ResQte II: Way To Go, Taronga Wildlife Hospital!

12068452_1009277329135158_8188972680260534902_oThis female Brushtail Possum Joey was found orphaned and dehydrated in Sydney, Australia. :( Taronga Wildlife Hospital is working hard to get her healthy again! She will eventually be released back into the wild. Until that happens, this Roo Stuffy is a lot of fun, matey!

ResQte Of The Week: Waynesboro, VA.!

Waynesboro is our destination for this week’s Thursday edition of ResQte of the Week! “This is a video of a young Beaver nomming on a small branch,” says Mieke Z. “It was filmed by a great organization: the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he – along with numerous other birds and beasts – is being rehabilitated. (Note: The center also offers classes for wildlife rehab-ber trainees!)”

[*Note: Speakers UP for the nomming. -Ed.]

ResQte 3: We KNEW Clark Was Really Superman Super Kitteh!

unnamed“I volunteer with TAAG (Transylvania Animal Alliance Group) and we have a very special kitten in our care that we think people would love to see. This is Clark, and he was found paralyzed at 4 weeks old. He was taken in and has quickly become our little mascot because he has the most playful, fun personality and he never lets his limitations get him down. Clark is in a handmade mobility cart made for him by his foster mom and he zooms all over playing like any other kitten. Clark has gotten over one million views this week on Imgur and wants to keep his mission of showing the world that disabled pets are just as fun as every other going!” -Laura K.

[*Note: Here’s a link to Clarkster’s GoFundMe to help with his medical bills. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Dateline, Ft. Worth Texas!


Check this out. An 80 year old retiree by the name of Eugene Bostick has been taking in strays,along with his brother Corkey. The Bored Panda article says they “began adopting them and taking them for rides with his tractor. ‘We started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for them to live.'”

THAT is good enough to be our ResQte Of The Week. But what puts this over the top? HE MADE A LOVE TRAIN FOR THEM TO RIDE AROUND IN.

Bostick Brothers, we salute you. Want to download the feature image above? Go for it.

UPDATE 4:41pm PT: Here’s a GoFundMe account set up for these doggehs. You know what to do.





ResQte Of The Week: Meet WHALE

12011140_10153636055264869_205984637857533838_n“We who volunteer with Sante D’Or have had Cute Overload luck before, so when I saw this picture I thought ‘Brinke. Brinke must know.’ So bigger kitty Cobbler – an alum of Sante D’Or…was wary of foster baby Whale at first. She was curious but not exactly friendly. After a few days, Cobbler began to let Whale play with her tail, and even played a little with her, and then volunteer Megan found them napping together like this! These babies benefit from Race for the Rescues next month!” –Quinn C.

[*Note: WHALE? Best kitten name ever. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week 3: “What’s Goin’ ON Up There?”

IMG_5514More Cheeto The Cat-Shenanigans from Harvie Ruth S. at the Cat House On The Kings!





ResQte Of The Week 2: And Everything Nice

SugarHow about some Sugar & Spice from Down Undah, c/o Aussie Photographer Extraordinaire Patrick J.? “Sugar and Spice are a brother and sister duo that arrived at our Sydney shelter earlier this week. Sugar (above) is the most confident of the two, and she was happy to sit and pose for the camera. Spice (below) is a little more timid, but he’s very affectionate and loves nothing more than to snuggle up against you. These two have been placed into foster care until they’re big enough to find their forever homes in a few weeks.”


ResQte Of The Week: I Am Basil- Hear Me ROAR!

Oh, you might be wondering how little Basil got his name. Well, there’s a reason for that!

Grace M. writes, “Congrats on 10 years! That’s bananatown! Loyal reader, but never sent in a submission! Here is Basil, rescued from a grocery store in (Washington) D.C. last month where he was hiding under a display of fresh basil.” [*Note: Glad he wasn’t hiding under, say, the Clorox display. -Ed.]

“He is now starring in a very cute and very useful PSA from The Humane Society of the United States. It’s so important to be prepared to evacuate with your pets in times of danger, but who says it can’t be cute?! Those are my hoomin hands in the vid.”


THIS JUST IN: Mr. Grey Will See You Now (UPDATE!!)

greyRemember yesterday’s ResQte Of The Week 2, Mr. Grey? GREAT NEWS! “Grey was adopted last night. His new hoomin saw him on C.O.! Thank you so much for getting this great cat a home!” -Maggie G.


(Say Like Hervé Villechaize:) “The Tongue! The Tongue!”

Poncho the Chi formerly known as Cooper(It’s from Fantasy Island. You know, late 1970s-mid 1980s? Tattoo? Mr. Roarke? Same guy as the Fine Corinthian Leather and Wrath of Khan?” Never mind. Acknowledging ROC #48– Go ahead, Julie.

Last fall you featured my dog (then known as Cooper but now known as “Poncho”) as a “ResQte of the Week.” When I got him from the shelter, they estimated his age at 4 yrs old. Well, after getting his teeth cleaned, our Vet estimates his age at closer to 10 years! I think I’ve been Catfished!! Ha ha ha!”


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