Look! Tiny fuzzy snuggle bundles! Commence the hour long, “awwwwwwwwwwww”!

You think you’re prepared for this but ohhh no you’re not!

Suzanna F. says, “she met a lovely woman who had found these two absolutely precious tiny little kittens abandoned in a box outside her apartment. She was bottle feeding them and cleaning them up a bit and let me snap a few photos.”

Aw Shucks

All this attention. For me? Gosh. It’s, well, geez…

Katie M. writes, “A San Diego rescue, The Barking Lot, posted this totally unreasonably adorable picture of one of their “Temporary Barkers” that’s up for adoption.”

OK, No More For That Guy!

At parties, Malcolm was always the first one to get totally slothed.

This new bebeh sloth is the life of the party at the Sloth Sanctuary. Get your Sloth Overload on over at the new Sloth Action site by Brinke G.!

Daring Duo

We dare you.

We double dare you.

We double dog dare you.

We double black dog dare you.

We double black dog’s buddy dare you!

And 5 years later they’re still at it according to Heather N. Photos via Art Jonak and DogsTrust

Fuzzy Math

In a darkened city, in the middle of the night, a lone worker sits working at his desk, doing your taxes.

Ammy H., Spot can’t go on like this! Ammy’s story: “So my Mom calls and says, “We just rescued a kitten! I know you were thinking of getting a buddy for Pixel. Do you suppose your could take her?” And I say, “Well, hmm, maybe, hem, haw.” And then my cousin sends pictures to my phone. Next thing I know, I’m meeting my mom, and taking custody of a really cute, really tiny kitten. She went to the office for the first few days because she was too small to stay home by herself. You can see how much help she was.”

The Latest ExeCUTEive Must-Have

Go ahead, be late for meetings. Deliver overdue reports. Delete the wrong file. Spill coffee on the copier!

Simply add a kitten to your workspace and forget about the rat race!

Order now to receive this kitten decatastrophe decoy decoration for all your job related calamities.

Ah, the old kitten ploy. Works every time.

Sender-inner Jess D. says, “This is Baby Miracle, yes that’s her name!” Because, against all odds, Baby Miracle survived a very rough start in life. Photos by Dylan K.

Vintage ResQte

From the Smithsonian Institution comes this very old photo, along with a heartwarming story of a dog who rode the rails:

Owney was a stray dog who wandered into the Albany, New York, post office in 1888. The clerks let him stay the night, and he fell asleep on a pile of empty mailbags. Owney was attracted to the texture or scent of the mailbags and began to follow them, first onto mail wagons and then onto mail trains. Owney began to ride with the bags on Railway Post Office (RPO) train cars across the state, and then the country. The RPO clerks adopted Owney as their unofficial mascot, marking his travels by placing medals and tags from his stops on his collar

Via Flickr Commons, collections of the world’s photo archives.

Cute Debut

Hello World!

Elphaba’s my name.

Madagascar’s my game.

My only game.

Hi. I’m new, wanna be friends?

All sifaka lemurs, like me, are threatened. All lemurs live on Madagascar.

Madagascar is one of the world’s most endangered biodiversity hotspots. These are photos taken by Duke Lemur Center staff photographer, David Haring, sent to us by Niki Barnett, thank you!

Don’t Be Ridiculous

I did not get blown into you by a gust of wind. I just tweeted you by accident.

Sender-inner Krista L. says, “Hello, I live in Victoria, BC and we recently had a very windy day. While I was walking to work I was leaning against the wind, being whipped around by leaves and dust and my own hair. I felt something hit the side of my face and get tangled in my hair/hoody. I reached in my hair and pulled out what I thought was a piece of trash but turned out to be this guy. He was tired from the wind pushing him around so he’d thought he’d hitch a ride in my hair. I put him at the bottom of a tree root to give him a little break from the wind so he could get his strength back up.”

Hey, Watch Where You’re Shoveling

You just shoveled snow on my nice fur coat! All over my face! This is a cute face! Is this a face for hitting with snow, Mister I-Can’t-Watch-Where-I’m-Shoveling? Hah?

Katie H. wants you to know: “This is a little Schnauzer pup up for adoption in Hamilton, MT. His name is Trinity. I adopted both of my cats through our local shelters and have made a habit of perusing their websites. I saw this little snow-dusted cutie on their site today and knew he was destined for Cute Overload greatness! And maybe someone close by will see his picture on your site and scoop him up quick! Thanks for always giving me my daily ‘Aww!’ “


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