“It Don’t Mean a Thing…

…if it ain’t got that swing!”

Jazz paws! Thanks, Crystal.


It’s not going to swing itself you know

Come on! push me! These feet are NOT HELPING with my swinging leverage!

PUUUUUUUUUSH Julie J.! Via WuTangClam

What are Your Labor Day Weekend Plans?

I mean besides swinging, what are you Peeps up to? See you in the comments!

8-month old Cockapoo puppy Shin’yuu (Japanese for best friend) was begging to get on this swing so finally, Lisa B. obliged.

Don’t Tell Anyone I Told You, But I Hear Merlin’s a Swinger

“Hey gorgeous – look at you, stunning the world on those monkey bars. Now don’t you worry your pretty little face about these hands behind me – I’m free to see who I want, when I want. So why don’t you and me meet at the seesaw in five. I’ll be the one who looks like me now.”

Merlin is definitely a tiger in his own eyes, and also very hoppy, but he’s not the smoothest swinger, Linh.


Pup #1: So how long do I wait to call?
Pup #2: A day.
Pup #1: Tomorrow.
Pup #2: Tomorrow, then a day.


Pup #1: Yeah.
Pup #2: So two days?
Pup #1: Yeah, I guess you could call it that, two days.

0517091609a copy

Pup #2: Definitely, two days is like industry standard.


You’re so money and you don’t even know it, Aundria S.

HoverPup takes a break

[Rrrr-eee, rrrr-eee rusty swing sound]

Hover Pup need break.

Hover Pup tired of whizzing over sidewalk at knee-height like snow-ball with eyes.

Hover Pup tie-tie.

Relax HoverPup photographed by 小火(Fire).

Let’s write a children’s book called “Playground Sounds”

Rock rock rock

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Climb climb climb


Swing swing swing

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Bridge bridge bridge

Look look look

Slide slide slide

The End.

Absolute redonkulousness brought to you by the letter "P" and Alaska Bear Playground by Umnak, Panda Cub by anitalee, Swinger by aqui-ali, queen of the castle by KCA, lookout by piggley, Sliding dog by fd.