Looks Like He’s Wearin’ Rhino Shorts!

LOOK at this one. This little Armor-Plated Dude looks like he’s wearin’ some kinda Rhino Shorts, doesn’t he? GAAAAAAAAAAAA.

“From a devoted, daily reader of your site! Thanks for years of smiles, every day! I think you will like this video. It is ridiculously Cute!” -Kate R.


A Mom’s Job Is Nevah Done

You look after them 24/7. Why? You’re The Mom!

Sometimes ya just gotta give your kids a shove to get ’em going!

From ZooBorns.

Look At It This Way–

If your MOM is ALSO rolling around in the mud, NO WAY is she gonna yell at you when YOU decide to do it, too!

Or will she?

Cuteporter Wendy M. gets the honors.

Da, Da, DA!

Some folks can be so dramatic. Every little thing sets them off.

Take this owl for instance. She just found out that the cafeteria is out of pudding.

Or this kitty. One minute, everything seems just fine. Nomming some grass while humming a little kitty song, until someone off camera shushes him.

And then there is this tiny rhino. Apparently, for her, the only reaction is OVER reaction.

Pudding owl via Reddit by GNoodle, nomming/humming kitty video spotted on Presurfer and Overreactor, the baby rhino via Buzzfeed and her photographers, Thomas Peter, David Gannon and Gero Breloer