“Hey Honey, Did You Get Me A Glazed Donut?”

“Sorry, I had to get you something else. Someone JUST took the last one while I was in line.”


Dude, Where’s My Cotton Candy?

[I just wanted to wash it off a little bit–and it’s GONE! GONE, i tells ya!]

(Boing! Boing!!!)

I Just Can’t Watch The Grinch!

[It ALWAYS scares me when starts acting all Grinchy and steals all the Who’s presents! Is that part….over yet?]


[*Note: On tonight- check listings! Here’s a handy Christmas programming guide from my pal Kies. -B.]

Happy Thanksgiving, Rufus!

Remember Rufus The Raccoon? He’s back for Thanksgiving…and he brought his appetite with him. Burp.

With thanks to Matt C.

Whac-A-Mole Racc!

Just in time for Christmas- get the new game that’s sweeping the nation: Whac-A-Racc! Potential rabies shots not included.

(Arbroath, with additional input by Smedley.)

Rufus The Trick Or Treating Raccoon

Rufus has NOT met a treat he did not like. This video is c/o Matt C., the man genius behind Jurabbit Park. He explains:

“My family puts food out for a stray cat in the neighborhood. One night, that caught the attention of a curious snack bandit, who came up and poked around. I decided to try and make friends. It took three weeks for Rufus to trust me enough to eat from my hand. As I posted these videos throughout the summer, I couldn’t go a day without someone asking when he was going to rip my face off. ‘He’s not going to know how to forage like a wild animal.’ ‘You’re gonna give him diabetes.’ Everyone had an opinion. [*Note: Really. -Ed.]

But, it’s possible to maintain respect for a living creature while building an unconventional bond based on the occasional helping of sweets. And that’s what I did with Rufus. By the end of the video, you’ll see that, not only is Rufus healthy and prepped for winter, he’s still a wild raccoon. He just happens to know a human with a solid treat hookup. He’s a wonderful creature, and a friend I’m lucky to have made.”

Just One Of The Family

Great story here from Bored Panda; it seems a lady in Nassau, Bahamas found a Bebeh Raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. With no mom to be found, she and her daughter decided to adopt it. They named her Pumpkin, and Pumpster follows her and her two rescue dogs everywhere! Thanks to Liz for pointing it out.

















“Hey Honey? Did You Sweep The Floor Like I Asked?”

“Uh, no…the game is on. I asked Mel to do it- she’s gonna need a snack for it, too.]

(Andrew Y.)

Safety First!

For our last post, we watched Munchkin The Teddy Bear hit the beach. This time around, Waylon & Willie decide to get wet, too- but are staying closer to home.

Remember, when you hit the pool- always have a pool buddy nearby!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Hey Honey? Have U Seen My Phone?”

“Ah, I just saw it on the kitchen counter. Let me check with Rocky- he might have borrowed it again.”