You Can’t Handle This Much Blorp!

Blorp factor 9, Mr. Sulu! (C/o commenter Tim.)

As seen on Boing! Boing! by Wendy (“A new high in blorpitude”) M.


So, We Took The Mercedes To Argentina…

We get photos from all over the world, being a GLOBAL INTERWEBS PHENOMENON and all. This email just rolled in from waaaay down they-ah in Argenteeena.

“Hi!! My name is Mercedes M., I’m from Argentina. I took this pictures last December at the province of Chubut, in the Argentinean Patagonia. The penguins are at Punta Tombo, a protected area, and the sea elephants are at Punta Ninfas, that is not protected yet, so you can go there and be with them (just crossing the fingers so no one destroy the place). Love your site, I’ve been following it for years now and is the only medicine for blue moments. Love the comments over the picture!!”