Hot Safe Fun In The Summertime ♫

2527279346_30046096ca_oAs we inch towards the middle of June, the temperature has already hit triple digits in many parts of the US (and other parts of the world to be sure.) Take a momento to read these Critter Safety Tips!

Yep, Still Cold & Snowy Out There…

Happy Puppy in the snow Wallpapers HD 2560x1600…for a large part of the U.S. (In Ithaca, New York- they’re waving the white flag.) Check out this helpful article from the ASPCA (that’s where the images came from, we found ’em on Mashable) on winter care for your animals.






How To Help Sandy Victims

Sandy may be the most damaging hurricane in recorded US history. Here’s how you can help animals who’ve been impacted:

American Red Cross
Sandy Lost and Found Pets Facebook
How to help animals affected by Sandy
How to locate lost pets
Jenkinson’s Aquarium
North Shore Animal Rescue League
Donate via Apple iTunes Store
Gothamist’s 21 Displaced Dogs Who Need Adoption in New York City

Sir Igby Chicken Caeser surveys the storm damage. Yes, spelling is correct. Hoverfacts via The Examiner.

Sandy Storm Watch

Stay safe out there during the storm, Peeps. Tap here for pet safety informations!


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