ResQte Of The Week 2: “Long Time Reader, First Time, Uh, Submissioner?”

IMG_0374From The C.O. Mailbag: “Dear Cute Overload, your site is a major reason why I now own two cats, so it only seems fair that I share photos of what you have wrought,” Earnest C. tells us.


“The little gray one is a two-year-old, adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. His name is Nex. The big guy is named Felix. He’s a seven-year-old Manx, rescued from a less than stable home. I was worried that two cats of different sizes and totally different age demographics wouldn’t get along, but as you can see from the photos, they’ve adopted one another as kitty bros.”

“Sure, having these two around has wrecked my blinds beyond all recognition, and I’m singlehandedly propping up the entire adhesive lint roller industry, but it’s not like I can ever be angry at them. They’re just too adorable, and even worse, they’re keenly aware of this fact.”

“Anyway, thanks convincing me to adopt. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in decades, both for the cats and for myself.”


ResQte Of The Week: Purritos To GO, Please

17670918156_837b475c06_bThe Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City (also an L.A. location) has taken in 500+ kittens in the last two months, and they need homes!

“Sometimes you have to go Cute to raise awareness about an important issue. We’re thrilled the campaign is getting so much attention and hope that we’re inspiring people to take action,” said Eric Rayvid of BFAS in an email to Cute Overload.

“If you’re looking for a new pet, we urge you to adopt.”

FirstKittens9769sak (1)
“If you can’t take a new pet into your home, volunteer at your local humane society.”

“If you don’t have the time, donations are always needed to take care of homeless pets in your area.”

HippocratesKittenNursery4092sak (2)
“At Best Friends Animal Society, we really believe that together we can Save Them All!” [Bravo. -Ed.]



(ABC with thanks to Brianna V.)

ResQte Of The Week 2: Palm Coast, Florida!

From The Great White North down to the Sunshine State for our second ResQte post of the day. A home in Palm Coast, Florida caught fire Tuesday. The father and his 2-year-old daughter were treated for smoke inhalation, and ALL six dogs were rescued, including two puppehs!







Live From Fort Langley, BC…It’s ResQte Of The Week!

Cute photos of kittehs are terrific, but if you can get ’em LIVE LIVE LIVE from The Great White North, well, that takes up it a notch! (Make sure you crank the audio.)

Jaclyn M. says “TinyKittens is a rescue in British Columbia who run webcams showing the animals they are fostering. Through various streams, you can watch their cats live, and also view archived recordings of events such as births and vet checkups. I’ve been leaving Eve’s livestream on my computer while I’m at work, and hearing the sounds of purrs and kitten slurping makes the day much more pleasant!”

“After watching the live stream all day, we had to break for food; when we returned, we found our cat Joker trying to join the cuddlepuddle on the screen. Hearts broke with the sweetness. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!” -Caity, James, and Joker- Washington DC.


ULTIMATE ResQte Of The Week IV

From Down Undah last time around, up to the Great White North. Ya won’t believe it. A mom and her six Bebeh Geese were on the roof of the Calgary Outdoor Centre, and wanted to get down. Well, that’s a problem if you don’t FLY yet. So some students quickly set up some mats for them to land on!

Super C.O. Thanks to Chloe L.!

ResQte Of The Week III: Cocker Spaniels!

Cocker-Spaniel-Puppies-027You might remember last month, an Australian photographer by the name of Patrick Jones sent us some outstanding shots from RSPCA New South Wales. Now he’s back with another set– and this time, it’s ALL Cocker Spaniels! Winston, Dexter, Lincoln, Fanta, Floss, Finni and Fena.

No, we don’t know who is who. Not that it matters- they’re all ADORBS.








ResQte Of The Week II: Welcome To The ‘Bu!!!

unnamed“Orphaned Bebeh ‘Possies at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, CA yesterday afternoon.” -KB.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)
(‘Bu’ reference from Rick C.)

ResQte Of The Week: Santa Fe Animal Shelter

There’s the Maximum Amount Of Squee Allowed By Law in this clip. Anna Y. writes, “I produced this video for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. It shows what happens when five tiny kittens show up at our shelter without their mother.”



ResQte Of The Week 3: HEY! Over HERE!

11196328_640933816040650_9153682149176975270_nThis kitteh is now at Animal Care & Control in San Francisco. “She’s looking for a home in San Francisco. I think her name is Diana,” says The Furrtographer.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Great White North Edition

9312From Vanessa S. in the Great White North! “Hello to my favourite people at Cute Overload! I was hoping that you would post about my favourite place to spend time – Wishing Well Sanctuary. The sanctuary means so much to many of us in the Toronto area and is our ‘go to’ place for peace, love and harmony. Above, that’s Muzzle Tov being photo bombed by Chakra.”

“Not only are they a sanctuary, for animals and people, but they also offer a number of humane education programs to teach children about our planet and the importance of compassion and being kind to one another.”

“They have recently added a number of newcomers to their family, Kai and Bali the calves, Petunia the pig, and Meadow the lamb. I thought that everyone might like to meet them. Peace for all beings.”

“Oh and here’s their FB.”





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