Rats, It’s Monday

[Monday? Again? RATS! If you don't mind- and even if you DO, I'm stayin' under here, in my tunnel! (Grumble, grumble.)]

“This is Earnest. My nekkid, skinny, hairless boy rat. Loves cloth tunnels!” -April D.

Rats! We Forgot It’s Monday!

3319868843_5f663bee42_o“While Mr. McWormersons is quite cute, I would very much like to know where this week’s “Rats, It’s Monday” post is. Harumph.”

Uh-oh. Victoria’s mad at us.

Schroeder with Snoopy from Flickrer Melina S.

Rats, It’s Monday

chase_1___dumbo_fancy_rat_by_classicfail-d7lyax6Chase the Certified Emotional Support Animal, as seen on ClassicFail deviantART.

Rats! It’s Monday

6337597458_c3898201a9_oThe cute ears positioned JUST SO. The TEENY BEADY eyes. The HANDS. (And you know there’s SNEEFING going on, too.) Monday’s not so bad after seeing this photo from Mark H.

Rats, It’s Monday

unnamed (1)“This is my adorbs rattie Wallace!” -From Cuteporter Lee T.

Rats, It’s Monday!


“Judy The Wood Rat (top) and Gus Gus. Both arrived as orphaned babies with eyes still closed at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA. They don’t usually care for rats but couldn’t turn away a sweet baby in need.” -KB.

Rats, It’s Monday: DDL

Daniel Day Lewis (yes, that’s his name, or just “Daniel Day” if you prefer) peers out of a bag in Central Park!

Daniel Day in Central Park
From Zena Woz.

Rats, It’s Monday: J.D.

14215754226_2686039f1a_oJ.D. The Mighty Hunter peers through forest dandelions. From Flickrer Deanna W.

Smile, It’s Monday!

Most people, including this little guy, embrace the “Rats, It’s Monday” philosophy. But not THIS fellow!


Rats, It’s Monday!

Little Dude has decided that, well, the effort of waking up is just too much for him. So if you don’t mind, and even if you DO..he’ll see you tomorrow, thankyouverymuch.

From AmazingCentral.com.