Pandas! Getcher Red Pandas Heah!

Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is proud to welcome two new residents: Clark (male) and Addison (female) (no doubt named after the streets bordering Wrigley Field) the Red Pandas! But will they throw out the first ball next April?

(Tastefully Offensive.)



(Well, technically, we didn’t. There’s still a few hours of the 19th left.) Today’s International Red Panda Day!! Thanks to Smedley for the info, and to The Furrtographer for the photo!

Get Your Red Panda Ringtone Action HERE!

Yes, this video of a Red Panda getting a checkup is totally off the scale Cute. And since this one is totally 100% Speakers Up, we thought it might make a great ringtone.

So, here’s the ringtone, just right click to download. (And here’s how to get it into your iPhone, or your Droid.)

If U Could Wish For Any Creature..

Would it be a Red Panda? How about…THREE Red Pandas? Got ’em right here. There’s some SQUEAKING to be heard here, so Speakers Up!

They’re just three of seven born in the last month to various moms (Nutmeg, Regan and Leo Mei) at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Nutmeg is rearing her two little goobers- the Smithsonian team is taking care of the others.

(From Elizabeth G. as seen here.)

Heeeerrrrrreeee’s CARSON!

Well, Carson AND Willa. These two Red Pandas just received their names from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. They truly might be the cutest things in the history of the planet. Except for Quokkas. We also get a couple of primo examples of Japanese Schoolgirl Foot Stance Action, too. (:14 and :40.)



Sloooowly you creep. Sloooowly….sloooowly. Inch by inch. Muscles tense…….ANDTHENYOUPOUNCE! Ah nuts. Well, welcome to another TGIF!

(Little Animal Gifs Tumblr.)


Cincinnati has been having some truly brutal weather– but two residents of The Queen City don’t seem to mind one bit. Now, can someone get these guys some Skyline?

(Arbroath. Headline by Cincinnati Zoo’s social media team, probably.)

*Bonus Japanese Schoolgirl Foot Stance Action included, no extra cost.

Reach For The Sky, Mister!

You’re part of The Red Panda Gang. I’m making a Citizen’s Arrest and hauling you IN.

Umm... Rawr! - Imgur

If This Doesn’t Make U Sleppy, Nothing Will

And just so we’re totally clear about what’s going on here, let’s cheat a little and read the YouTube deets. “Red pandas was sleeping indoors. Hokuto is awake, yawn many times. Hokuto approached Kin. Hokuto was away, before being scolded by Kin.”

OK. Got it? Click away.

Hmmmm…Do Red Pandas Like Apples?

Let’s find out, shall we? My guess is………….yes.

(Boing Boing.)