If you’re anywhere near San Francisco, this little maniac is waiting for you!

Do The Red Panda Hop

Ok, so the animated Red Panda is a little bit outta the school o’ Japan-Bizarro World animation- but otherwise, who can resist RED PANDAS THAT ARE HOPPING UP AND DOWN?

Answer: no one.

The Prime Rule Of Cuteness, Part II

10256613_10152417651261505_5353464475752881260_oIn the Friday post mentioning Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting A Paw Up Is Cute, we forgot to add this shot of Tenzing The Red Panda at the SF Zoo. C.O. regrets the omission. Photo by The Furrtographer.

Tenzing Time In SF!

Earlier in the week, we told ya about the new Red Panda that’s moved into the SF Zoo. They had a media day yesterday and revealed his name, “Tenzing.” Check out these fantastic photos from The Furrtographer!

U ask, “Tenzing?”

The SF Zoo FB says the lil’ guy was named after the famed sherpa Tenzing Norgay….

…who scaled Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.






Why, He’s Panda Perfect!

The “traditional” B&W Panda gets the most pub, but for my money- it does NOT get any better than the Red Panda.

This little goober’s 10 months old, and now calls the SF Zoo home.

He’ll make his public debut this Saturday at 10am. Nice Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action, too.

Via SFist.

If The Easter Bunny Is MIA Tomorrow—

– there might be a very good reason for that.

From the Sacramento Zoo.

The Return Of Japanese Schoolgirl Foot Stance Action!

It’s back! As seen way back in the day (and even more recently!)



Photos by ChengLun Na PhD. as seen on the Cincinnati Zoo FB..tip thanks go to Cuteporter Claire S.

I’m Gonna Get This Orange Ball….

[....if it's the last thing I do!!!]

(An oldie but a goody. A Red Panda trying to do a full-body Ninja Assassin slam on an unsuspecting Punkin. Purrfect for Halloween.)

Cred to Jamie W.

Forget About Eyebrow Dots and Coma-Inducing Cute Factor

You should be worried about Huff Quack!

“Bet you didn’t know what a “huff-quack” is, well neither did I! A huff-quack is a vocalization made by a red panda when showing excitement or feisty behavior.” -Tamara H.

These cute little cubs  are Tabei (girl) and Tenzing (boy) who were born in June to first-time mother Scarlett at the Knoxville Zoo, Tennessee.

And after an exhaustive search of dozens and dozens of red panda videos, (squee!) here is a little huff-quack:

Hai! Karate!

Be careful how you use it.*

*Hipster ’60’s pop culture reference, as seen on The Big R. A homage to the CO Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance tradition.


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