So Red Panda 1 Says To Red Panda 2:

RP 1: 今日は何をしたいですか?(“What do you want to do today?”)

RP 2: どのように私たちはみんな帽子を再びオフノックについて?(“How about we knock the guys hat off again?”)

RP 1: [OK]を、確認して、それはいつも楽しい. (“OK, sure, that’s always fun.”)


Been A Long Day

15769747815_9e54465bce_k-930x619[I’m going to bed–see y’all in the morning, OK?]

(From Boing!! Boing!!)

Carve ‘Em, Or Play With ‘Em- Your Call, Little Guy

Pretty soon we’ll need to hoist the Punkin up on the kitchen table, dig out the seeds, and carve a spooky face on the front. Or- we could take a clue from this fellow and just roll around on the ground with it.

Either one works.

Red Panda Encore Presentaysh!

Yes, yes, we featured these little maniacs on September 20th. But we just came across these photos on The Daily Dot and said whatthehecktheseareawesomeuptheygo.

(There’s also a contest to NAME ‘em- hurry, it closes TODAY.)


Happy International Red Panda Day!

In honor of this majestic occasion, we present this video of two brand new bebeh red pandas who just came online! Enjoy!

Thanks to Fkleffner for sending the URL, and to Dade for letting us know today’s IRPD.


Clipboard01The Firefox Red Panda has had a long week, and now it’s time for a nap! From @Firefox.


If you’re anywhere near San Francisco, this little maniac is waiting for you!

Do The Red Panda Hop

Ok, so the animated Red Panda is a little bit outta the school o’ Japan-Bizarro World animation- but otherwise, who can resist RED PANDAS THAT ARE HOPPING UP AND DOWN?

Answer: no one.

The Prime Rule Of Cuteness, Part II

10256613_10152417651261505_5353464475752881260_oIn the Friday post mentioning Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting A Paw Up Is Cute, we forgot to add this shot of Tenzing The Red Panda at the SF Zoo. C.O. regrets the omission. Photo by The Furrtographer.

Tenzing Time In SF!

Earlier in the week, we told ya about the new Red Panda that’s moved into the SF Zoo. They had a media day yesterday and revealed his name, “Tenzing.” Check out these fantastic photos from The Furrtographer!

U ask, “Tenzing?”

The SF Zoo FB says the lil’ guy was named after the famed sherpa Tenzing Norgay….

…who scaled Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.







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