Comfortable, Yoda Is

unnamed“This is Yoda, my French Bulldog. She’s been making us laugh since we adopted her five years ago. She loves car rides but hates dress up!” -Alicia I.

May The Derp Be With You*

It seems this week The Mighty C.O. has been besieged by The Derp. Nonetheless, we soldier on. “Meet Lando. He’s named after the charming Star Wars scoundrel for a reason. He’s a blue beagle and doesn’t quite understand the concept of personal space. Thankfully, his big brother Dusty is as patient as they come.” -CT.


[*Same kinda Star Wars-y vibe as this post -Ed.]

May The Blorp Be With You

Baby Sea Lion #1“Here are some pics I took recently on Floreana Island in the Galapagos of some young sea lions posing on the beach. Notice the total lack of fear or concern having humans so near to them. Mamas were out fishing but neither one looks like they’ve skipped a meal recently. Photos by me.” -Larry K.

Baby Sea Lion #2

Punny, You Are

01BtUwt-1From Pleated

The Kittehs Are Coming

“Tiny kitteh dressed as Daenerys? Are you kitten me?!!!”

That was the email from “Esther from U of K.” I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she means the United Kingdom instead of the University of Kentucky. Had to look up the Daenerys reference, and now I am up to speed on “Game Of Thrones.” Hovers are from respective shows/movies.


And it seems that “Dr. Who” is popular here.


Now, THIS one I understand. Make It So! To Infinity And Beyond! May The Furr-se Be With You!



Crumpet Auditioning For New Star Wars Movie

It seems that the Crumpster heard there was a new Star Wars movie in production, and wanted to be cast as an Ewok. Well, make it so!

[That's Star Trek, you dope. Star Wars is "May The Force Be With You." -Ed.]

unnamed (2)
From C. Byrne

[Whadya MEAN, I Missed Star Wars Day?]

[Will someone tell this little furball that it was on the fourth of May, please? -Ed.]

From Catasters Tumblr.

May The Fourth Be With U (Episode II)

U didn’t think we’d let such a massive GEEK DAY go by with just that first post, did U?

Of course not. Silly, that would be.





Images from Animals With Lightsabres Tumblr. First referenced here, but the site seems 404 so now they got a Tumblr page. Special thanks to Brandon S. for his expert use of The Force.

May The Fourth Be With U (Episode I)

Yes, I nose, we just mentioned Star Wars a few days ago, but, well, today is this thing on the Web, ’cause of May Fourth- geddit? May the Fourth, like “Force,” and…OK, also because Star Wars is a big deal here. And Meg loves the AT-AT. Which has a connection to greyhounds. And..well if I think of more I will add it.

Star Wars Celebraysh

In honor of the big Star Wars cast announcement today, we proudly present this Star Wars medley of Past & Present Cute!






~Le Creditos~

Video 2: Han Solo The Cat, from Andrew S.
Photo 1: Frederique, from Lori R.
Photo 2: Lord CucuFace R2D2, from James T.
Photo 3: Arnold, from Alissa B.
Photo 4: Inca (Princess Leia), Murray (Darth Vader), and Rocco (Wicket the Ewok), by Megan R.
Photo 5: Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog.