THIS JUST IN: UK Duckling ResQte Of The Week!

Maintenance worker Gary Bartoszewski was going about his day when what did he see but BIG TROUBLE! Some bebeh ducksters had taken a dive down a sewer grate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK. (This happens far too often! Don’t they read the signs? Whoops, one more.)

Naturally, Gary sprang into action, and was able to haul the little guys up and out, to be reunited with Mom!


Ozzy (Bonus ResQte Of The Week)

ozzy[*Note: UPDATE 10:21pm PT for Tara who requested a Trading Card for Oz- can DO! -Ed.]

Really wanted to hold that feature photo for Halloween but couldn’t hold out. So folks, check out Ozzy, willya?

Get this: some CREEP owner took Ozzy to the groomer, and then LEFT her there. Bad for Ozzy, but good for E.J and Jennah Coughlin from Hollywood, who scooped her up STAT from Central Coast Pug Rescue in Pismo Beach.



ResQte Of The Week II: A Family Affair

familyportraitJLook who we have here for ResQte Of The Week (II.) “The babies that we rescued from our carport in Reedley a couple of months ago are all grown up and ready for adoption,” Jessica L says.

“And boy are they CUTE! Feel free to share the images so we can get these babies adopted into good homes!”

“In case you were wondering about mama cat, she will live out her life in the pasture project at the Cat House On The Kings sanctuary, with 12 acres of fully fenced, river front property to explore.”

“Not too bad for a former stray cat eh?”







ResQte Of The Week: Cocos Island, Costa Rica!

This Manta Ray got tangled up in some fishing line and was hurtin’ for certain. Cue these SWELL diver hoomins, who got the line off in no time! Wait ’till you see how the Ray thanks them at the end- as the saying goes, THIS one is “Full of WIN.”

THIS JUST IN: Dramatic ResQte Of The Week At Ft. Drum!

1511554_362874227239917_1220258369527593713_n[Say like Sheriff John Bunnell on World’s Wildest Police Videos:] “ just doesn’t get ANY more real than THIS. Ft. Drum, Jefferson County, New York….”

Info just in from Nicole S. “I’m a film instructor with I Was There Film Workshops, a nonprofit organization that teaches free, therapeutic filmmaking workshops to military veterans coping with PTSD. Last week (June 11th) we had a workshop at Fort Drum in NY. I was not on this workshop, and that’s unfortunate as we had THE CUTEST CRISIS EVER.

“A team of students and instructors noticed a TINY GRAY KITTEN who had climbed inside and gotten stuck in the side of an inactive Cobra helicopter on base. The helicopter was in a museum of preserved (but not in use) vehicles on base.”

“After feeding the poor thing some milk via drinking straw (yes, there are photos of that,) they were able to finally free the kitten by opening an access panel on the side.”

“A passing couple- a soldier and his wife- who had become invested in the rescue took little Cobra (who seems fine, if sleepy) to a local vet to get checked out!”

[*Note- we’ve emailed Nicole to get a Cobra Status Update. -Ed.]





ResQte Of The Week: Fennic Farnsworth The Fifth

IMG956614Now is THAT a “Batman Head” or what. Anyways, this little guy is hanging out in Southern California, and needs a home. Michael S. said, “I’m told that as soon as he’s big enough, Fennic will be available for adoption at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in Pasadena, CA.”

Caturday: Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs

8 Jess 22“Don’t you just love that wide-eyed look of surprise on Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs? (I suspect that the other kitten just whispered something startling!) Photo by Jess Lessard for The Cat House on the Kings. -Harvie Ruth S.

[Note: A new Maru video is coming up NEXT. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Spokane, WA.

Got a great email from Glenna M., who just had to submit a photo of one of her fosters. This is Mozart! However, he’s not available…#BOO.

(‘Cause he got adopted! #YAY!)

However…Mozart has some siblings. (Names in the hovers.) If you’re in the Spokane area (or you have friends that are,) listen up! More from Glenna:

“If anyone is interested they could post a private message on our Facebook page!”

“Mozart and his siblings actually haven’t even been posted for adoption because they have another week or so to go before they can be spayed/neutered, but we had an older Siamese mix that we had two qualified adopters for, so we let the second person know that Mozart would be available soon, and he’s been reserved for her.”


ResQte Of The Week 4: Foster Freddie

fred cat doorBecky S. writes us from Big D.: “I am a huge C.O. fan and check the site daily!! We would love to have some exposure for our foster dog Freddy :). He comes to us through Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue-an amazing dog rescue in Dallas, TX.”

fred hftu
“We capture hard to reach street dogs and allow them to transform into loving family members through our dedicated team of fosters! Fred’s a special guy, always bright eyed and bushy tailed.”

fred sleeping
“He loves bubbles and all things flying, playing with our rescue dog Fern, and keeping the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits in check. Doesn’t he have the most precious face? More Instagram shots here.”

freddy bubbles

ResQte 3: Cute Baby Birds Need Knitted Nests Now!

Baby Bird in nestJust got an email from Alison H., the Communications Manager for WildCare Bay Area in San Rafael, CA. “Please let everybody know that Wildcare needs knitted nests again!” Here’s where to get patterns to make a nest!


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