ResQte Of The Week I: Major Nomming Action!

This IS “Major.” He’s an orphaned bebeh groundhogster, who was saved by Second Chances Wildlife Center in Goshen, Kentucky. (Watch for FLOPPING PAW ACTION in the video, too.)

From Cuteporter KB.


ResQte Of The Week: Buns In Big D

Let’s mosey down to Denton, Texas- just north of Big D, y’all- and check in at BUN CENTRAL, where Amy M. took these videos.

“Diana Leggett runs WildRescue Inc in Denton, Texas. She has 100+ rabbits of all ages and breeds up for adoption. She rescues them from terrible situations and makes sure that each and every bun is loved, gets the medical attention they need and are all spayed/neutered.”

“She also takes in orphaned baby Cottontails and keeps them safe and fed until they are strong enough to be released back into the wild. She does it on a shoestring budget with a handful of volunteers. Here’s a blurb from the WildRescue website, “There are far more domestic rabbits coming into DFW area shelters then there are people wanting to adopt. Our goal is to find them fur-ever loving families, but until we do, they have the Sanctuary.”

In the Denton Area and wanna Bun? Find ’em here. If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

ResQte Of The Week (BONUS!)

Check this San Francisco Kitteh Lady out! Her name is Toni Sestak and U will be amazed at her good work!


Photo kindly provided by @GarvinThomas of NBC Bay Area.

ResQte Of The Week (Part 2) (Pucker Up, Buttercup!)

“Buttercup is a baby goat, just a few days old. She lives at Soledad Goat Farm in Mojave, California —a rescue farm where all the animals get to live out their happy lives, and one of the very few goat farm dairies that does not take babies away from mom. Buttercup needed an extra helping hand from the humans today and decided that was a pretty good spot for a nap. Such a happy place!” -KB.

(P.S.- Please note new Rule Of Cuteness #50!)

ResQte Of The Week: Everything’s Cuter In Texas, Y’all

Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies. Goldies.

Yeah. It’s like THAT.

“Allow me to introduce the new passle of Golden Puppies being fostered by Gold Ribbon Rescue out of Austin, Texas. Note the epic puppy pillow action and the head’s up action in the back. I dare you not to look at this picture and instantly relax. Also, GRR is an incredible organization that saves Golden Retrievers in central Texas. Very worthy of Cute Overload attention. Photo by D. Gunthert.” -Elise S.


You might not live in Austin, buuuuut maybe you know someone who does! If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

ResQte Of The Week (Part II)

This little fellow’s already been Resqted (is that spelled right?) but you have to hear about him. After your puppeh does something funny, do you ever call him a Dork? As in, “U are so Dorky!”

(Read on.)

“This adorable creature from heaven was found as a stray! I rescued Resqted him, and this picture is his first day at his new home! He appears to be a Dorkie (part Yorkie, part Doxie) and he is filled with love! His name is Barnaby, aka The Barnacle.” Love, Heather A.



ResQte Of The Week: Easter Edition!

Rabbit-Haven-Logo-300x223 Peter Cottontail is gonna come a-hoppin’ down the Bunneh Trail in a few days, so let’s check out these ResQte Buns! They are all located at the The Rabbit Haven in Northern California. From their site:

“The Rabbit Haven works with shelters and the community in the Bay Area of Northern California to assist rabbits in need. We then work to place these rescued rabbits into loving foster homes and finally into permanent adoptive homes.”

Here’s how to adopt…here’s adoption criteria…and here is a pre-adoption questionnaire. (Click each link and that doc downloads automatically.)




DEETS U SHOULD NOSE: Adoptions once a month at For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale California (first Saturday.) Twice a month at Pet Pals in Soquel California (2nd and 4th Sundays.)

UPDATED: ResQte Of The Week: Romeo

UPDATE! Romeo has been adopted! More details if/when we get ’em!

Wherefore art thou?

Well, at the Michigan Animal Rescue League! LOOK AT THAT SMILE, GET OUT!! Deets from their website:

“Little Romeo was surrendered to MARL when his owner could no longer keep him. He is a happy healthy Bichon Frise. He loves to fetch and when he is done he is the BEST snuggler! Romeo is supposedly not housebroken, but we think he would be great with a belly band! Romeo is neutered and current on vaccines and available for adoption!”

You might not live in Pontiac, MI- but maybe you know someone who does! If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

ResQte Of The Week: OMG Dwarf Hammies

Yes, I nose last week I said we’d feature other parts of the planet than the Bay Area but…yeah. So this email comes in and after I cleaned up the Head ‘Splosion, well, here we go. “Oakland Animal Services received four Russian Dwarf Hammies who are very prosh, especially a little one propping up his little paws on the fingers of a volunteer.” –Michelle C.


You might not live in Oaktown, maybe you know someone who does! If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.

C.O. ResQte Of The Week: Jenny

We’re gonna bring you a ResQte Of The Week every Thursday. (And no, they won’t only be from SF.) They’ll be from all ovah. And while you might not live in that city, maybe you know someone who does, right? K. Here’s Jenny’s story:

Jenny is a sweet, sweet pig. She can be a bit shy at first but is friendly and curious and easy to handle. Jenny is also totally cool in that one side is mostly black and one side is mostly red-orange – so it is like getting 2 cutie pies in one! And if that isn’t enough she has a super fun whirl on her head. Come meet Jenny and see if this is the Guinea Pig companion for you! Copyright 2013 Jessica Mironov

If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, (hence the name ResQte) you know what to do.