Rats, It’s Monday!


And is that a leetle pink tongue we see? Got some great stuff for you coming up this morning, including Happy Birthday to a C.O. Hall of Famer, and BRAND NEW Maru! Photo from Flickr.

Rats, It’s Monday President’s Day

Do you like little rat feet - ImgurSome of y’all have the day off today! #YAY
Some of y’all…gotta head on in. #RATS IT’S MONDAY.


Rats, It’s Monday!

2268882905_156628d695_bDidn’t we just do this? Ah yes, another Rats, It’s Monday. This week we feature Trixie as seen on Flickr. Got some fun stuff headed your way today (a new MARU) and later this week (24 Hours of Cute on Saturday. Valentine’s, ya know, Send in your photo!) Stay tuned! Tell all your friends!

Rats, It’s Groundhog Day Monday

2013-06-01 15.49.07“Here are photos of my Rats (Jasper, Felix, and the late Beau) says Diana C. “Above, Beau has tucked himself in for a rat nap. Below, Felix is posing very elegantly beside the pillow, and Jasper is trying to climb up my leg for cuddles (and maybe treats.)”

2013-04-11 19.10.45

2015-01-02 20.57.38

Rats, It’s Monday

The Plump -N- Portly Simon welcomes you to another work week- Rats, It’s Monday! (It happens every week, right after Bunday and right before Toesday!)

Rats, It’s Monday! (BONUS Edition!)

DSCN8787“Rats, It’s Monday” has proven to be quite popular! And if we for some loopy reason forget to do it, you really let us have it with the emails are most helpful in letting us know. Today, a bonus! We got this email earlier today from Meg W. “I’m so glad you feature rats every Monday. I love to start to every week with them! Enclosed are a few pictures of my babies. Above, there’s a picture of the two of them together: Ziegler in the front and Otto is behind him. The last picture is Ziegler ‘smiling’ for the camera. I promised him a Froot Loop if he did!”


Rats, It’s Monday!

….and this little guy is all ears!!

Kristin W. (Rat mom, animal lover and long-time fan of C.O.) saw this on The Buzz.

[*Note- Next, something that’s sure to make you Grumpy on a Monday. -Ed.]

Rats, It’s Monday

3963174352_522e784340_oReese The Ratso, hanging out his tube, which Flickrer Rachel says is “his favorite place to chill.”

Rats, It’s Monday!

f0b4c11e549c4f53cc7632cd891d6e78Worse yet, it’s also the first Monday after the second straight short holiday week! No matter- this little guy can help get you through it! (Pinterest.)

Rats, It’s Monday

If you want to sleep in, little pal- we understand.


As seen on Deviant Art, from user LilTina.


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