ResQte Of The Week 2: Whackadoodle Calvin

Glenna M. returns this week with a certified whackadoodle kitteh. “Hello C.O.! This is one of my current foster kittens, Calvin, protecting his litter box fort from marauders. Calvin and his brother Winston were found as strays and turned in to our rescue organization in Newport, WA. They were crawling with fleas and very skinny. They were on fluids for a week, and were bottle fed for a few weeks but are now thriving, playful and happy. Calvin may need surgery to correct a turned-in upper eyelid, but we’ll get him straightened out and both kittens will be adoptable soon!”

ResQte Of The Week : A New Home For Buttersworth!!!

ButtersworthSombreroThis photo didn’t have a little word balloon added. But if it did, we wouldn’t have been able to print it, anyway. Cats + Sombreros = usually a bad idea. “Here is an entrancing picture of Buttersworth,” says Beth M. of Rose City Veterinary Hospital in Portland. “He was rescued off the streets of Portland as a young kitten. After a couple months with me in foster care he was ready to find a permanent home and today is his big day!! He is moving in with his new human and he even gets a kitty sister to play with! Buttersworth would love to be featured on C.O. to inspire all the kitties out there looking for furever homes.”

ResQte Of The Week 2: Dateline, Spokane, WA.!

1443CE7A51830000F5500002-attachment-1-FullSizeRender (1)“Check out this bunch of cuties (L-R, Zeke, Paisley, Juniper and Lulu)” writes Glenna M. “They’re offspring of a ten year old cat that was surrendered to us when her owner was displaced from his home. The mom, Edie, wasn’t in great shape when she came to us, but her darling kittens were born at one of our wonderful foster homes, healthy and happy and are just about ready for adoption. Edie has been spayed, so no more unwanted litters for her and she is gaining weight and becoming healthy. Anyone in the Spokane area interested in one of these sweet babies can fill out an adoption application!”

ResQte Of The Week: Good Job, Sparks NV. Fire Station 2 (UPDATE!)

It’s been almost a year (September 2nd, 2014) since this little kitteh was rescued by the fine fellows of Sparks (NV.) Fire Station #2. (Below.) And we have an update from Annette L.!

“Last October you posted a picture of this tiny kitten being rescued by the Sparks NV. Fire Dept. I named her MysTery because, well, cuz where she came from is a mystery but it’s pronounced Miss Terry. Here she is today loving her forever home with her “sister” Shadow asleep behind her. Your site is my daily happiness. Thank you all the Cuteness!”


ResQte Of The Week 3: Please Turn Up Your Speakers Now

That way you won’t miss the AMAZING NOMMING SOUNDS at the start of this video. Drink On, Little Cats.

ResQte Of The Week 2: #Cleartheshelters

A worthy goal, to be sure! This Saturday is “Clear the Shelters Day,” an effort by NBC-owned stations to help get kittehs and puppehs adopted. NBC’s Lester Holt tells us about some puppehs given another chance at life. :)

[*Note: Here’s a look at some Northern California Shelter Rescues from NBC Bay Area. We’ll be featuring some ResQtes looking for homes this Saturday, at Berkeley Humane. #cleartheshelters -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Cammy!

IMG_20150810_155945092Cammy is without question the best desk accessory ANYONE could want! “Meet Cammy! We adopted her from the Oakland SPCA last Friday,” says Alice W. Click below for some Cammy C.O. Super-Size™!

Sleepy Cammy

ResQte Of The Week 2 (Frogster Edition)

20150804_130802Angela M. writes: “Our bedroom is in the basement of our house and the window well in that room is quite deep. I was sitting in bed reading the news and heard a small tap on the glass. I go to see what made that sound and this little guy is staring back at me! So I lifted him out of the window well to safety. Pictures taken by me!”



ResQte Of The Week: The Big J

JakeCloseupJLNo, not THAT Big J…THIS Big J. Meet Jake, a resident of the Cat House On The Kings! Here is his story: “Sweet Jake was an owner surrender who unfortunately could longer keep him. When he first arrived he was very timid and unsure, but with some patience and TLC he came out of his shell and is now ready to find a new forever home. He’s currently waiting in the adoption room for that special person to come along. Jake is super sweet and not overbearing at all. He’s very gentle and overall a really great cat. If you’re looking for an adult feline companion, please consider this lovely boy.”- Jessica L.

Hey! Atlantic Ocean! Here Come The Bebeh Sea Turtles!

The U.S. Coast Guard, along with the Gumbo-Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL., released 570+ Bebeh Sea Turtle Hatchlings into the Atlantic Ocean on Monday. The Loggerhead and Green Turtles have protected status and are classified as endangered or threatened. All images by Joe Raedle/Getty as seen on Mashable.


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