Take a look at that BACKWARDS OVER THE SHOULDER SIDE-EYE stuff. Good grief. What’s the story here, Army K.? “Hello, this is Fritz, my ridiculously cute and sweet 4.5 month old Schnoodle ResQte puppy, and he’s the best. :D.”

Well,that settles that.




The Story Of Sufferpup

I’m still not convinced this little guy isn’t some sort of Mini Bear, but anyway..check out this story of two guys who were on a hiking trip in the U.S. Southwest. They called it the “Sufferfest,” because the trip obviously would not be easy.

And look who they came across.


ResQte Of The Week (Friday Night Edition)

Take a look at THIS little friend. He was rescued from alongside Highway 58 near Cottage Grove, Ore., and is now Living Large at the Oregon Zoo! More on the story right here!

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition:) This Kitteh’s All Heart

Super looking Batman Head, too! “Hello! Jess Lessard said that I could send you this…she found a litter of kittens in her carport, scooped them up, and now they are at The Cat House on the Kings. (And she’s been photographing them.) He has a heart on his tummy! (I’m The Cat House on the Kings Facebook page admin.)” -Harvie Ruth S.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition)

“Gray Wind is one of half a dozen 2 month old kittens in a litter named after the wolves in Game of Thrones. He is a handsome boy, and boy does he know it! Gray Wind and his siblings are available for adoption from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control animal rescue.” -Kara B.