Caturday: Say Hi To Cindi

001Whoever said you can have too many Cat features on #Caturday? No one did, that’s who. Which is why this hour brings us the terrific kitteh, Cindi. Diane B. tells us, “She has such beautiful markings! Because she’s so stinking Cute, it’s a little easier to put up with her ornery-ness!”

“I got her from the local animal shelter. I don’t normally check their website (too many temptations) but I logged in and saw her photo and I was hooked. I’m a sucker for Calicos. I figured it must be fate and didn’t hesitate to adopt her!!”


Save Those Gibbons, Darn It!

unnamedIntrepid Cuteporter KB took these great photos and writes: “These photos were taken Wednesday at the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, CA. They house the rarest group of apes in the Americas, currently 43 gibbons all are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species list with one species listed as critically endangered. They educate the public about Gibbons and the threats to their survival, and the actions the public can take to protect them.”

unnamed (1)
“They advise and assist rescue centers, zoos and veterinary universities all over the world about gibbons. They also support field conservation projects in the countries Gibbons call home – Southeast Asia, South China, Bangladesh, and Northeast India.”

unnamed (2)
“It’s all about saving the Gibbons! Swinging from tree to tree, Gibbons are often described as acrobats of the rain forests.

unnamed (3)

Stop! In The Name Of Toesday!

Goliath (5)Thees one just cannot wait ’til ResQte Of The Week. ‘Sides, lookit those BEANS! Tell us about him, Leslie R. “Hi! Goliath is a 6 week old kitten. He was discovered under a woodpile when he was 3 weeks old and in need of some veterinary help,” she reports.

Goliath (3)
“He is being fostered with SCAT Street Cat Rescue in Saskatoon, SK., and he will available for adoption in about 2 weeks when he’s a little bigger!”

Goliath (4)

We. Need. Warmth.

unnamed (7)A warm bed for every bebbeh! Wouldn’t that be a TERRIFIC thing? (Everyone nods their heads approvingly.)

Q: How do you save an orphaned bebbeh animal? A: Keep them warm!

unnamed (1)
The non-profit site Baby just launched to donate incubators to volunteer homecare wildlife rehabbers who save orphaned bebeh animals in every community across the country.

unnamed (2)
Bebeh Beavers, Otters, Sqwerls, Birds, ‘Munks, Buns, Possies, Skunklets, Ducklings, and more.

unnamed (3)
If they don’t have a mom to keep them warm, an incubator is the next best place to rest their adorbs little noggins…

unnamed (4)
…so they can grow up healthy and strong…and make it back to the wild where they belong.

unnamed (5)
Baby Warm raises money for incubators- that’s all. Each incubator will be used for 10-12 years to keep hundreds of babies warm and healthy.

unnamed (6)
You can see on the site that there are 12 rehabbers listed at any given time and you can see what kind of animals they care for, read their story, and pick one to help out and chip in toward their incubator.


Swamp Wallaby Action Down Undah! (2.0)

enhanced-buzz-wide-10436-1415313004-14Got an email from Andrew Y. with this story- and it got me to thinking- “Hmmm, Swamp..Wallaby..Joeys. Didn’t we do this?” Well, we did, back in June!

This is a BRAND NEW SET!!

Say hi to Khaleesi and Alkira, two little orphaned dudes.

They arrived at the Taronga Zoo after being rescued from the side of the road.

According to BuzzFeed, “Khaleesi is already super confident, hopping ‘quick bound around the bedroom at 3 a.m.’ Little Alkira’s name means ‘sunshine.'”


Ear Floof ALONE Puts This One Over The Top

39mUV8g“Boyfriend and I adopted this runty rescue kitten. She purrs like a jackhammer and farts like a man.” -Airwrecka1789 on Reddit.

Congrats To The Class Of 2014!

Earlier in the year, the New York ASPCA opened up a specialized nursery for Leetle Kittehs that were too young to make it on their own. On Tuesday, they held a graduation ceremony for the furrballs, who now move on to the ASPCA Adoption Center where they’ll be ready to go to a new home! Wanna donate to the ASPCA? Here’s how.

And BTW- do we know who graduated Phi Beta Catta?

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0003

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0004

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0006

Media_Kitten Graduation Ceremony_04Nov2014_0010
TJ found this story on The Gothamist.

Maybe One Of The Best Puppeh Names EVER

unnamedThis… Mudslide.

“My ResQte dog Mudslide is terribly pleased with her new Starbarks toy. Don’t worry, it’s decaf…and ‘fetch-roasted.’ :).” -Annie B.

Kiko NOSE What Month It Is!

IMG_9165 - Version 2And who’s happy to see the month of Nosevember? Kiko is! “This is Kiko. My 11 month old rescue Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. He’s a spritely and happy little fella, living with me in Venice Beach, CA.” -Eileen M.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Oakland, CA.

IMG_1821ccThe Cat Town Café & Adoption Center is now open in Oakland, CA! It has rescue cats that are all available for adoption. Part of the location is for foodski, and the other part is The Cat Zone. Visitors can spend up to an hour in the Cat Zone, and free walk-ins are welcome as space allows. For a $10 donation, you can make a Cat Zone Reservation ahead of time, which ensures your visiting time is available, and supports a great cause. Here’s their FB, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Cute Overload dropped by last Sunday during a preview weekend, and took these photos just for you!
























If You Go™:

*Location: 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA.
*Hours: 8AM – 7PM Wednesday-Sunday, (Cat Zone from 10AM – 7PM.)


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