ResQte Of The Week 3: “What’s Goin’ ON Up There?”

More Cheeto The Cat-Shenanigans from Harvie Ruth S. at the Cat House On The Kings!






ResQte Of The Week 2: And Everything Nice

How about some Sugar & Spice from Down Undah, c/o Aussie Photographer Extraordinaire Patrick J.? “Sugar and Spice are a brother and sister duo that arrived at our Sydney shelter earlier this week. Sugar (above) is the most confident of the two, and she was happy to sit and pose for the camera. Spice (below) is a little more timid, but he’s very affectionate and loves nothing more than to snuggle up against you. These two have been placed into foster care until they’re big enough to find their forever homes in a few weeks.”


ResQte Of The Week: I Am Basil- Hear Me ROAR!

Oh, you might be wondering how little Basil got his name. Well, there’s a reason for that!

Grace M. writes, “Congrats on 10 years! That’s bananatown! Loyal reader, but never sent in a submission! Here is Basil, rescued from a grocery store in (Washington) D.C. last month where he was hiding under a display of fresh basil.” [*Note: Glad he wasn’t hiding under, say, the Clorox display. -Ed.]

“He is now starring in a very cute and very useful PSA from The Humane Society of the United States. It’s so important to be prepared to evacuate with your pets in times of danger, but who says it can’t be cute?! Those are my hoomin hands in the vid.”


THIS JUST IN: Mr. Grey Will See You Now (UPDATE!!)

Remember yesterday’s ResQte Of The Week 2, Mr. Grey? GREAT NEWS! “Grey was adopted last night. His new hoomin saw him on C.O.! Thank you so much for getting this great cat a home!” -Maggie G.


(Say Like Hervé Villechaize:) “The Tongue! The Tongue!”

(It’s from Fantasy Island. You know, late 1970s-mid 1980s? Tattoo? Mr. Roarke? Same guy as the Fine Corinthian Leather and Wrath of Khan?” Never mind. Acknowledging ROC #48– Go ahead, Julie.

Last fall you featured my dog (then known as Cooper but now known as “Poncho”) as a “ResQte of the Week.” When I got him from the shelter, they estimated his age at 4 yrs old. Well, after getting his teeth cleaned, our Vet estimates his age at closer to 10 years! I think I’ve been Catfished!! Ha ha ha!”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Mr. Grey Will See You Now

“I volunteer at the Evanston Animal Shelter in Evanston, IL.,” says Maggie G. “Last week I met the greatest guy! His name’s Mr. Grey. He’s an excellent office assistant, well groomed, and enjoys cuddling on chilly days. He is a mature gentleman, and in addition to a strong physique and sensitive green eyes, he’s got the best Toe-Foofs you’ll ever see! His only caveat is that he doesn’t ‘do’ babies. (He’s not as huge as he looks. It’s mostly fluff.)


ResQte Of The Week: Bella

From Jo B. “Hi C.O.! We’re very excited to share the news that we adopted this little floof ball from the Milo Foundation in Pt. Richmond, CA., about six weeks ago. Bella and I found each other while I volunteered there during the Wednesday afternoon Cuddle Club they started this summer (she was rescued from a high-kill shelter.).

Our other pooch, Kit the Doxie of previous C.O. fame, has been mostly welcoming (although sometimes alarmed) by the energy Bella brings to each day. Thanks for making me smile every time I see you!”

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ResQte Of The Week 2: Dateline, Warrior River, Alabama!

Couple of good ole boys were out fishing (never understood the appeal, personally) when all of a sudden…SOMETHING CAME PADDLING QUICKLY TOWARDS THEM!


A Prickly ResQte Of The Week!

Great story from Nicole D. in The Great White North! “I was bicycling in the country when I spotted a little black ball huddled against a guard-rail post on the side of a busy road. I checked in with local wildlife experts who told me it was probably orphaned and assured me they’d take it if I could capture it and deliver it to them –200 kilometers away! With the help of an old pair of leather gloves, a plastic bin and family members who each drove a part of the way, we relayed the little critter to the Toronto Wildlife Centre where they will take care of it until it is old enough to be released back to the wild.”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Whackadoodle Calvin

Glenna M. returns this week with a certified whackadoodle kitteh. “Hello C.O.! This is one of my current foster kittens, Calvin, protecting his litter box fort from marauders. Calvin and his brother Winston were found as strays and turned in to our rescue organization in Newport, WA. They were crawling with fleas and very skinny. They were on fluids for a week, and were bottle fed for a few weeks but are now thriving, playful and happy. Calvin may need surgery to correct a turned-in upper eyelid, but we’ll get him straightened out and both kittens will be adoptable soon!”