C.O. Certified: 100% Blorpy!

I’ve seen some Blorp like this before (San Francisco’s Pier 39,) but never on THIS scale! Tammy L. says, “Hi! Last weekend I drove up the California coast just to go look at elephant seals, about 7 miles north of San Simeon! Totally worth the drive, I took over 800 photos! Here are a few of the cutest/blorpiest I thought you might like.”











When Sea Lions SNORGLE!!!!

[O HAI welcome to my neighborhood, wait, lemme nom on your facemask thingy! I brought some of my pals with me, too!]

Susan M. saw this on The Dodo.

All Hail Maximus!

That’s the name of this outrageously QTE Australian Sea-Lion Pup. We should all just bow down right now as it’s quite clear he will rule the world. JUST a matter of time.

Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

So a fellow named Michael Duffy went to sleep Saturday night in his 41-foot sloop Elixir docked at the San Diego Yacht Club. Around 2:30 Sunday morning, someone- or something- woke him up. He rolled back over, went back to sleep.

Then he woke up again at 6am.

Hey there, little buddy.

“Saw this in my local paper, only in SoCal!” -A.J.

UPDATE: In Other Blorp News, this fellow found his very own surfboard. He’s keeping it.

Got Fish?

[Oh, Rachel! You DO! Mind if I just, ooomph, er, OOOMPH! Get up here and…ahhh. Whew, I could stand to lose a few. OK. All set. Fork it over.]


Wanna Help These Guys? Of Course You Do.

THIS JUST IN from Cuteporter KB: “There’s currently a Sea Lion pup crisis along California shores – so many of them are starving and in need of help. California Wildlife Center in Malibu is one of the facilities rescuing the Bebehs and caring for them until they’re healthy enough to return to the ocean.

Right now CWC’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team gets about 50 rescue calls every day! This weekend they’re doing an urgent fundraising drive to build a Sea Lion pup fund to help the wee McBlubbersons. Here’s the donation link. Every penny helps!”

PS: “Why is this little girl’s head purple? The babies are all marked to help caregivers keep track of rescue location, weight, feeding, medicine and progress.”

unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)

unnamed (4)

Mom Taxi XLIII: Hitchin’ A Ride

Cecil The Sea Lion decides there’s an easier way to get from Point A to Point B. Ride, ride, ride, hitchin’ a ride. Submitted by Concord Paul & Barb.

Make Me Work A Little HARDER, Guys!

[Just toss me the fish and I’ll be on my way, K? MAN! Next time I’ll just use the Jack In The Box drive-thru for a fish sandwich.]


Wackadoodle Wednesday

First up, Sir Lucifer Flufflypants and his redonkadorable wackadoodle baby blues par excellence!

Move over wackadoodle kitty, this wackadoodle owlio wants a whack at the wackadoodle eye!

Woah not so fast, now it’s wackadoodle sealio with wackadoodle eyes burning a hole in your very soul!

Sir Lucifer Fluffypants. Kimupiko‘s owl on Twitter. Sea lion via Pinterest.

Hund + Sjøløve = Sant (Dog + Sea Lion = True)

Border Collie Vilde meets Sea Lion Amy in Bergen, Norway. The original story is here, and this is a bit of translation c/o Google Chrome:

“The dog has a very strong herding instinct,” says Frits Martem, dog owner and zookeeper at the Bergen Aquarium. “It’s much interesting to study for the dogs. We have seen both crocodiles, seals and penguins, says the owner. But when they approach the pool where the sea lions live, it starts to tingle extra amount of dog body.”

“Sea lions Amy is a little over two years old and is considered young. She is very playful and active. I think this is a meeting between two excited animals with much profit,” says aquarium director Kees Ekeli jokingly.

“Interspecies fun from the lovely city of Bergen. 🙂 Kind regards, Reidun, devoted fan.” Sendt fra min iPhone.