“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad™ (#2)?”

“I think you left it in the living room. In fact, I saw it on the floor! Those things are too expensive to leave around like that, hon.”


Mom Taxi LV: Hitchin’ A Ride

Australian photographer Robyn Malcolm recently snapped this shot of a Seal hitchin’ a ride on a Humpback McWhalersons off the New South Wales South Coast on a whale watching trip. She swears it’s real, no post shot trickery involved. (Link via Mashable and sent in by MANY C.O. readers.)

Mission: Impossible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it**, is to scale the pole and capture the bird feed. As always, should any member of your IM force be captured or killed, Cute Overload will disavow all knowledge of your actions. Of course, you can always just hop over to the birdbath. This YouTube video will self-destruct end in one minute, 21 seconds. Good luck Jim.”

“We got this video of a squirrel trying to get up a feeder we sprayed with silicone lubricant. He was leery at first but after two tries, he gave up,” says Toni W. of Colorado Springs, CO.

[**Note: When did they ever NOT accept it? Did Jim ever long for a cozy 9-5 gig, or just wanna yell, “Are you nuts? Not a chance. We’re outta here!” -Ed.]

“♬ Splish Splash We Wuz Takin’ A Bath…♫”

Yes, yes, we did that header a year ago, but it’s just SOOOO OBVY. Anyway. Take a look at Mr. Hummer Man diving in for a bath. Over and over and over!

(Hummingbird Haven FB/With thanks to Kristin.)

“♬ I Always Feel Like..Somebody’s Watching Me….♫ “

“…and I have no privacy, whoa -oh-oh!” from Claycord.com as seen by Smedley.

“We have had these little critters scavenging around our house. They seem to like our dog Stella’s milk bones and are quite the little bandits. The photo was taken by Stella’s owner Chris M. in Breezy Point MN.”- Karen M.


♫ See The (Animuhl Name Here) And Butterfly ♪

From the looks of things, Flutterbys can be BFFs with just about anyone!

animals-with-butterflies-1__880 (1)






Vajda B. spotted these wonderful shots on Bored Panda. Words and music by Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Timo has a butterfly, too!