Meet Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster’s Cousin:

…Scootin’ Bebeh Rhino, naturally! (Take a second to imagine little puffs of smoke coming off those heels; and here’s some bongo feet just ’cause.)


I Can Do That Too, Ma!

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Rhino decided whatever Ma can do, HE can do, too. Over and over and over. And ya know what the bebeh is named? Can you take it?

BABY TANKDOG. #Bestnameever

Baby Tankdog learns how to roll from momma Tankdog - Imgur


(*The sound a Bebeh Rhino makes when bouncing around the yard. As opposed to the more standard “gallop.”) Read more about the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation here.

(Wendy M.)

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 12, Comin’ AT Ya

OK, so maybe he doesn’t exactly have fur. More like…armor plating. But he is definitely on the move, showing some impressive ground clearance. (And imaginary little puffs o’ smoke from the rear hoofsters.) And how about those Ear Funnels? GAAAA. (From ZooBorns.)

OH AND BTW: RoC #7 and #1.