24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 11:21a PT

Looking for a soul mate? In the SF Bay Area? The San Francisco SPCA’s Third Annual Be Mine Adopt-A-Thon celebration continues today through Sunday- including fee-waived adoptions all weekend! There’s no doubt…Loff Ees Een The Air!

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues..

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 10:20a PT

“Hi wonderful C.O. friends! Today I caught Stan enjoying a window-seat nap with his brother Kyle. They kind of make a heart shape. This wasn’t staged. These two are both rescues, and have a strong brotherly bond. Even if we don’t make it to the 24 Hours Of Valentine Day cuteness, it’s an honour just to be considered. Love you guys.” From Mireille D.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

THIS JUST IN: Everyone Safe At Edgar’s Mission!!

Just got this email from Kyle B. at Edgar’s Mission in Willowmavin, Victoria, Australia! “I don’t know if you heard but we have had four days of bush fires all around us, we are so lucky we were missed by less than a km on the west, east and south!! We evacuated over 100 animals and today they came home :) -it was the most lovely day – I hope these pictures make you smile :)”















People, Please Say Hi To Merle

These photos of Merle were sent over by The Furrtographer, Josh Norem, who also volunteers at the ACC. “His coat is ‘Blue Merle’ but he’s a cattle dog in a chihuahua body for some reason. He was rescued from a bad situation and is in foster care via the SF ACC waiting for a forever home.”

Update: Merle Is Now Adopted!

“My friend Sandy said his ears look like Tostito Scoop chips.”

“…and the shelter is waiving adoption fees for all chocolate colored animals and all other adoption fees have been slashed too in order to spread some love.”









The World According To Gem

We’ve got a Gem update for you! You’ll recall her story we’ve been following here and here. She seems to be settling in quite nicely in her new SF home..she even has a new Facebook page, which is where we found these photos. Gem was sent this coat while she was at the SF Animal Care & Control facility. (And notice juuuuust the slightest hint of a Baroo…)

(Oops, can’t forget this video clip. Tried to embed it but it wouldn’t play nice.)

Here she is meeting a new friend.

A local SF pet store donated a gift card to Gem, so she could go shopping for treats and toys.

Gem and her Mini-Me.

Thanks to Cuteporter Tonya C. for the FB tip.


Listen, strange people lying in ponds distributing deer is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some aquatic ungulate ceremony!

Fawn rescued by boy from flood waters, via Reddit.

UPDATE: Actual story here.

Looking For A New Sidekick?

Emily S. in NYC has begun a new webseries called “The Sidekick Series,” inspired by her adopted kitteh B.K. As her website says, it’s “dedicated to bringing you real stories of rescue pets and their hoomin parents!” (NOT a bad thing.)

“Our hope is that hearing positive rescue/adoption stories will help people realize adopting a cat/dog is the way to go. That’s also why we’ll be featuring different rescue organizations in NYC.”

Rocky Ridge Refuge Is Te-RRR-iffic!

Wow, check this out. It seems there’s an animal refuge in Arkansas, called the Rocky Ridge Refuge.

A lady named Janice Wolf runs the RRR.

She’s been at it for 20 years now, helping animals that need special care due to medical issues, abuse and neglect.

Anywhere from 50-60 critters hang at the RRR at any time.

According to the RRR FB, “Many are permanent residents and others are awaiting their forever home.”

RRR mostly runs on donations- here’s how to do it.

Or maybe you’d like a “Gimme Shelter” calendar?

Either way, the critters would appreciate the support.



“I died over this! Then I died and died and died some more.” – (The evidently late) Laieanna, as seen on Bored Panda, and also from Robin C.

How 2 Make A Snoozing Sqwerl

1.) Tuck under warm blanket.
2.) Talk in soothing, quiet tones.
3.) Rub the head and back repeatedly.
4.) Repeat steps 1-3.


From MoonPieWoman.

THIS JUST IN: Gem Was Adopted Today! (Updated!)

Remember Gem, the pupster we told you about earlier this week?

The poor little puppeh was found in December at a San Francisco recycling center, moments from certain doom. Gem was adopted today at San Francisco Animal Care and Control by Patricia A., one of the center’s employees! There was a lottery from 200 applications to determine who would be allowed to take Gem, and her application was chosen. See the new video here.

Gem_ DN_01
Gem says “Thank you all for showing me so much love and adoration and for all the wonderful applications for my adoption. I have found a wonderful home and new family.”

Gem_ DN_02
“My hope is that all the fantastic folks who wanted to adopt me will take their love for me and go to one of the many shelters and rescues near them and adopt another totally deserving animal in need.”

Gem_ DN_06
“If everyone that wanted me would adopt another shelter animal it would make such a great difference in the world.”

Gem_ DN_15
“Please spread the love and find another animal needing a forever home…”

Gem_ DN-9
“..and thanks again for all the attention.”

Gem's Adoption_ DN_03
“I just hope it helps folks learn more about shelter animals..”

Gem's Adoption_ DN_10
“.. and how great we can be!-XXOO, Gem.”

Gem's Adoption_ 01

Gem's Adoption_ DN_19
All of these fine photos (except press conference shot) by Desiree Nguyen © 2014 Delighted Images.

(These are photos taken from today’s press conference- super late-breaking-zoom-zoom-gotta-have-those-photos-thanks to Kristen H. at SF ACC!)


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