National Geographic’s Top Twenty Of 2015

Lots of great photos to be found in the National Geographic Top Twenty Photos of the year. (Like VOTE VOTE VOTE above, and these two guys below.) Check out Bored Panda for more!




C.O. Trading Cards #29: Ratsos!

We can say Rats, It’s Toesday—can’t we? Well, even if we can’t, we are. There. Time for another edition of our award-winning (not really) C.O. Trading Cards: #29 in the series– collect ’em all! (Photo via Imgur/Reddit.)

Fibbs, Wimbley & Milo Wish U A Happy 4th!

And yes, Fibbs–it does mean cake!



(Spotted here by Kristin W.)

Sad News To Report, People

Martin “Marty” Mouse has passed away. Details here. RIP little buddy. Best ratty ever.

Flashback Friday: “Psst- U Know Where They Keep The Cheese?”

From, 1964. Credit: Walter Chandoha, National Geographic.

Yeah, Those Are Beady Alright

“I saw your post –Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!? [Worlds Colliding.]
Here’s another case of both worlds colliding. I present to you my Ratso, Marshmallow, nomming on some broccoli.” – Nicole.