Rats, It’s Monday

016“Here’s a submission for ‘Rats, It’s Monday.’ Meet Piggy & Chester!” -JLS.

Ho Ho Ho Rats, It’s Monday

xmas 2013 134“This is my rat, Petey, showing off the present he got from his Auntie Pearl last year for Christmas. I adopted Petey from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in 2012. Thanks for a great site and especially for ‘Rats, It’s Monday!'” Marta Z.

Rats, It’s (Cyber) Monday*!

14893448571_c7bb8b0873_oThis little fellow (or lady) doesn’t seem to care, though. He (or she) has a turnip to nom on! From Deanna W.

[*Note- If you’d like to win a 2015 Cute Overload Calendar, stay tuned. You’ll have a chance to win a pair all day long. That’s coming up NEXT. -Ed.]

Rats, It’s Monday

Marty Rats, It's MondayWe have a special tribute to one of the stars of C.O.’s Rats, It’s Monday feature (And a member of the C.O. Hall of Fame) – Martin “Marty” Mouse, who passed away last Thursday night. Click here to save this image to your desktop to use as wallpaper.

Rats, It’s Monday

DelennYou didn’t think we FORGOT about “Rats, It’s Monday,” did you? (We did.) “Delenn peeking out of the felted wool nest.” -From Jen on Flickr.

Rats, It’s Monday

3868368076_d9eb3961ef_oEver wanted to just chuck Monday altogether and wake up Tuesday? You’re not alone. Beethoven, Linus, Schroeder and Cupcake, from Flickrer Melina S.

Rats, It’s Monday

10473721_820536987997317_290740878179512534_oMartin “Marty” Mouse is taking today off. He urges you to do the same.

Rats, It’s Monday

shutterstock_59663122The last Rats, It’s Monday for ‘Tocktober. This time next week….Nosevember! (He’d qualify for that, too!) From Shutterstock.

Rats, It’s Monday!

Arggh, another Monday morning. We can help you make it through the day, though- presenting Sweetibelle!

“Here are three photos of my diva Sweetibelle whose poses perfectly capture my attitude towards Mondays. In reality though, she’s just being overly dramatic being introduced to her new hunky friend Oliver, the other rat in two of the photos.”

“No worries though – both are spayed and neutered. These lovely Ratties were adopted from the amazing North Star Rescue in the SF Bay Area.” -Lee.

Rats, It’s Monday!

From The C.O. Mailbag…

“Many thanks for featuring Oskar and Bran! Very proud rat mama here. Just for you, here are some photos of their brother, Franklin, enjoying his burger, fries and Coke. Many hugs to Cute Overload! Frankie O.”







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