Rats! It’s Monday!

But we’ve got THESE for you!!! So while you’re sorting through all those weekend emails (my boss sent me an email at 11pm Saturday?) think of these jolly little critters just waitin’ for a belleh scritch. Or a Cheerio™.




Via Mashable.


Rats, It’s The First Day Back From Vaca Monday

Someone sent you some Led Zeppelin MP3s to your office email, so now there’s 3GB of audio in there- and now the vengeful IT department wants to suspend your account. Your phone has 125 new messages. The coffee machine was left on and fused itself to the counter. And the thermostat is stuck on hi so it’s 97 degrees inside. In the shade.

Rats, it’s Monday.

Image from HDWallpapersNew.net.

Rats, It’s Monday!

Time for breakfast! What’s on the menu today? Guess it doesn’t matter as long as it’s green n’ leafy!

Rats, It’s Monday!

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Misty and Luna are in Santa’s lap, waiting for the big day. But I’ve been wrong before.

And then, we have……..Ratties In Hatties.

Ratties Like Fruitcake

Top image by Paul Hara from Lindsay Wildlife Experience of Walnut Creek, CA; second photo from Liz B.

*The Top Ten Cutest Videos of the Year…next!

Rats, It’s Monday

[Lookit! Santa has ALREADY been here! He left this in my stocking! OK, not really. That’s not for a couple more weeks or so. But this is alllllll mine! Unless you want some in which case I will share!] (Cutest Paw.)

Rats, It’s (Cyber) Monday!

“Submitted for your approval for the last day of Nosevember, (which just happens to be “Rats! It’s Monday!”), are three nosey little rattie girls peeking out from under their pink blankie atop the cage, looking to see what trouble they can get into next. Enjoy!” -Liz B.

Rats, It’s Monday!

But it’s a holiday week here in the U.S., so no worries. Gotta get goin’ this morning- maybe some exercises like these pull-ups, a nice shower, then off you go! (Photo from Shutterstock.)

Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.

Rats, It’s Monday

And Olivia The Ratty has NO problem with that! This fine photo is by ArtBrom as seen on Flickr.

Rats, It’s Monday Almost Halloween

The big day is this Saturday night! Victoria O. says, “I just did a Halloween themed photo shoot with my two boys Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix, Jr. Ralphie (below) is brown and white (with the scruffy coat and funky whiskers) and Felix (above) is the black and white one. They’d love it if you’d feature them in an upcoming post.” -Victoria O., a.k.a. Victoria, Mom to 2 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs.)