Hold The Line- It’s Toto!

“Happy 4th from Toto!” -Jessica H.


Take Care Of Your Furball Tonight!

With fireworks going off this evening in the USA, take a sec to read this info from the SFSPCA on how to take care of your pet.

From DP&F.

You May Serve Max His Picnic Lunch When Ready

It’s July Fourth, and Little Max has his PICNIC GAME FACE on. “Oh yes, Hot Dogs are my favorite!! Potato Salad? Sure! Apple Pie! Absolutely!”

“Max is ready to celebrate the 4th of July.!” -Tracey M.

Sit, Forest, Sit!

Last week we featured Forest in full World Cup Mode. Today, he’s honoring the USA in full red-white-blue regalia. Kinda tuff to chase that soccer ball with a top hat on, eh Forest? Photo by Nikki B.

♬ “And The Sprocket’s Red Glare, The Bombs Bursting In Air…”♫

“Here’s Sprocket. We can pose him to look all cool and stuff, but most of the time he just looks doofy.” -Ingrid H.


Have A Refreshing Root Beer On The 4th!

“Farting & snorting since Nov 2013. Ladykiller. Professional mischief maker, part time explorer, full time lovebug.” See more of Rootbeer the Frenchie on Instagram! Thanks to Brittany E.

Happy Fourth From Up North

The one and only Milo wishing everyone a Happy Fourth! (Even though he’s from the Great White North, eh.)

From Milo’s Official Hoomin, Anita C.

Food Fight On The Fourth!

Here’s what happens when a Bunch O’ Buns get together for a picnic on the 4th Of July. After having watched Animal House the previous night.

Bunnehs are hilarious. Adopt one! Molls sent this one in.

Happy Hoppy Fourth, Mate!

“Here is a photo of our foster bunny Frank that I took. I thought his little hat would make him eligible for your 4th of July photos, even though I live in Australia and don’t celebrate that holiday. Hope he makes it on your site!” -Jamie S.

Only A Few Days 2 Go!

Have you sent us in your Red White & Baroo photo for July Fourth? Two things: make sure there’s a cute-as-heck animuhl in the shot, and then go here to send! From KB at the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu.