But do you recall, the most aimless reindeer of all?

So, Santa’s extra-back-up-stand-by reindeer, Sven and Ole, were very busy at their flying practice when Sven says to Ole, this is one foggy Christmas Eve! And Ole says, do you think we mist it?

Via Reddit.

Reindeer Goat Photobomb Action!

The fellow on the right is just now realizing he’s been PB’d by a goat dressed up as one of Santa’s reindeer. Then again, he’s wearing what looks to be a Santa suit, so maybe Reindeer Goat….belongs to him?

[We need to get FACTS before we publish this stuff. Can we get someone on this to confirm? -Ed]

From The Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.

Just Hangin’ Out In St. Paul

Little over three weeks ’til Santa’s Reindeer take off for their all-night flight: let’s check this live webcam to see how their preparations are going! (Of course, sometimes the reindeer are hiding- and give the cam a sec to load!)

Live streaming video by Ustream



Video stream from The Como Park Zoo, St. Paul, MN.