Great Job, Claudia!

Nice going. We likey. Good stuff here, peeps. Meet Garfield, thanks to his super-wonderful hoomins.

Claudia writes: I’m a big fan of your site for a long, long time, and I finally decided to try to achieve fame for my baby big boy Garfield. We got him 5 months ago. We had just lost our 13 year old beautiful girl cat Nikita to cancer, and less than a week later someone abandoned a litter of 3 baby marmies close to where I lived. We were able to adopt one and help find a home for the other 2. He was so malnourished that even though he was about 2 months old he weighted just 400 grams and could fit in the palm of my hand. He was a little ball of fur and fleas, and had a cold and an ear infection. Attached pictures with a new hair style (I couldn’t resist the bad boy look it gave him.)

Here’s a video of the little one shortly after his first bath, when we finally got him rid of all the fleas:

That was the first time he slept without the damn fleas disturbing him, and only then did we realize how much energy he had. Even today he seems to always run everywhere, jump, play, he’s really adorable and a very handsome boy.

Fave Frame:

Always a fan, Claudia (from Portugal) PS: English is not my first language, please forgive any mistakes.

(Every Day Should Be) National Sqwerl Appreesh Day!

Monday the 21st was National Sqwerl Appreesh Day. But when you think on it [Think hard, this is your fault it’s late -Ed] every day should be Knucklehead Appreesh Day. So, belated apologies to all those little fellows maniacs:

15 Seconds of Bliss ~ Thelma & Louise from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

Coast & Canyon Squirrel Release from Coast & Canyon Wildlife on Vimeo.

Kimberly Barker gave us with these marvelous photos taken at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu.

More info on their McFacebookster.

She volunteers there and sez, “It’s a volunteer run organization that helps the bebbeh squirrels who have lost their mums.”

“After about 3 months of care, they’re released back into the wild to live out their happy squirrel lives.”


Lending A Helping Fin

Kel climbs ladderSometimes you come across a video that reminds you that hoomins share the planet with all sorts of animal/fish/mammal creatures, and we should help them out when we can.

This is one of those videos.

On January 11, divers were checking out Manta Rays and discovered a Bottlenose Dolphin that had a hook and plastic fishing line stuck in its pectoral fin. Let’s watch Keller Laros go to work. (A note of caution, this might be hard for some folks to watch.)

Mahalo to Mr. Laros. Video from Manta Rays Hawaii. More info from KITV in Honolulu.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Welcome to the look of lof. Please take a moment to adjust your heart settings to all a-flutter.

Jessica O., wants you to know, this is Cousteau: “…a kitten whose mom I fostered only 4 days before, and helped deliver him :) . He’s named after the great marine biologist I’ve always aspired to be.”

How’s That Song Go Again?

She’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
Just to please you
She’s got Bette Davis eyes



Liz T. says: “Hi! I’m a huge fan of your site- here’s my rescued poodle mix, Bette Davis. I got her 2 years ago from animal control in NYC. She is a total gem with a great sense of humor and we love her to bits!”

Number 1 Reason Cats Clean Themselves

Even when they get the bath water temperature to feel just right, …it still feels wet!

Maura C., rescued a curious kitten and gave it a curious name; Squid Ink Sassafrass, who, “seems to be a bit confused about the whole “cats hate water” thing. She drinks with her right paw in the water bowl, hangs out by the bath tub and dips her tail and paws in, and can often be found staring at the drain in the tub or the shower. I blame myself for naming her after a sea animal…”

Who ResQte Who?

This is Mika.

Jordan tells us, “He’s about 6 weeks old and was orphaned soon after being born. We were offered him seemingly at random by his owner outside of a shopping centre, after being told that he’d be put down if no one took him. We didn’t hesitate at all to welcome him into our family.”

Mika is settling right in to his forever home.

Now that he feels secure, he’s found his voice and he’s not afraid to use it.

He’s so comfortable he’s taken control of the remote and now everyone has to watch Blue Planet all the time.

And, finally, Mika surveys his new-found territory from the safety of his Catbus.

Best wishes to Jordan O., Maxine and Mika and thanks to Patti for taking great photos.

What Day Is It? Caturbunday!

Let’s mix and mingle and double and dabble our 2 favorite days together into one! Please, allow yourself a little extra time to enjoy.








Thanks to BFFs Kara the cat and Melba the bunny, two shelter rescues who share a special bond, for helping create the bestest new day of cute evar!

From Hoarder to Home

Sender-Inner Sharon D. says: “Finlay was rescued from a hoarder house of 40 cats, all orange, all fluffy and all related to an original orange fluffy couple. With practically no human contact, he and his “brother” Reilly (Mr. Nosevember!) were almost feral. The SPCA raided the house and were going to euthanize the lot of ’em.

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) stepped in to provide foster and forever homes for these beautiful cats. Reilly and Finlay were two of the shyest kitties, so I brought them home. They’re noisy cuddle monsters, now. This photo shows Finlay at the groomer. He has silky fine fluff, that gets knotted. I brush and comb him, but he still needs regular trips to the groomer. His face is priceless in this shot.”


Billy’s Story

Here’s a Christmas season ResQte story that will turn you to goo. More deets and a way to donate to the Humane Society right here.

Sent in from Cuteporter Emilie F., who added: “As a Chi Chi owner myself, he made my heart melt and I couldn’t stop smiling after watching his video.” [Second that. -Ed]


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