Nosevember: Meet Charlie!

“My name is Amy Parsons, and I’ve been enjoying your website for 9 years now, but haven’t yet submitted a photo. I rescued Charlie three years ago from a shelter, and he certainly has some photos worth sharing! Hopefully you think he is Cute enough to share!” -Amy P.


Remember Your First Halloween?

Getting your plastic pumpkin and costume by Ben Cooper (kids, ask your parents)- and NOMMING ON TINY PUMPKINS!

Thanks to Kim B. and Dawn P.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Yarrrrrrr! It’s Almost Halloweenie, Matey!!!

“This is Hudson The Pirate. He is a resident of Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Hudson is adoptable & waiting for his forever home! Thanks and we love C.O.!” -Cathy O.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

We Ain’t Scared Of No Stinkin’ Graveyard!

Remember the little Rescue Guys who kept poppin’ outta the pumpkin yesterday? Just one little furry head after another?

They’re BAAAAAAAACK. And this time they’re in a spooky GRAVEYARD too. (No, not really. A fake one.)

ResQte Of The Week (Toesday/Halloweeny Edition)

As far as I’m concerned..there is NOTHING better for Halloween (even better than Brach’s Pumpkins) than a continual stream of Rescued Puppehs popping out of a plastic pumpkin. NOTHING.

They’re at Second Chances Rescue in Norco, California.

Interview With Skidmark’s HERO Hoomin!

‘Member the kitteh that was rescued from the Oklahoma intersection? Here’s the latest info! (And his Instagram.)

Laney (above) is the name of Skidmark’s rescue hoomin, and she told C.O. earlier this morning,

“Skids has gotten used to being in the house with us two giants, and loves chasing our feet! He pretty much just runs around the house like a mad man. We are researching some good cat condos to get him something fun for him to climb up and down – and to hopefully stop tearing up the couches! He has been doing spectacularly! Once his energy dies down, he is a super cuddly kitty! We do plan on keeping the name Skidmark, I told the Internet that was his name – no going back now!”


Last Bunday Of ‘Tocktober!

Where HAS the time gone? Got some Double ‘Tocks this time around, thanks to Matthew & Kelley. “Dear C.O., please accept the Fluffy ‘Tocks of our Rescue Bunnies. The Light Grey Bun (below) is Sassafras Buttocks Biden, aka Sassy Butt. We don’t usually reveal her middle name, but for ‘Tocktober we felt we had to make an exception. The dark grey bun (above) is Joe “Bitey” Biden, who, as you might guess from his name, is a bit of a biter. We are daily visitors to your site and thank you for many years of Cuteness!”


Dateline: Pasadena- Race For The Rescues, This Saturday

Race-for-the-Rescues-logoThe Rescue Train’s largest annual fundraising event, Race for the Rescues has raised over $2.5 Million to help save the lives of thousands of homeless animals in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. This day of fun includes a 5k, 10k, 1k Dog Walk and Kids Fun Run. There is also a “Couch Potato” Race for those that would like to donate from the comfort of their home. Participants can join as individuals or start a team. Dogs and cats will be available for adoption from local shelters.

Saturday, October 24, 2015 | Rose Bowl, Pasadena | Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. | The race begins at 8:30 a.m.

(You’ll also wanna check out “Ernie’s Angels.” Ernie was a big ol’ tabby who sadly passed away before the 2014 race. His hoomin has been matching every dollar raised by the race junior volunteer team. The goal is $2K which would then become $4K! See here.)

And here are some photos from last year’s event:

Quinn at the Races






#Tocktober: Worth A LOT More Than Just A Penny!

We’ve got ‘TOCKS UP X 2! “This is my little Penny,” writes Vicky S. “She is a rescue from a backyard breeder that I adopted 2 years ago and she will be 6 in February. She has been a real joy to have in my life. Thank you for considering her for a ‘Tocktober submission.”



Bunday ResQte Of The Week

These orphaned Bebeh Buns came in as rubbers (baby bunnies are black with no fur and look like black rubbers) after they were injured in a fire. They’re now grown, healthy and back into the wild living out their Happy Bunneh Lives. Thanks go to the folks of the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

Photographer: Betsy