“Hey Honey? Did You Sweep The Floor Like I Asked?”

“Uh, no…the game is on. I asked Mel to do it- she’s gonna need a snack for it, too.]

(Andrew Y.)

Safety First!

For our last post, we watched Munchkin The Teddy Bear hit the beach. This time around, Waylon & Willie decide to get wet, too- but are staying closer to home.

Remember, when you hit the pool- always have a pool buddy nearby!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Hey Honey? Have U Seen My Phone?”

“Ah, I just saw it on the kitchen counter. Let me check with Rocky- he might have borrowed it again.”


Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

So make sure to have plenty of meelk- it does a body good!

(No audio on this one. From Ranker.com FB; original video seen here at Point Of View Farm FB.)

“I Don’t Know WHO Took My Seed- They Wore A Mask!”

DSC_0019“These little boogers have been eating my bird seed and suet in the day time. They’re not full-grown, so I think maybe they’re not old enough to have learned they’re supposed to sleep during the day!” -Andrea D.



“♬ I Always Feel Like..Somebody’s Watching Me….♫ “


“…and I have no privacy, whoa -oh-oh!” from Claycord.com as seen by Smedley.

“We have had these little critters scavenging around our house. They seem to like our dog Stella’s milk bones and are quite the little bandits. The photo was taken by Stella’s owner Chris M. in Breezy Point MN.”- Karen M.


Enough Mom Taxi! Time To Learn The Ropes, Kiddo!

[I’ve hauled you everywhere, back and forth and back and forth. Grade school? Hop on. Orthodontist appointments? Hop on. Swim team? Hop o- you get the drift. Time to learn the ways of the world, kiddo. Ready? UP you go!]

(Huffington Post by way of Maureen P.)

Sorry, Had To Borrow Your Round Thing

[Raindrops kept fallin’ on my head! What else was I gonna DO?]

(H/T to The Squid.)

I Want That I Want That I Want That

[Slowly I creep forward……closer…closer…AND….SCORE. THANK YOU. Slowly I creep back…slowly…slowly…]


Stephanie Faces an Awkward Moment

(Well, there’s no point in putting it off. I’m just going to have to march in there and tell them, “Mom? Dad? Remember that old witch lady that lives in the forest, the one you always told me to stay away from? Well, I kind of went out there and she seemed really nice and she gave me this weird-tasting candy and now I’m a raccoon. Sorry.”)



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