See, THIS Is Why There’s A “Batman Head” Tag

Sofiekitten1Slip a little Kitteh Cowl over that noggin, and it’s Atomic Batteries To Power/Turbines to Speed time! “This little cutie showed up on our patio last week,” writes Megan M. “We believe her mama is a stray/feral that we’ve seen around (who we’re going to have TNR’d as soon as we’re sure she doesn’t have more kittens stashed somewhere.) We scooped up the baby, and she adjusted almost immediately to life as a pampered house cat. She’s about 5 weeks old in these pictures. Name is Sofonisba. Hobbies include eating, sitting on the sofa with my son and watching Doctor Who, and terrorizing the household big cats.”


This Is Olivia Giroud Of Austin, Texas

IMG_1004“We adopted this little cutie from Austin Pets Alive on Saturday. Introducing our new puppy, Olivia Giroud (Oli for short, named after Arsenal footballer Olivier Giroud.) Cuteness to the extreme: she even squeaks when she runs!!” -Erica M. [Don’t forget the floppy ears and deadly Side-Eye. -Ed.]


Mr. Snorgfeller

IMG_1214“We are fostering this prosh kitten and he’s fallen asleep with his plush monkey! From Beth and Fifi. Photo credited to B. Feiner.”

Buckle Up There, Dusty

6416520-3x2-940x627Dusty The Kangaroo is living the good life in Western Australia- he was adopted by a family there after he lost his mom :( and fits right in with the Stewart family’s assortment of puppehs. Read more about Dusty here, with thanks to Claire M.

Tiger Lifeguard Squad!

One lucky zoogoer in Tokyo caught this tense ResQte with a happy ending: Two white tiger cubs saving a sibling who fell in a pool of water. The plucky cubs just won’t give up until they pluck their pal to safety!


tumblr_nlqwi5j8ZI1up2b4zo1_r1_1280“This is Bouncer, a shelter puppy I met a few weeks ago. He and his siblings managed to survive a tough battle with Parvovirus, and they were all adopted into fantastic homes.” -Patrick J.

[*Note: Patrick sent this photo in with a link to a blog he made. Trust me on this when I say you will not believe the photos he has on there. So we’re gonna save that link. Coming up tomorrow morning…8:30am PT. Buckle up- these will knock ya right outta your seat. Promise. -Ed.]

[*Note #2: Here’s a preview- this is Saxon. -Ed.]


Great Googly-Moogly, We Got SUGAR GLIDERS!

image3“Hello! This is Ookie and Chisai. They are rescue Sugar Gliders, and live with their mom and dad in sunny Florida! They have their own Instagram account featuring only them….so they think they are pretty cool. Cutest things you’ve seen today …probably,” says Twinkle.



The Story Of Radamenes

Radamenes is the black kitteh in the photo. He was in poor health when he arrived at a vet clinic in Poland.

Against all odds (cue Phil Collins) Radamenes bounced back and now helps care for and nurse other animuhls back to health!

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Thanks to several Cuteporters who sent this in, including Katherine B. who spotted it on The Panda.

Hey, Can Opener! Down Here!

image1[Now that I haz your attention- and I know you won’t make a move towards the faucet now since you know what will happen- how about some DINNER, Louisa?]

“My sweet cat Indy was a tiny, starving kitten when I found him in Brooklyn, NY. He was very weak and timid for awhile, but now he lets you know when he wants attention… even if you’re in the middle of cooking dinner!” -Louisa J.

Hooray, It’s Friday Toesday!

10500304_943340825728955_9000418291773962583_nYes, yes, it’s truly Friday- but we couldn’t hold this one until next Toesday! Photographer Jess Lessard worked her magic at Cat House On The Kings and came up with this shot!


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