ResQte Of The Week: Ya Gotta Have HEART

14684736626_e0f055a0f3_oClipboard01“In May my partner Diana and I helped out at a no-kill cat & dog shelter called HEART in Tokushima, Japan. The rainy season weather has taken a toll on the cat houses over the years and an influx of residents following the 3/11 disaster meant a need for temporary housing, which has left little room for saving these past 3 years. We’ve launched a fundraising campaign to build a new cat house!” -Ben B.






ResQte(s) Of The Week: Raz -N- Maggie

razGot a double-play combo for ya this week, everyone. Please meet (above) Raz, short for “Rasputin,” two months old, a lover boy, purrs up a storm. Below is Maggie, also two months old, loves having her belly rubbed, runs into your hand for head rubs. WHAT. (Also In Effect: Rule Of Cuteness #97: “If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s cute.”)

Both shots c/o The Furrtographer, who told us both these critters are at SF ACC this very moment. (You might not be in SF, but you know someone who is- let ‘em know!)

ResQte Of The Week: Saving Bambi!

Jayne D. of Maine sent this one in- (originally an FB link, but those don’t play nice) -it looks like a bebeh fawn was stuck in a basement window well somehow- but Todd hoomin saves the day! (Check the look on the Worried Mama, who is relieved when Todd comes through like a champ!)

ResQte Of The Week 2: Dolphin Drama In FLA.!

What did you do over the July 4th weekend? Unfortunately, this little goober Dolphin got stuck on Redington Beach, which is northwest of St. Petersburg, FL. But don’t worry- it ended OK! :)

Quoting this Mashable story, “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to the scene, and rescued the dolphin by removing it out of the water to safety. The FWC is now caring for the dolphin with assistance from Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium, according to local media.”


DSC05385CWC27June2014Watch and be amazed at the sweet nature of these gentle blorps. And have the Kleenex ready: this guy got stuck and needed some hoomin help.

Resqte Of The Week, indeed. TY to Cuteporter KB.

California Wildlife Center Marine Mammal Team from Kim Barker on Vimeo.

ResQte Of The Week (International Edition!)

Goin’ across the Big Pond for this ResQte post, kids! Got a great email from Heidelberg, Germany.

“My Name is Susanne, I am a photographer from Germany. I volunteer for a local animal shelter as I take portrait photos of the animals (mainly cats) for their website.”

“It would be great if you could show how beautiful and adorable those abandoned cats are, so that people get motivated to check the animal shelters, before they look up a breeder.”

“All of the photos on my Instagram account show cats from that animal shelter!” -Susanne.”


ResQte Of The Week: The Fur Brothers

IMG_20140510_150408“Hi C.O., your site has extremely high cuteness standards. I’m wondering if my Fur Brothers might qualify. This is Doodles (above.) He’s the mischievous one. He earned himself the title “The Inspector”. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. This Chubtacular Fellow below is Tinker. When my parents recently had renovations done, the contractors nicknamed him “Jumbo Boy.” These guys were rescued from the Toronto Humane Society and they have been enchanting us with their beautiful green eyes ever since.” -Jessica R.


ResQte Of The Week 5: The FOUR Musketeers

NOVASCHEDULE UPDATED 7/2/14: SEE COMMENTS: Willya take a peek at these four little critters! They were rescued by Bay Area rescue group Companions in Waiting! Carina M. tells us, “They’re three months old, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If people are interested they can write here, and we encourage them to come to an adoption fair- our next fairs are July 5th/6th in Half Moon Bay, and the weekend after that in Menlo Park. Anyway, we proudly present Zeus, Tippy, Poppet, and Nova (above) and we think they’re cute enough for Cute Overload!”

You got THAT right.




ResQte Of The Week 4: Puppy World Cup!

The USA lost their soccer match today, but still moves on in the World Cup competition.

Naturally, puppehs need to be involved in this news!

“In honor of the USA game today, we dressed up some puppies and gave them a soccer ball!” -Anna Y. of the Santa Fe NM Humane Society.

Puppy World Cup from Santa Fe Animal Shelter on Vimeo.

ResQte Of The Week 3: Wiggles


Wiggles, as seen on the North Shore Animal League FB. If you’re in the Austin Texas area and are interested in Wiggles, he’s now at the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

[Thanks to Ellen B. and also Holly at the Mt. Pleasant Texas Animal Shelter.]