Caturday Cuddlebug

IMAG0057“This is my 5 week old foster Ian. Hugs to those that foster!” -Lisa H.

Needs A Name And Is Gonna Need A Home, Too!

IMG_20150702_185253963 (893x1280)“This little guy was brought to us by a caring gal who found him hiding out under a rhubarb leaf in her garden” says Glenna M.

IMG_20150702_184927807 (870x1280)
“Apparently, he had been abandoned by his mother, and with our local temperatures in the triple digits recently, (Newport, WA.) he would not have lasted long on his own. He was emaciated and very dehydrated, but we got him to one of our wonderful fosters who got some subcutaneous fluids into him right away.”

IMG_20150702_185531917 (1095x1280)
“His guardian angel thought he was about two weeks old, but we think he’s closer to 4 or 5 weeks old, just very tiny, only about 9 oz. when she brought him to us.”

IMG_20150702_185631071 (1280x721)
“He’s now thriving, eating well and has excellent litter manners.”

IMG_20150702_185730454 (649x1280)
“His foster mom says he’s a ‘perfect kitten,’ he never complains and is always happy and playful.”

IMG_20150702_185750667 (1182x1280) (2)
“He seems to be very grateful to be safe and have all the food, water and love he needs. He has yet to receive an official name, I’ve just referring him to as ‘rhubarb kitten.’ :) He has several weeks to go before he will be adoptable, but it’s the height of kitten season, and we have many more available for adoption. They can be seen at our website or our Facebook page!”

IMG_20150702_185755352 (1181x1280)

Cat Dog House On The Kings Alert!

smileypupsJCHOTK is not JUST for kittehs, you know. They’ve got quite a few little knuckleheads on hand- like THESE guys! Jess Lessard took these photos and fills us in. “The Cat House on the Kings is OVERFLOWING with puppies.”

“While primarily a cat sanctuary, the Cat House time and again opens its doors and hearts to rescuing dogs.”

“Here are just a few that are in the care of the shelter at the moment and will be up for adoption soon!”





#BestBuds: Puka And Rocket Larry

1Meet Puka, a 4-year-old mixed breed with a cleft lip..and his pal Rocket Larry The Tortoise!

Puka was rescued in L.A. when a friend of Puka’s new hoomin noticed Puka with a homeless man, and was worried the puppeh might need medical care.

Puka’s hoomin had previously rescued Rocket Larry from an L.A. Craigslist reptile hoarder.

You can see more photos of these guys on Instagram.



This is Gustave, from the animal shelter! This is my first cat! - ImgurSay hi to The Floof That Is Gustave. (He’s a ResQte, too- YAY! And do we detect just the sliiiiightest hint of a Baroo?) (Reddit.)

Double Elevator Butt Action!

IMG_4486 (1)“We fell in love with Kirby at the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue. The woman in charge of adoptions asked us to consider also adopting his pal Cemi because they were inseparable. So glad we did. They do everything together, including this awesome paw de deux! Cemi is on the left. My niece named her Cemi because she was very skittish when we first got her and she reminded her of the cat in the movie Pet Cemetery. Kirby is the handsome fella on the right.” -Maureen K.

Queen City Toe Beans

judpawCathy O. writes, “This is Jud, a 5 week old kitten at Save The Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. We think he’s got some adorable toesies, deserving of an appearance on Toesday!” We TOE-tally agree.

We asked Cathy about J’s availability, and she responded, “When he’s big enough to neuter & had his shots, but I understand one of our volunteers may adopt him when he’s ready.”


Derpy IS As Derpy DOES

ElkeVogelsang14Got a huge dose of Derpy earlier this morning c/o The Dude. But oh, we’ve got more.

As seen on My Modern Met, Germany-based photographer Elke Vogelsang took these shots of her ResQte Dogs Noodles, Scout, and Ioli.









It’s Still Adopt-A-Cat Month, Ya Know!

It most certainly is! So..the no-kill shelter Homeward Bound (great name) of Decatur, IL. recently partnered with yoga studio Yoga at Connie’s. (The yoga “Up Dog” move probably won’t fly at this yoga studio.)

It was a way to introduce kittehs that need homes, to peeps who might not otherwise consider a shelter.

Six kittehs hung out during the session, one was adopted, and over $500 was raised for the shelter.

We contacted the studio to see if there will be another event- we’ll let you know if so!





(Seen on My Modern Met and The Dodo, and also sent in by Carmen C.)

More Fun Than A Barrow Of Monkeys

Pay-Baby-OrangutansYes, I know they’re not monkeys. But then the pun wouldn’t work, right Oakley?

These maniacs are at the International Animal Rescue in Borneo before being released back into the wild.

“Holy schnikies!! The orange! the bebe faces! So darn cute!! (Seen here.)” -Emily C.

Pay-Baby-Orangutans (2)


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