ResQte Of The Week II: Happy Birthday 2 Moose & Mary!

11018873_775564382525661_1880396052150394021_n“We had a birthday party over the weekend at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary for three calves rescued a year ago from the dairy/veal industry. I am sending a picture of another one of our cows who can’t stop partying. His name is Moose and wants more birthday party! I also sent a picture of our pygmy goat* Mary enjoying the sunshine we are having here in OR.” -Shelly C.


[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #45: Any animal with the word “Pygmy” in it is cute.” -Ed.]

[**Personal Note: Reading the new David Duchovny book “Holy Cow” now. Funny read. -B.]

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK

My-Photos-of-Rescue-Kittens-At-the-Largest-No-Kill-Cat-Sanctuary-in-California-13__880Came across these Cat House On The Kings photos by Jessica L. on Bored Panda, and as everyone knows, we love us some Cat House Action!





ResQte Of The Week III: Beets!

unnamed (1)“Orphaned baby squirrel ‘Beets’ was brought to the local shelter snuggled and cozy inside an oven mitt thanks to his kind rescuer! He’s now at Coast & Canyon Wildlife in Malibu, California and seems pretty fond of the lady who’s feeding him and taking care of him until he’s old enough to be released back into the wild.” -KB.


ResQte Of The Week II: Back To The Big Apple

IMG_1015Earlier we heard about Byby AKA Delta, now we’re back to NYC (hey, it’s a big place) to learn about a pair of ResQte Buns. Remember- they’re NOT just for Bunday anymore. Our Cuteporter this hour is Simina C.

“I would like to submit my foster bunnies, Ira and Jasmine for your consideration. Jasmine is all white and Ira has the brown spots. They’re an awesome pair and they’re currently available for adoption in the New York area through NYC Metro Rabbits.”

Here’s where to send your email if you’re in the NYC area and interested in adopting.


ResQte Of The Week II: Sprinkles & Ferdinand

FUR_6349-XLWhich is which? Glad you asked! “Ferdinand is the black one – he had eyelid agenesis surgery. Sprinkles is recovering from an eye injury. Both need a home in SF together,” says The Furrtographer.

As always, while you probably don’t live in SF, U might know someone who does- let ‘em know about these two goobers! You’ll sleep better tonight (And so will they!)

Holy ResQte Of The Week!

Great Caeser’s Ghost! (whoops, sorry, that’s Perry White in The Adventures of Superman.) Holy Bat ResQte, Batman! What’s going on here?

Ember-fured Night Gardners Germany
“This was shared on FB by a group in Germany. The group is called Ember-Fured Night Gardeners. This bat has an injured wing :(, thus was outfitted with this sock to protect the injury. It just happens to be a Bat Sock!” -Susan M.

ResQte Of The Week


ResQte Of The Week IV: Bear

They JUST DON’T come much cuter than this. People, this is Bear.

“Attached are pictures of my supervisor’s dog, named Bear. We think he is a Havanese and Lhasa Apso mix, but we aren’t too sure,” writes Whitney R.

“To me, he looks like an animatronic puppy! We work at the Oregon Humane Society, and Bear came in to the shelter one day.”

“These pictures were shot by me and other coworkers. He is probably one of the cutest puppies ever to be born on the face of this earth!”


[*Note: BEAR is off the market, but OHS has lots of critters available waiting for you! Check ‘em out! -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week III: Crocodile Rockin’

Ever owned a beloved stuffy you just can’t part with? Gilbert understands. “This is our kitten, Gilbert,” explains Cheryl C. “He was adopted as a wee baby from our local shelter and on his first day at home, our daughter (who was 5) gave him a stuffed animal to keep him company. A couple of weeks later, we noticed that Dot (the stuffed crocodile) had appeared in his bed overnight which was upstairs, but none of us had put her there. Gilbert’s now fully grown but he still loves Dot and drags her around.”

Cheryl, you might need to plan for Dot 2 soon- allow us to direct you to some choices!


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