to MBA’s Daphne K. for her timely emails.)

One More For #696

Sea Otter Awareness Week ran from the 20th to the 26th, but Monterey Bay Aquarium keeps churnin’ out the YouTube videos for Otter #696, so by golly we’re gonna post ’em. (I guess this is the last one?) Anyway, here #696 meets surrogate otter mom Rosa! Quoting the video, “Rosa’s one of five adult otters who live at the Aquarium full time and act as surrogate moms to rescued pups like 696.”

OK, that’s cute.

Otter #696 Needs Swimming Lessons!

Now, you’d think a Bebeh Sea Ottersons would instinctively know how to swim, right? Nope. They can float, but swimming is a whole ‘nuther kettle of…well, fish. Or otters. Anyway, here is another video in our week long Sea Otter Appreciation Week series via Monterey Bay Aquarium, on just HOW #696 learns how to swim!

(Warning: the part where #696 gets towed through the water is positively KILLER. Speakers UP for this one, folks.)

And just ’cause we’re in the mood for some swimming, let’s roll Dori out.

Some More Otter #696 Action Comin’ AT Ya

Continuing the Sea Otter Awareness Week postings from MBA; Otter #696 is building up his strength in order to survive in the wild- and from this video, it looks like he’s feelin’ stronger every day!

Next video: swim lessons!

Sea Otter Awareness Week (Cont.); Gettin’ Fluffy With #696

So you’re sitting there at your desk- checking C.O. every few minutes for a new post- maybe ordering a copy or three of the new 2016 C.O. Calendar..and you’re basically wishing you could be anywhere else right now, at any other job.


(Memo to MBA; hire me, just do it. We don’t live that far away. It’ll be a killer commute but let’s chat. TY. -B.)

Little Pudding UPDATE!

We’ve been telling you about Little Pudding, the wayward sea river otter who was rescued in Oregon, and ended up being nursed back to health at the Oregon Zoo. He decided to take the opportunity to check out the Cascade Stream & Pond Habitat, and clearly liked what he saw!

Looks Like They Picked A Name!

Remember back on July 21st, we had this story about a Lil’ Otter who was rescued from the side of an Oregon highway, and taken to the Oregon Zoo? He needed a name, they held a contest, and the winner is…LITTLE PUDDING.

Reach For The SKY, Pardner!

[Sheriff! That’s not MY kelp! I don’t know where it came from! I swears I is INNOCENT!]