Wrap Up Rump Day With Mabel Le Bun

10542598964_cc022bb3b5_oIt’s FINALLY Rump Day. We’re over the hump Rump, now it’s a short, er, hop to the weekend.

[Note- Mabel's first C.O. appearance is here. Photos from Colleen P. -Ed.]

Rump Day Greetings From Germany

12914047704_ee892251f1_oAnother mid-week crisis has come and gone, and now we can set our sites on the weekend, and….this lil’ lady! “Hi there, in my opinion there are not enough Guinea Pigs on C.O.*, so i am sending you a picture of my piggie Arya, chillin’ in her hammock. This picture always makes me laugh! Greetings from Germany, Kim.”

[*Three pages worth. -Ed.]

Heffalumps LOVE Rump Day!

10058579485_496a523f1e_oOur mid-week ‘Tock Celebration is c/o Cuteporter Nicole E. “Here you go! He’s from Chiang Mai, Thailand!”

Meet Remmington, Your Rump Day Host

10333368604_965de6a16a_oAh, the middle of the week once again, and another Rump Day is coming to a close- two more days ’til weekend playtime. Meanwhile, get a load of the Ear Floppage + Princess Di Side-Eye of Remmington. “Here’s a photo of my dog, Remmington, when he was a few wks old. Enjoy!” -Wendy M.

Rump (BZZZZ!) Day

9599281041_40648ebaa7_oAnd we’re through another Rump Day- just two days ’til the weekend. This little guy can’t wait- he’s getting his Buzz on, NOW.

“Saw Mr. McBuzzersons enjoying the flowers at the local nursery. Thought the ‘tocks were cute!” -Victoria B.

Rump Day: Fresh Bebeh Hammies!

IMG_5387“I would like to share with you a photo of my hamsters. In June I bought a little one and it came out she was a mother. The photo shows the kids which are 10 days old :).” -Andrea O.
[NOTE: The little left hand! The little left hand! -Ed.]

Rump Day

This is an extra-speshul Hump Day Rump Day ’cause it’s a short week! (In the USA, anyway. On the East Coast, they’re already clock watching. Admit it.)

Heck, slip out of the office early today, make tomorrow a vaca day, then you have the Fourth on Friday, and the weekend! Wham-Bam-C-U-Monday!

“This is Theodore Calvin Huxtable Hawks. He’s a 7 year old Italian Greyhound with the cutest little rump, which he doesn’t mind displaying.” -Valerie H.

Spend Yer Rump Day With Oliver


“I would like to submit my corgi Oliver, for your site. I’ve got lots of photos of his adorable fluffy butt. He is 7 months old now and still QTE as a button! Hopefully he meets at least one of the Rules Of Cuteness. Also, I love Cute Overload, it always brightens my day. Thank you for your amazing site!!” -Mary W.

Rump Day Double Play

13877538233_de0199cedf_k(Notice that this puppeh is showing textbook ‘tocks for your Middle O’ The Week Rump Day Viewing. He’s ALSO executing a highly complicated Reverse Over The Shoulder Backwards Baroo- most difficult.) “Eiger, my 10 month old Bernese Mountain Dog was featured on C.O. showing off his frog legs back during ‘Tocktober 2013. Now he has grown up a bit more but nothing has really changed! Taken by me, Indy D.”

Yay 4 Rump Day

We’re at the week’s halfway mark, so check this clip out. Just wait ’til :26 or so. (Don’t cheat though, watch the whole thing!)

Via Momo S., who has a terrific Twitter name.


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