Let’s Roll, Eddie!

Andy W. wrote in to tell us about his motorcycle sidekick, Eddie. “Here’s a couple shots of our Beagle/Jack Russell mix shelter dog Eddie. We’ve had him for about a year and a half and this spring I decided to see if I could get him to ride in the motorcycle sidecar. After working him up to it slowly, he’s now a total pro at it. And as you can see by his posing, he knows he is just so DAMN smoove when he’s rollin’ with his dad.”

“It was tough to get him to wear his Doggles…took me about 3 weeks of treating him constantly while he had them on. Now he understands that’s part of the deal. If we ride, he’s gotta wear ’em. Also, he’s attached to the sidecar in two different spots on his nylon walking harness, one on the bottom of the sidecar and one on the roll hoop. He can move around freely but the attachments are adjusted so there’s no way he can jump out or be thrown out of the sidecar.”



Snorgle This!

“Here’s our ResQte Kitteh Jasper, doing his best to make Snorgling seem like a good idea. But it’s a trap! Touch the belleh at your own risk!” Submitted/photo taken by Lise C., Risk Taker and Loyal Servant.

Monday Morning Kitteh Bonanza!

Intrepid Cuteporter KB put some miles on the car and made a trip to Cat House On The Kings, and what did they have there but a lot of kittehs. And puppehs too!


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Holiday Windows Are Grumpier Than Ever

In the SF Bay Area? The San Francisco SPCA is once again teaming up with Macy’s for Holiday Windows, the annual event where adoptable cats and dogs are showcased in Macy’s windows in Union Square. This year the Windows will be unveiled by Grumpy Cat, who will be available for photo opportunities! It all starts tonight at 5pm. (PT.)

The 2013 Holiday Windows event was record breaking, both in terms of adoptions and donations. A total of 343 animals found new homes, and more than $100,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA’s year-round life saving programs and services! The 2014 Holiday Windows run tonight through January 4th…here’s a schedule.

2013.12.02 107

2013.12.02 134

2013.12.02 135

2013.12.02 138

If You Go™ + Deets:

*Addy: Corner of Stockton and O’Farrell. (Map.)
*Time: Unveiling ceremony at 5pm: GC at 6pm.
*On-site adoption costs: Adult cats – $50; Kittens – one or two for $125; Adult dogs – $100; Puppies – $250* (-50% for adopters who’ve attended one of the free Puppy Parent Orientation classes.)
*Live video streams will begin after the ceremony- see the bottom of this page.
* Wanna volunteer? Click it! (Or call 415-522-3523.)
* During the holidays, the SF SPCA will be waiving the adoption fees for all animals adopted at its permanent shelter locations in the Mission and Pacific Heights. Hours and locations are here.

*Holiday Windows photos by Rob Schroeder.

Meet Your Gobbling Guests Of Honor…

….at tomorrow morning’s fourth annual Heartland Farm Sanctuary “Thanksgiving For The Turkeys” in Madison, WI. They’re the GUESTS, NOT the main course- and YOU can join them! These Gobbler Guys get a Bountiful Thanksgiving Feast of cranberries, pumpkin pie, and stuffed squash.
(BTW, nice beak Nose up above, big guy.)

You’re also welcome to bring treats for the turkeys (and they promise to share with the other sanctuary critters!)

Your farm animal friends love apples, grapes, cooked or canned pumpkin, kale, zucchini and other dark leafy greens, yellow squash, broccoli, cauliflower, any kind of melon, bananas, and peanut butter! (IE, leave the Kentucky Fried Chicken at home, thanks.)

In the Madison area and interested in attending? (See the If You Go™ deets below.)


Thanks to Shelby D.; Photos by Sarah K. of Heartland Farm Sanctuary.

If You Go™:

*Date: Tomorrow! Saturday, November 22.
*Time: 10am check-in…..10:30am Turkey Feeding Ceremony…..11:30-1 Barn Tours. All times Central.
*Cost: $25/person w. personal turkey sponsorship; $15/person w/o sponsorship; $10/6 and under.
*Addy: 7713 Midtown Road, Verona, WI.
*RSVP: Info@HeartlandFarmSanctuary.org.

Google Hangout With Pup #681

Pup 681 was the furry star of a Google Hangout along with guests from the Shedd Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you missed the 10a-10:30a PT live stream, here’s a replay below! (Just click the > thing, it’ll work.) #PupHangout.

Want more 681? In the video below, she’s having a major amount of fun in the pool, getting treats and playing with her basketball and toy lobster. And then a nice fuzzy rubdown afterwards. Dear Shedd Aquarium, would you hire me to do this? I don’t have any formal training. But I’m willing to learn. Today.


All Hail The New (Dog) Mayor Of San Francisco!

This is Frida! And for today, she is the reigning Dog Mayor of the City of San Francisco!

Winner of an SFACC Gala Auction item last month, Frida will hold “Court” today as Dog Mayor for a Day, and you’re invited to meet her at a reception in the park across from SF City Hall at 4:00 pm. (PT.) In the area? Drop by and show your support!

Dean C. adopted Frida several years ago and has been advocating for ResQte Dogs through the For the Love of Dog USA cause.

Frida is active in the SF community—she’s in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in SF (adopt a rescue contingent.) Frida also participates in the SF Chihuahua Meet Up Group that convenes the first Sunday of every month at Stern Grove Dog Park.

Frida’s a mother of two who enjoys chicken with rice, long walks, cuddling, and kisses. She would like to send the message that ResQte Dogs make great pets! [*Amen. -Ed.]

All photos by The Furrtographer.

Caturday: Say Hi To Cindi

Whoever said you can have too many Cat features on #Caturday? No one did, that’s who. Which is why this hour brings us the terrific kitteh, Cindi. Diane B. tells us, “She has such beautiful markings! Because she’s so stinking Cute, it’s a little easier to put up with her ornery-ness!”

“I got her from the local animal shelter. I don’t normally check their website (too many temptations) but I logged in and saw her photo and I was hooked. I’m a sucker for Calicos. I figured it must be fate and didn’t hesitate to adopt her!!”


Save Those Gibbons, Darn It!

Intrepid Cuteporter KB took these great photos and writes: “These photos were taken Wednesday at the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, CA. They house the rarest group of apes in the Americas, currently 43 gibbons all are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species list with one species listed as critically endangered. They educate the public about Gibbons and the threats to their survival, and the actions the public can take to protect them.”

unnamed (1)
“They advise and assist rescue centers, zoos and veterinary universities all over the world about gibbons. They also support field conservation projects in the countries Gibbons call home – Southeast Asia, South China, Bangladesh, and Northeast India.”

unnamed (2)
“It’s all about saving the Gibbons! Swinging from tree to tree, Gibbons are often described as acrobats of the rain forests.

unnamed (3)

Stop! In The Name Of Toesday!

Thees one just cannot wait ’til ResQte Of The Week. ‘Sides, lookit those BEANS! Tell us about him, Leslie R. “Hi! Goliath is a 6 week old kitten. He was discovered under a woodpile when he was 3 weeks old and in need of some veterinary help,” she reports.

Goliath (3)
“He is being fostered with SCAT Street Cat Rescue in Saskatoon, SK., and he will available for adoption in about 2 weeks when he’s a little bigger!”

Goliath (4)