ResQte Of The Week 4: Biscotti!

11084006_855328984513007_3074174108988131532_o“Cute Overload Team, Cattitude is a really outstanding rescue group located in NJ. My husband and I adopted our frisky and fabulous 3-legged kitteh Jack from them four years ago. Not only do they do great work, but they also seriously bring the cute! (Want proof? Behold the beautiful Biscotti!) Thank you for putting a smile on my face every day. Love you guys! Seriously. I want to reach through my monitor and hug you all.” -Tara aka Totally Jersey.


ResQte Of The Week 3: Bebeh Boid

Thanks to Andrew Y. for this one from Know Your

ResQte Of The Week 2: Say CHEESE!

Photographer Guinnevere Shuster came up with a “photo booth” concept for friends that are available at the The Humane Society of Utah!

They’re having a “Love UT Give UT” event today, too. More deets here.

(Did you know your $10 donation can vaccinate one homeless pet?)




(My Modern Met.)

ResQte Of The Week: Scooch The Pooch

When I come back, I wanna come back as THIS guy. I see NO downside. Zero.

“This is a photo of Scooch The Shih Tzu, my three year old rescue from the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (NJ), PRAYING that Cute Overload will post his picture! Scooch is a big fan of your site and ready for fame. I love your site. Thank you so much. Always lifts my spirits and brightens my mood. Sincerely, Karen (who typed this email) (and Scooch R., who posed for the photo but didn’t know it at the time.)”

scooch praying
And…we got the FRONT view, too.

scooch cb5

Scooch shame

ResQte Of The Week: Rubin & PuffPuff

IMG_0270 (1)“These are photos of my ResQte kitties, who came into my life last June (when they were about 8 weeks old.) They were rescued from different areas, and they bonded immediately when they were put together. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Rubin is the black one, and PuffPuff (a girl) is the other one. They were both rescued in North Carolina.” -Kristina L.

IMG_0267 (1)

THIS JUST IN: Operation Chihuahua!!!

FUR_0919-XLJUST IN from The Furrtographer:

This week I had the pleasure of being involved with a Chihuahua airlift from San Francisco to New York, and it was amazing! I’ve been a volunteer photographer for a few years now with San Francisco’s municipal shelter, Animal Care & Control, and they set up the program years ago with ASPCA in New York and Virgin America. This time around we transported 12 chihuahuas across the country in order to help them find homes on the East Coast, where small dogs are hard to find. We had a great time, and were ushered along the way with the help of the amazing Boo as well as Frida, the dog mayor of San Francisco! Here are the photos I took of this magical day!

[*Note: Operation: Chihuahua from November of 2013 here. -Ed.]











Meet Raynard, Your ResQte Of The Week (#3)!

A ResQte can come in any shape or size. Adam L. tells us about ResQte Of The Week #3: this Tiny Sqwerl Dude! “This is Raynard the Western Gray squirrel. He was abandoned as a baby and had to be bottle fed.”

“He now has a nest in an Empress tree in the yard. He sometimes leaves for a few days at a time, but always comes back to visit.”

03 (1)
“He enjoys avocado, sitting on shoulders, and wrestling with me in the evenings!”


ResQte Of The Week II: The Renegade Riders!

16791490205_c9b0a8056e_oEarlier we told you about The Pheebs in Fairhope, Alabama. Now over to the SF Bay Area. Look- a bunch of kittehs- collect the whole set! From left to right, here are the Renegade Riders: Tesla, Cooper, Lincoln, and Kia. (Sense an automotive theme here. No Bentley?) They are six-week-old kittens being lovingly fostered by Bitten By A Kitten Rescue in Milpitas, CA.





In the area and interested in these muffinheads? Email Bitten By A Kitten!

ResQte Of The Week: The Pheebs

Phoebe 3“This is Phoebe aka Pheebers aka The Pheebs! She is a cat here at the Baldwin County Humane Society in Fairhope AL.,” writes Abby P.

“She’s kind of the heart of our office and is also the head honcho in the cat room. Unfortunately, she has some tendencies that hold her back from finding a forever home (like peeing in the sink and slapping the other cats when they aren’t looking.) We love her. And we will keep loving whether she find a home, or remains my faithful desk cat until the end of her days.”

In the area and interested in Pheebers? Send a Dear Abby email STAT!!

ResQte Of The Week: River

Bet you thought when you first woke up, “Gee, I hope C.O. puts up a video of a Bebeh Beaver having a bath. That’s what I want.” And here it is! Now, how do you think we knew that’s what you wanted to see? Hmmmm?


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