Sloooowly you creep. Sloooowly….sloooowly. Inch by inch. Muscles tense…….ANDTHENYOUPOUNCE! Ah nuts. Well, welcome to another TGIF!

(Little Animal Gifs Tumblr.)


Cincinnati has been having some truly brutal weather- but two residents of The Queen City don’t seem to mind one bit. Now, can someone get these guys some Skyline?

(Arbroath. Headline by Cincinnati Zoo’s social media team, probably.)

*Bonus Japanese Schoolgirl Foot Stance Action included, no extra cost.

Reach For The Sky, Mister!

You’re part of The Red Panda Gang. I’m making a Citizen’s Arrest and hauling you IN.

Umm... Rawr! - Imgur

If This Doesn’t Make U Sleppy, Nothing Will

And just so we’re totally clear about what’s going on here, let’s cheat a little and read the YouTube deets. “Red pandas was sleeping indoors. Hokuto is awake, yawn many times. Hokuto approached Kin. Hokuto was away, before being scolded by Kin.”

OK. Got it? Click away.

Hmmmm…Do Red Pandas Like Apples?

Let’s find out, shall we? My guess is………….yes.

(Boing Boing.)

Rule Of Cuteness #48 On Display

Red Panda Licking it's NoseTiny Tongues are Cute. But then we also have #99: Peeping Tongues Are Cute, too. Aren’t they pretty much the same thing? This Red Panda photo is from Flickr user Mark Dumont.

You Don’t Say!

Yes, we DO say! That’s gonna do ‘er for another week here at Cute Overload. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you check in tomorrow morning, for Rat’s It’s Monday! We’ll have some brand new Maru and Maymo (not together, seperately.) And..we might just give you something to Grump about.

Meanwhile……have a Red Panda. ‘Nite, all!


So Red Panda 1 Says To Red Panda 2:

RP 1: 今日は何をしたいですか?(“What do you want to do today?”)

RP 2: どのように私たちはみんな帽子を再びオフノックについて?(“How about we knock the guys hat off again?”)

RP 1: [OK]を、確認して、それはいつも楽しい. (“OK, sure, that’s always fun.”)


Been A Long Day

15769747815_9e54465bce_k-930x619[I’m going to bed–see y’all in the morning, OK?]

(From Boing!! Boing!!)

Carve ‘Em, Or Play With ‘Em- Your Call, Little Guy

Pretty soon we’ll need to hoist the Punkin up on the kitchen table, dig out the seeds, and carve a spooky face on the front. Or- we could take a clue from this fellow and just roll around on the ground with it.

Either one works.


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