Rats, It’s Monday!

shutterstock_334893416But it’s a holiday week here in the U.S., so no worries. Gotta get goin’ this morning- maybe some exercises like these pull-ups, a nice shower, then off you go! (Photo from Shutterstock.)

Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

20151010_175028As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.

Rats, It’s Monday

3289088597_b2d325f643_oAnd Olivia The Ratty has NO problem with that! This fine photo is by ArtBrom as seen on Flickr.

Rats, It’s Monday Almost Halloween

felixhallo2015threeThe big day is this Saturday night! Victoria O. says, “I just did a Halloween themed photo shoot with my two boys Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix, Jr. Ralphie (below) is brown and white (with the scruffy coat and funky whiskers) and Felix (above) is the black and white one. They’d love it if you’d feature them in an upcoming post.” -Victoria O., a.k.a. Victoria, Mom to 2 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs.)


Rats, Is It Halloween Yet?

[I got my punkin here and everything! So- what? Not ’til ‘the 31st?’ Well, how long is that? Huh? TWENTY SIX DAYS?]

(From 9Gag.com and Andrew Y.)

Rats, It’s Monday HeroRATS Save The Day!

Clipboard01Gonna take a left turn from our usual Rats, It’s Monday content to tell you about some Brave Ratsos doing a brave job! They work for peanuts (literally!) (Bends down, scritches them on the head.)

APOPO is a nonprofit that trains (not your usual) Ratties to detect landmines and tuberculosis! (They are too light to set off the mines, nuffers.) Watch the videos below and check out this article from The NY Times.

(Song submitted by Ginette C. “OMG! There’s a HeroRATS song. It will get stuck in your head and in your heart!”)

Rats, It’s Monday!

9466837796_abb750bf3f_oRats, It’s Monday! Here’s another keen shot from Katheleen L; we first saw her work for the September 11th TGIF and two weeks ago as well. Maybe one of the best Ratty Photographers on the planet!

Rats, It’s STILL Monday

And it looks like someone is ready for some Noo Yawk style pizza, to go. He is REALLY getting it to go. Can you bring pizza on the subway? Guess not.

(Sports Illustrated.)

Rats, It’s Monday!

9466847538_0e3094c69e_kMore terrific RATSO PIX to kick off the week- Rats, It’s Monday! (Already.) These photos are c/o Katheleen L; we first saw her work this past Friday for TGIF.

“I did not know about your awesome blog [*Note: What? -Ed.] before I saw your cute calendar. Josh (The Furrtographer) showed it to me and I thought you could be interested by my pictures.”

“I have tons of pictures of many animals, mostly rodents, hope you’re gonna love them!”


Rats, It’s Monday!

IMG_3784“I slyly got this picture of my lady Juno (above) taking a nap and displaying ROC #52. Below, I got this picture of my two girls cuddling and squishing each other in their hammock,” Rita G. says. “Brünnhilda’s head is on top of Juno’s head and tail. I hope you’ll consider these for Rats! It’s Monday!”



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