Reindog XII

“Waiting patiently for Santa…they were both nice this year! 😊❤ Sophie & Jackson, 2015: 8 year old husky & 6 month old border collie/lab mix from a local shelter,” writes Maureen M.


Bonus Christmas Eve Eve Trading Card!

From Melissa: “Scooby Hawkins from Los Banos, California wishes all C.O. Fans a Wienerful Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


Reindog XI

From across the Big Pond, Hattie the West Highland Terrier wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Reindog X: Elsa The Llhasa

“Hi! Meet Elsa, she is a one year old Lhasa Apso who can’t wait for Santa to arrive!! Photos by Kelly and Adam K. Merry Christmas..stay cute!”

Reindog X: Tibbs & Mudslide

“Sometimes Christmas wishes DO come true! This is my ResQte Dog Mudslide and Mister Tibbs, an extra Dark Ebony Chinchilla. They have formed a strong bond despite their species. Here they are together, reveling in the Holiday Spirit.” -Annie O.

Reindog IX: Chico

Don’t think Chico would be able to crank up enough horsepower to lead Santa’s team on the 24th- but he darn sure can be Santa’s co-pilot! “This is Chico who looks forlorn and confused because I’m making him wear this reindeer/antler polar fleece lined sweater and it’s so warm outside that we have the windows open. It’s tough being a dog. (And below is Pancho, who is not too sure about the Christmas tree.”) -Julie H.

2015-12-12 11.03.17

Reindog VIII: Spike

I admit, this isn’t the usual antler-ish Reindog look- buuuuut it’s close enough. You can almost read Spike’s mind here, can’t you? “Why you do this green thing to me?” This photo comes from Tammy L., who adds “Hi there! Thought you might like this one of Spike in the holiday spirit!” [*Note: Or not. -Ed.]

Reindog VII: Lucy

At least this is one Lucy who (we think) won’t pull the football away from Charlie Brown! “Thank you for featuring Lucy in Nosevember – now she is impossible to live with,” writes Judy B. “Here is a picture from Christmas 2012 and she is wearing the antlers my mother-in-law gave the girls for Christmas. Tiny, our other beagle, wanted nothing to do with them. Thank you again.”

Reindog IV: Dixon

And the Reindogs are flying into our SUB MEE SHONS email box. We’ve even got a Reincat, too. I’m sure that went over well in their house- we’ll see Reincat tomorrow! Meanwhile, Brent writes: “Here is a photo of Dixon who is a three year old Pomeranian Shih Tzu. This photo was taken on December 9th at the Pet Day Care he attends. I thought you might like it for your Christmas theme.”

Reindog III: Maggie

I think we’re onto something BIG here, folks. BIG! Anyway, this is Maggie, and boy, she’s worried. Wonder why? “Thanks so much for featuring Maggie in Nosevember. Here’s a picture of her celebrating her first Christmas in 2012 with her characteristic worried look. I think she can’t quite figure out what’s on her head. Picture taken by me, Christina E.”