Bebeh Coot! Wait. What? Coot Overload*

From the Baby Wild FB page: “An orphaned Baby American Coot gets some much needed care at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.” Submitted by Carly L.

(*Stolen from Oakley, grumbles that I didn’t think of it, stalks off to get an OIKOS yogurt from the fridge.)


We Had A Meerkat Monday In 2011

Three years ago? It’s time for another one.

Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center near Palm Springs, California cares for Meerkats with nowhere else to go. They take in Meerkats and give them a sweet home to live out their Happy Meerkat Lives!

The only reason they have toys and are interacting with people is these guys were born in captivity–so they can’t be released into the wild. And they do NOT make good pets. This is a private facility- not open to the public- but if you “adopt a meerkat” you can set up a visit where you’ll help serve lunch. Mmmmmm, anyone for seconds?

DSC_0164 2
Getting down to the bottom of it all.

Worms inside a ball. That’s pretty much as good as it gets here.

Play, dig, snack, nap. Play, dig, snack, nap. It’s just how they roll.

Photos and lots of quality info from KB.

Meet The New Addition To Edgar’s Mission!

As you well know, they’ve had a tough last month. But check out who just (literally) landed at their doorstep! Her name is Elsa, and she’s got quite a story to tell.


Lambs in Jackets-6
Discovered by P.Fish.


ResQte Of The Week® is usually every Thursday, but this came in on Friday morning. And besides, if we make the rules, we can bend ’em, right? Susan H. says: “My amazing friend Carolyn has rescued an orphaned Baby Cottontail Bun that she found on her lawn recently.”

“The little Bun Bun was only a couple days old when she found it, eyes not even open yet, and she’s been feeding it and keeping it safe. At the moment the little guy (gal?) is hanging in there and eating eagerly. Thought you might like the pictures…maybe for Bunday?” [Oh, I’d agree with that. -Ed.]


Cat House On The Kings 3.0

Today’s Day 3 of the mini-series of photos at Cat House On The Kings by Cuteporter KB. (Wednesday’s Part 1 is here, and yesterday’s Part 2 is here.) These little ones need more time before they’re available for adoption. The tiniest ones are just a few weeks old, eyes just opened.










Cat House On The Kings 2.0

Today and tomorrow at 6am PT, we’ll present a mini-series of photos by Cuteporter KB. (Part 1 is here, and a desktop wallpaper of Tangerine The Kitteh is here!) She took these photos of one of the pups up for adoption at Cat House on the Kings; Bear aka ‘Lil Bear aka Pooh Bear aka Polar Bear aka More Cute Than You Can Bear.






Second Chance Animal Rescue Needs You, STAT!

Just got this Emergency Email screaming in from Jennifer N.! Go, Jen!: “The midwest got hit with massive storms on Monday. A no-kill shelter, Second Chance in Columbia, Missouri lost a large portion of its roof, causing structural damage and loss of important supplies like food and refrigerated medications. The cats housed on-site are unharmed (along with their keeper!), but we need some help rebuilding. (The link above takes you to the SC donation page. To help persuade any ’nuffers, here are some sweet faces you’d be helping to help cushion the blow of a missing roof.)”

People, ya know what to do!




Cat House On The Kings 1.0

Today through Friday at 6am PT, we’ll present a mini-series of photos by Cuteporter KB. She took these photos in the adoption room at Cat House on the Kings, California’s largest cat sanctuary…located SE of Fresno. (Like that first photo above? His name is Tangerine. Put him on your desktop!)









Call NOW, Operators Are Standing By!

Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

From DP&F.

A Bun In The Hand Is Worth…..

“This delicious little bun ran out in front of my boyfriend’s truck, and was so tiny he couldn’t clear the curb to get out of the street. My honey caught him, and much screaming and squirming ensued. Once he realized we weren’t going to eat him, he relaxed and let us pet him. We returned him to his Little Bun Family safe and sound. C’mon, don’t you want to share this sweetness with the world? 🙂 Hillary, Canton, GA.”