Today’s C.O. Science Lession: The Chameleon

Wanna know how (and why) Mr. Chameleon changes colors like that? We’ve got you covered! (As an FYI–you also see some Chameleon Tongue-Fleecking Action™ in this, so RIP to [ZAP! Slurp!] all the flies.)

(Laughing Squid.)


Penny For Your Thoughts, Little Guy

[OK, I am thinking that maybe YOU SHOULD PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!]


“Found this little guy hanging out in our garden!” -Joy.

Opposites Attract

Thanks to Arne for this story from Daily Mail!

Winston is the six-year-old yellow Labrador and his chameleon pal is one-year-old Kammer.

Sing it together- “♬ Kammer Kammer Kammer Kammer Kammer Chameleon ♫….”



♬ While My Guitar Gently Weeps ♬….


I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps

(G. Harrison.)
(Alerted by Vajda B. Photo in Indonesia by Aditya Permana seen on Daily Mail.)

Thank You & Happy New Year!

It’s 11:59pm (PT) on New Year’s Eve, and there are some people in particular that we need to thank as the year comes to a close here on the West Coast! Take us home, Chris Isaak.

The Furrtographer, Josh Norem…..Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary…..Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission…Cuteporter’s Kim B. and C.O. Japan Desk correspondent Andrew Y……Concord Paul & Barb…..Susan M…..Krista M. at the SF SPCA……Anita C. (Milo)…..Angela C. (Kodie)…Jeremy L. (Maymo)…..Marilyn T. (National Geographic)…..and Steph and Paul of WordPress VIP.

If we’ve left anyone out from the above list, our apologies. Know that we appreciate everyone’s efforts. But most of all, we appreciate you, our Loyal Peeps! We thank you for visiting our lil’ corner of the InterTubes this year, and we’d like you to stay tuned for even more QTE in 2015!

Have a safe and Happy New Year! (Image from Michelle D.)

Ready For Some Reptiles?

The gist of the Bored Panda story is, “Reptiles Can Be Cute, Too.” We happen to agree 100%!








“Hey! You Work Out?”

“VEGAS, BAY-BEE! What say you ladies meet us at Jet..say, 12:30? We’ve got VIP Status.”

Photo from The Buzz, sent to us by Katie A.