Rats, It’s Monday!

Mondays are NEVER bad if you wake up and find a little guy wants to play peek-a-boo, am I right?

(Andrew Y.)

Packrats, It’s Monday!

11722611_1101363676557866_4434231341195471384_o“Both of these guys are at Farasyn Farms Wildlife Rescue in Oregon. There are 3 orphaned siblings- these are 2 of the 3 babies.” -Kim B.


Rats, It’s Monday

IMG_20150712_165804366[But I don’t WANT to get out of bed!!!] (From Robin W.)

Rats, It’s Monday!

wimbley_sleepWimbley knows it’s Monday and doesn’t much care. Life is better when you’ve got your Teddy Bear, after all.

Rats, It’s Monday (After A Holiday Weekend)

This little guy doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Heck, he’s getting cuddled while he stuffs his belleh full o’ spaghetti. What better way to start the week?

Rats, It’s Monday!

7799914206_58c5251ca5_kIt certainly is!

Lotta great stuff for you today- some Pygmy surprises..The Cuteness of Chloe..and a visit to not one but two Cat Cafés ..in the same post! And they’re in the USA, if you can believe it. (This keen Ratso photo from Flickr, BTW.)

P.S.: A new Maru & Hana video is coming up…NEXT.

Rats, It’s Monday

unnamed“Here’s a pic of my dearly departed ratty, Rocket! She was never too keen on Mondays but always up for kisses, pocket snuggles and adventures. Photo credits are mine, Steph L. Thank you for your consideration!”

Rats, It’s Monday!

3962402527_ab75e7c090_o(Grumpy:) [It’s the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT here on the West Coast! I’m Sleppy! Wake me up around 8am OK?]

(Reese The Ratso, from Flickr.)

Rats, It’s Monday!

3318587473_7f7aed81d9_oYawwwwn….3am PT on Monday, 6 on the East Coast. You know what that means! And did you know..that there are FIVE Rats, It’s Mondays in the month of June? True, and this is only the second one! Our featured Ratso this week is none other than Tara, as seen on Flickr.

Sneef? SNEEF? Rats, Smells Like Monday!

8818196742_dfe3be0087_oAs seen on Flickr.


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