C.O. Trading Cards #29: Ratsos!

We can say Rats, It’s Toesday—can’t we? Well, even if we can’t, we are. There. Time for another edition of our award-winning (not really) C.O. Trading Cards: #29 in the series– collect ’em all! (Photo via Imgur/Reddit.)


Rats, It’s Monday

And what’s on the breakfast menu for today? How ’bout some ‘SKETTI?

Another Quality Smedley Find.

[*Update: Let’s try THIS one. -Ed.]

Rats, It’s Toesday

[HEY! Who put that Cheerio on my head!] [*Note: We’re delayed a day due to the Labor Day holiday yesterday. -Ed.] (Flickr.)

Rats, It’s Toesday (Special Edition)

Gonna combine Toesday and a special Rats edition in one post. Sorry to announce that Rats, It’s Monday alum Franklin has passed away. 😦

“This is Franklin. You may remember him from a Rats It’s Monday entry on C.O. last fall. Sadly, Franklin passed away on 11th June,” writes Frankie in the U.K. “He was a pretty special chap, doing a lot for ratty PR in the UK. He even made it onto Good Morning Britain on their Pets Week at the end of May.”

“He met so many people at the London Pet show the past two years and touched so many people’s hearts. He especially enjoyed meeting a young ten year old author there who wrote the Adventures of Sherb and Pip. I hope you can give him a little shout out as his human family were all very proud of all he did in his short life, and miss him very very much.”