Caturday Afternoon Haiku, Because Why Not?

A cat yoga pose.
Inhale. Reach front paws. Relax.
Sunbeam is a must.

~ ~ ~

“This is my rescue Fiona. She practices yoga for well being and health. Her nose and paws have been featured on C.O. (thank you) and now the rest of her!” -Deb M. & Fiona =^..^=

[*Note: Haiku also provided by Deb & Fiona. And we cannot forget Rule #40. -Ed.]


Yoshi The Seal Kitteh

Glenna M. writes: “Hi C.O.! The rescue group I work with is trying to raise funds for surgery for one of the kittens we currently have in our care. Yoshi was born with a congenital dislocation of both her back ankles. Her little feet are perfectly healthy, but they are not connected to her legs, so they splay out to the sides like seal flippers.”

“She is a sweet, happy, playful kitten and gets around amazingly well, but she cannot jump like a ‘normal’ kitty, and as she gets older and heavier, her own body weight will cause pressure sores and other issues where her torso drags along the ground. We have a GoFundMe account set up for her, and we are hoping to collect enough votes to win some prize money from the “Change a Pet’s Life” contest.”

From Another Galaxy

“This is Galaxy. I found him on the street in Bucharest, Romania almost 4 weeks ago (on Monday). He grew up a lot faster than I imagined he would, but he is still the most amazing kitten I could have found on my way home.” -Diana.

[*NOTE: Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.

Top O’ The Nosevember Mornin’ To Ya, Reilly Seamus

Welcome to the first Caturday in Nosevember, and…we have a repeat customer. So to speak. Sharon D. says, “This is Mr. Reilly Seamus O’Fluffington, a VOKRA rescue like his sister Miss Abbie McFlooferson. His freckles have been on Cute Overload once before; but I really think it’s time to showcase this schnozz again!”

THIS Is One Puppeh….

…who obviously APPRECIATES fine dining.

“For your reader’s viewing pleasure, here is our new addition showing off his happy dance at dinner. His name is Dobby, a 3 yr old Miniature Pinscher that we rescued last week. Dobby does his happy dance for so many reasons – meal time, walk time, when we come home, etc. Almost any time is time for the happy dance. He’s such a sweet boy and so lovable.” – AJM.

THIS JUST IN! ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Berkeley Edition)

unnamed‘Member the folks at Berkeley Humane- they hosted Grumpy Cat for the unveiling of their new Mobile Adoption van back in January. They’re holding their “Third Annual Bark (& Meow) Around the Block Adopt-a-Thon and Street Fair,” now ’til 4pm PT. (Part of #clearthesheltersday!) Location is Ninth & Carleton in Berkeley. (That’s “Damien” above with Laura Garcia-Cannon of NBC Bay Area.)

[*UPDATE 4:33pm PT: More than 10,000 animals found homes today! #WIN. -Ed.]

image1 (1)

FullSizeRender (1)


unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)
Thanks to Sherry L. and Melissa M. for the help! And here’s a SLO-MO Puppeh Drop with BONUS BUTT SNIFFING!

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Caturday Cat House ResQtes!

Caturday is always a great day to feature these little knuckleheads who are waiting for a new hoomin to choose them, at the Cat House On The Kings in Central California! (Say like Adam West: “And how ABOUT these Batman Heads, old chum?”)

9 Jess 76 cal
Photos by Jess L., and sent by Harvie Rush S.

9 Jess 100 cal

9 Jess 102 cal

Caturday: OK, Maybe Just One More Batman Head

I mean, Holy Shadows On The Wall, Batman! (That might or might not be what that is in the background- but still!) Check that guy (above) out!

9 Jess 49
All of these Super Quality Photos by Jess Lessard for CHOTK, and sent in by Harvie Ruth S.

9 Jess 51

9 Jess 52

9 Jess 54

9 Jess 56

9 Jess 58

ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Edition): Gene Wilder

“I work at a vet and we were brought two baby birds found in a parking lot. Gene Wilder (shown here) seemed perfectly healthy. Our wildlife rescue won’t accept song birds, so I decided to feed him/her myself and release him/her in a bird friendly environment. Starting at sunrise, I fed Gene a mixture of mashed worms, baby bird supplements, and a liver based food every 40-60 minutes until sun down.”

photo 2 (1)
“When Gene started fluttering around and exploring, I knew it was time for the next stage. Song birds have a lot of instinct and after being released, Gene learned to catch bugs on his own, though he still occasionally comes up to us begging for food. Gene was a lot of work and I’m happy he/she did well, but I don’t recommend or encourage people to take and raise wild animals.” -Heather B.

photo 2 (2)

ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Edition)

Couldn’t decide whether these should be for TOESDAY or RESQTE OF THE WEEK– they work for both. What the heck, let’s just go with ’em now…it’s CATURDAY, anyway!!

“Hello, I’m submitting some photos of my adorable foster kittens. They are currently five and half weeks old, born to their mother, Rosie, who was a stray that was turned in to the Pawsitive Outreach, a spay/neuter rescue organization that I am currently fostering for.” -Glenna M.

[*Note- The kittens are located in Spokane, WA.; if you’re interested in these guys, Send them an email or call 509-703-9973 and ask for Gina, the adoption coordinator. -Ed.]