Give It UP For Rule #35!

I was all set to start another “Should this be a Rule” Poll when I discovered, uh, we already had one. So let’s not delay you clicking the video of A KITTEN NOMMING HIS/HER OWN PAW any longer. Wouldn’t be right.

(P.S. -Speakers Up.)

(Boing! Boing!)


Toesday: Should This Be A New Rule?

POTENTIAL NEW RULE #61: If you use another animal as your bed, that’s cute.

Discuss in the comments- majority rules. That’s Tyson on the bottom with Magnum hunkered down on top Magnum on the bottom with Tyson hunkered down on top, from Tracey.

Let’s Refresh Our Rules, Shall We?

Repeat after me: Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.

“My brother Ricardo’s Yorkie Lucas doing his best “I didn’t do it” look against clearly unfounded accusations of digging holes in the house plant pots. No need to worry, there are no toxic plants for dogs in the house. Love love love your site. Thank you!! Mariana P., (Oporto, Portugal.)”

Introducing…Rule Of Cuteness #60!

Gina S. says: “I have reviewed the ROCs and find there is nary a word about bath-time, excessive hygiene, nor even re: wet animals/general wetness, bath-induced or other. Therefore, in honor of my new grand-dog Florence, I would like to recommend the following:

“If bath-time reduces your total body matter by up to 50%, that’s cute.”

Consider it DONE! BEFORE, above. AFTER, below. “Photos of Florence by her new parents, my son and his GF. Florence is a rescue Llasa-Poo. She received a bath on Day One. Just because. Florence will undoubtedly get her social media sites in order soon — as soon as g-ma gets the dresses, sweateuws (sp? couldn’t find in Glossary*!) and Halloween costume(s) ready.”



[*Note: “Sweateuws” added to Glossary. We regret the oversight. -Ed.]

Tonkey The DogBear. Or BearDog.

Tonkey The Shar Pei is in fact: 1) a DogBear. Or, 2) a BearDog. The top scientists at Cute Labs haven’t been able to make a determination as to which. We’ll get back to you.

Requisite social media accounts for Instagram and FB, of course.

(Oh, and let’s not forget: Rule of Cuteness #27 in FULL EFFECT. (“Chub.”)










(Bored Panda.)

A Thing….

…accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. (Can we get an AMEN for Rule of Cuteness #7???)

From Jessie G.

Double Front Paw Splayage Right HERE

Rule of Cuteness #47 states: “Splayed haunch action is cute.” Well, could the reverse be true? For evidence, wait for :30 and :38. Is there such a thing?

ROC #6: “Mimicking Humans Is Cute.”

And that goes for mimicking fictional hoomins, too. Like…Little Red Riding Hood. “Hello again C.O. friends, here’s a photo of my cat Nocciola dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Hope you think it’s cute enough for your website! I took the photo myself.” -Gina M.

Lucy: “She’s Back There, Isn’t She.”

“Roxy, 3 month old kitten, loves to terrorize her much older sister Lucy (12 year old Boston Terrier.) -Tiffany B.

Friday Haiku: Sunny Side Up

Cuteness Rule Forty:
Sleeping in the sun is cute
We agree with that

“This is my dog Milo, who was featured on your site once before soaking up the sunshine from our living room. In this one I think he wants his tongue to be as toasty as the rest of him. Notice the overflowing toy box – he prefers sunbathing to playing. I took this picture.” -Paula.