ResQte Of The Week IV: Bear

They JUST DON’T come much cuter than this. People, this is Bear.

“Attached are pictures of my supervisor’s dog, named Bear. We think he is a Havanese and Lhasa Apso mix, but we aren’t too sure,” writes Whitney R.

“To me, he looks like an animatronic puppy! We work at the Oregon Humane Society, and Bear came in to the shelter one day.”

“These pictures were shot by me and other coworkers. He is probably one of the cutest puppies ever to be born on the face of this earth!”


[*Note: BEAR is off the market, but OHS has lots of critters available waiting for you! Check ‘em out! -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week III: Crocodile Rockin’

Ever owned a beloved stuffy you just can’t part with? Gilbert understands. “This is our kitten, Gilbert,” explains Cheryl C. “He was adopted as a wee baby from our local shelter and on his first day at home, our daughter (who was 5) gave him a stuffed animal to keep him company. A couple of weeks later, we noticed that Dot (the stuffed crocodile) had appeared in his bed overnight which was upstairs, but none of us had put her there. Gilbert’s now fully grown but he still loves Dot and drags her around.”

Cheryl, you might need to plan for Dot 2 soon- allow us to direct you to some choices!

ResQte Of The Week II: Daisy

2015-01-04-14.19.20“Hi Cute Overload! We love your website! This is Daisy. She has the most adorable and sweet face! But don’t let that Cute Face fool you. She loves rolling around in stinky things and getting into trouble! She is an imp and helps brighten up our days and make life an adventure! As a side note, she is a ResQte from our local animal shelter. Not sure what she is exactly–maybe some kind of poodley mix?–but we think she is pretty darn great! As always, encourage your readers to adopt! ^._.^” -PJ.

ResQte Of The Week: Biscuit In A Box

IMG_0351Jenna C. sent us this email, perfectly timed for today: “This is my cat Biscuit. She has recently been experimenting with “If I fits, I sits.” It’s going well! Biscuit is a ResQte. Someone abandoned her in the parking lot outside my work. I took her home, planning on taking her to SPCA, but she was too cute! I kept her and she’s been sitting in all my boxes ever since. She and her sister, Kali, live with me and my sister in Charlottesville, VA. We all love what you do!”


ResQte Of The Week II: Cora

unnamedLook at that little Mini-Chubster down there! Good GRIEF! “This is my ResQte Teddy-Bear Hamster Cora, which I adopted last year from Wee Companions in San Diego. She only has three legs but gets around just fine. She’s been busy practicing her yoga lately. Namaste!” -Annie.

(PS Cora is sister to Cashew, who was also adopted from Wee Companions earlier last year.)

ResQte Of The Week: Furrtographer Files, Vol. II

FUR_0736-XLLast week, we presented the first installment of “Furrtographer Faves” for ResQte Of The Week, ’cause, well, we liked the name- how the F and F go together. Today we present part II! (It’s “Files” now, though.)

First up, we have a Black Kitteh (above) named Ferdinand, and the Tortie below is named Stockton. Ferdy was born with eyelid agenesis. According to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, his eyes are healing well after surgery. He is extra playful, has a big, loud purr and will be a large, robust hunk of a cat!

SGR says Stockton “is from a Stockton animal shelter and arrived here at 4 weeks of age with lumbar spine trauma. She’s adorable, playful and loving. The only extra care she needs is bladder expressions. She gets around and even climbs cat trees since her hind legs do move. It’s her lumbar spine muscles that are weak.” Both of ‘em are at SG, right now, as in today! If you know someone in the area who wants a ResQte Kitteh, forward them the link to this post!


ResQte Of The Week III: Furrtographer Faves

Nicolette_A365220_JN_02-XLThe Furrtographer’s been busy! Most of these guys are available now (except for Nicolette above and Rudolph, the #2 photo- the hovers have their names) at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

As always, though you probably don’t live nearby, maybe you know someone who does!







ResQte Of The Week III: Goats With Coats (And Some Cows)

2013_FSOR_Zuri_lamb_DSC_6856_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryTHIS JUST IN from Meredith T. at Farm Sanctuary! “The temperature has been in the single digits and negative degrees at our New York sanctuary lately, and that means one thing: GOATS IN COATS! And all kinds of farm animals in all manner of winter-wear! It’s the Cutest Sight Ever and I thought Cute Overload readers might like to revel in the adorableness.”

Yes, they would.



















ResQte Of The Week II: Daisy -N- Teddy

IMG_20150113_163638403After a fierce battle with both her camera and the dodgy lighting in her kitteh room, Glenn M. has these photos for us! “These are a couple of gorgeous little kittens I am fostering for POSNA, a local spay/neuter ResQte group in Newport, WA​. They are about 4 months old, and though they were feral, they are both incredibly sweet.”

IMG_20150113_175345977 (1)
“They need a little work to be more comfortable around humans, but they are coming along wonderfully and hopefully they will be able to be adopted soon. The Calico is Daisy and the Marmie is Teddy.”


ResQte Of The Week: Lucy

IFFantastic ResQte Of The Week photos for ya today, straight from Florida, USA! “I wanted to send you some photos of my sweet kitty Lucy,” begins Leigh N.’s email.

“She was a ResQte cat we brought home four years ago.”

“She is such a camera ham and loves all the attention!”

“Photos were taken by her human and more photos of her (and her brother) can be seen here.”

“Thank you for such a Cute website that always puts a smile on my face!”


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