Schoep’s Hoomin Adopts A Bear

Remember the story of Schoep & Unger? This photo struck a chord around the world.

And now, after Schoep’s passing, his hoomin John Unger has decided to adopt a ResQte Puppeh. According to the Schoep & Unger FB, Bear is a 1 year old, 70 lb. Akita/Shep/Lab mix. Well, he’s 70 pounds today. That’s gonna change.

Submitted by Alert Cuteporter Lori (“Have you guys seen this yet? OMG! I’m so happy for these two!!!”) K. First photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Bear photo from Schoep & Unger FB.


Schoep And John Update

Updating our story from the 18th – this is from the Schoep and John FB page, by John Unger.

Geez what to say now that I’m able to catch a few words in my head. Let me start by saying…


Everyone has been loving and wonderful, and you are making the impossible..possible. For without you this process would be unbearable. I’m going to say it again…


I am well, each passing day a bit better –
Tonight I’m going to try opening a card or package from you. Knowing myself I will not get far, It IS What It Is, and I’ll look to Schoep for guidance. He will tell me…….

Be Patient


RIP Schoep

Super Sad News here. Schoep passed away Wednesday- this news just coming to light on the John & Schoep FB page. We’ll update this post when we get more info. 😦

Friday Late Update: From their FB page: John would like to thank everyone for their kind words. Please send condolences to – P.O. Box 434 Bayfield WI 54814 U.S.A.



Photos from the John & Schoep FB. Cuteporter Carol H. gets thanks for the email alert.

Happy 20th, Schoep!

originalRemember Schoep from last summer? He was having some serious health issues. Donations poured in to cover treatment costs, and the Schoep Legacy Foundation was set up to help low-income families care for their ailing doggehs. To top it off, Schoep’s feeling great and just celebrated his 20th birthday on the 15th! Enjoy the summer, Schoepster!


Read more about Schoep and his devoted hoomin Unger at their website. Lot more photos and news here.


Thumbnail by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson; photos 2 & 3 from Schoep’s FB. Thanks to Fleurdamour1 for the assist.

Schoep Update, People!

Sounds like The Schoep-Meister is doing well! Let’s go to John & Schoep’s FB page, to see what’s what. Quoting John Unger, his hoomin:

“Fantastic day today. Five-six inches of new snow, 17 deg.f. and Schoep is on fire. Very quick and happy, he did not want to come in! Moderation is key with him, he cannot over do it. Rest and we will go out again tonight. Hope your day is just as good – John”


Here’s the famous shot from last summer that made Schoep a celeb. Photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.

Unger & Schoep, Revisited

People, you might recall Unger & Schoep.

It wuz a big story all over the Intertubes about how the hoomin Unger helped out the doggeh Schoep by taking him to the lake to warm him up cuz Schoepster wasn’t feelin’ so good.

We’re happeh to update this story! In a Yahoo News story, Mr. Unger says that the Schoep Legacy Foundation has raised more than $25,000 so far..and the vet who treated Schoep says the money raised could help “another 30 or 40 Schoeps.”

Cute Overload also got ahold of Julie, Schoep’s PR Hoomin, who tells us Schoep’s donations “have allowed for weekly laser treatments, which he continues to receive; treatment also includes pain med, joint and muscle supplement and weekly monitoring by vet. Schoep has received donations like a Tempur Pedic Doggeh Bed and an elevated doggeh bowl which have really helped improve quality of life.”

Here’s the best part, folks:

Julie adds, “since receiving treatment he is more active, alert, flexible, happy. He walks better, sleeps through the night now, and wags his tail with more vigor! On his walks, he was actually trotting!”

He’s trotting!! Go, Schoep, go!!!

Lead photo by Stonehouse Photo, second photo by John Unger, n’ all others from their FB page! Wanna buy Schoep Stuff? Sure you do!

In closing, People- remember: Share The Love.

Unger & Schoep

John Unger’s the hoomin and Schoep is his 19 year old puppeh. They’ve been together since Schoep was a wee little guy. (Schoep got his name from this ice cream store.) Unger found out that warm water helps Schoep’s arthritis, so he hauls him out into Lake Superior where Schoep can just relax.

This photo has taken off and now donations are pouring in to help pay for some treatment for Schoep! The photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, says she’ll donate a percentage of the sales of the photo to help with the Schoepster’s bills.
If you’d like to help, you can call the Bay Area Animal Hospital at 715-682-8865, credit cards are accepted. Checks can be sent to them at 3601 E. Highway 2, Ashland, WI 54806. Just write “Schoep” in the memo area.

The Duluth News Tribune has more details.

Update: That’s Schoep at the vet, photo from the Trib. They’ve updated the story here.