Ladies & Gentlemen, We Present…Wally Von Jelly Beans

Wally’s her name (we checked into this)—The Qte is her game. KB sent these in and says, “This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued Saturday! (She’s now a happy bottle baby at a loving, local foster home.) Her mom is feral (wild) and gave birth to a litter of kittens in someone’s attic. In the process of moving them to a new location, this little girl was dropped by her mom down inside a kitchen wall where the mom couldn’t reach her. The retired homeowner tore a hole in his kitchen wall to rescue the kitten …but mom was long gone. So we stepped in to take over.” (This is not my photo or my text. The good folks at The Cat House on the Kings asked me to pass it on to you.”)

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“A Meow Parlour Adoption Story” By Erika H.

“My partner Gordon and I rescued a friendly stray cat off the street about a year ago. He tolerates us calling him Thermilvden (Below, black and white tuxedo, and a name made up over 30 years ago.) As soon as we heard about N.Y. getting a Cat Café we booked an appointment at the Meow Parlour to find a friend for Thermilvden.”

“My partner didn’t get to visit the Meow Parlour at first, so upon a second visit we ended up choosing Julian (Featured photo, and next three photos below,) the star of the Café. After hearing about all of his antics he sounded like the perfect match. We felt guilty taking the best cat, but we knew we’d be giving him an amazing home.”


“We were ready to introduce the boys slowly but it was obvious that through a crack under the door they wanted to meet right away. We opened the door and it was instant bromance. They ran up and down the hallway for hours on end. Julian (we renamed him Morf, short for Anamorphic since we are in the film biz and he has a knack for stretching out pretty flat) has brought instant peace and joy to our home.”

“Our family now feels complete. The boys love to snuggle, clean each other, and wrestle all over the apartment. It turns out that coincidentally the NY Times had done a write up* of the Meow Parlour the day before we decided to take him home. The article ended begging someone to adopt Julian. We saw the article the day after we brought him home!”


[*Note- Can’t link to the story- paywall. Boo to NYT. -Ed.]

Schoep’s Hoomin Adopts A Bear

Remember the story of Schoep & Unger? This photo struck a chord around the world.

And now, after Schoep’s passing, his hoomin John Unger has decided to adopt a ResQte Puppeh. According to the Schoep & Unger FB, Bear is a 1 year old, 70 lb. Akita/Shep/Lab mix. Well, he’s 70 pounds today. That’s gonna change.

Submitted by Alert Cuteporter Lori (“Have you guys seen this yet? OMG! I’m so happy for these two!!!”) K. First photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Bear photo from Schoep & Unger FB.

Double Your Bunday Fun

For this Bunday you get Two-Two-Two Buns In One (Post)! “These are two adorable bunnies I adopted from Bandaids for Bunnies, a fantastic local group (Richmond, B.C.) that helps abandoned and injured rabbits. The brown one is Lexi, who is the boss of her brother Pookie.” -Vivian L.

Toesday II: Meet Land O’ Lakes!

“My name is Mary T. and I wanted to submit my cat, Land O’ Lakes. She is such a wonderful cat and has such a sweet personality. Land O’ Lakes is adopted and she got her name when she was just a small kitten because she kept unwrapping and eating all of the butter off our counter before we could figure out it was her; to this day she has definitely lived up to her name, food is her favorite pastime by far. She is the best cat I have ever owned!”

Happy Valen-BUNS Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…but TODAY is “Valen-Buns Day.” Geddit? This video was taken at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.) in Santa Barbara, CA., with music by (obviously) the one and only Parry Gripp.


(Sent in by Stacy M. You can adopt these guys now, says T.O.)

A Day In The Life Of Bertie

These pictures are so cute they almost made my glasses jump up off my nose when I saw ’em. This is the one and only Bertie of New York City.

unnamed (1)
Kathy G. sent these in and says, “I am just so sure that my dog Bertie is the cutest.”

unnamed (2)
“(I understand all dog owners feel this way.) He is a rescue dog from Petfinder.”

unnamed (3)
“His personality is so kind and gentle. And he is a handsome man- here is the past month or two of Bert!”

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As we’ve been saying, Grumpy Cat returned to the Bay Area Saturday, as a guest of honor at the unveiling of Berkeley Humane’s new Mobile Adoption Center. C.O. and The Furrtographer were On The Scene™ and here’s how it looked! (All photos by Josh except the last four, which were taken by some hack.)





















Many thanks to Tabatha and Bryan, Sherry at Berkeley Humane, April at Chronicle Books, The Furrtographer, and of course——-Tardar Sauce. XO.

Earth: A New Wild

That’s the title of a new PBS series starting February 4th. (Check local listings, please.) The show features an up-close-and-REDONK look at these little knucklehead residents of China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

ResQte Of The Week: Friday Baby Warm Update Action

Baby Warm raises funds for incubators that save the lives of orphaned bebeh animuhls. Right now they’re helping volunteer wildlife rehabber Alicia who saves Orphaned Bebeh Sqwerls & Possies like these ones who don’t have a mum 😦 to keep them warm. (Like Little Dude, above. SQUEE, right?) They need just a weeeee bit more help to be able to fund her incubator. It’ll save hundreds of bebehs over the next decade!

UPDATE 4:08pm PT: And all the needed funds have been raised! Thanks to all who pitched in!