ResQtes Of The Week (Friday Sydney Edition)

Yesterday we featured some ResQte Photos from Aussie Patrick Jones– photos he takes for the RSPCA in NSW. In his email, he said he had some other posts recently, and to choose any that “struck our fancy.” All I can say is–THESE sure did! (But- no Quokkas or Wombats, sorry.) Comments on each photo (taken from his site) are in the hovers. That’s Billy The Kid up top.





ResQtes Of The Week (Thursday Sydney Edition)

Australian photographer Patrick Jones has been kind enough to send C.O. some terrific shots (here and here.) He works for RSPCA NSW (an Australian not-for-profit animal welfare organization) as a graphic designer.

These guys are part of a litter of eight! Here is a story about their mom, Rainy.

Patrick’s site says Rainy was having some health issues but is much better now, and all her little guys have found homes!