“♬ I Always Feel Like..Somebody’s Watching Me….♫ “


“…and I have no privacy, whoa -oh-oh!” from Claycord.com as seen by Smedley.

“We have had these little critters scavenging around our house. They seem to like our dog Stella’s milk bones and are quite the little bandits. The photo was taken by Stella’s owner Chris M. in Breezy Point MN.”- Karen M.


Enough Mom Taxi! Time To Learn The Ropes, Kiddo!

[I’ve hauled you everywhere, back and forth and back and forth. Grade school? Hop on. Orthodontist appointments? Hop on. Swim team? Hop o- you get the drift. Time to learn the ways of the world, kiddo. Ready? UP you go!]

(Huffington Post by way of Maureen P.)

Sorry, Had To Borrow Your Round Thing

[Raindrops kept fallin’ on my head! What else was I gonna DO?]

(H/T to The Squid.)

I Want That I Want That I Want That

[Slowly I creep forward……closer…closer…AND….SCORE. THANK YOU. Slowly I creep back…slowly…slowly…]


Stephanie Faces an Awkward Moment

(Well, there’s no point in putting it off. I’m just going to have to march in there and tell them, “Mom? Dad? Remember that old witch lady that lives in the forest, the one you always told me to stay away from? Well, I kind of went out there and she seemed really nice and she gave me this weird-tasting candy and now I’m a raccoon. Sorry.”)


“Hey Honey? Where’s The Dog Food?”

“Um..ah, you know- shoot. I think I mighta left it out overnight on the back porch. I left the bag out there, but…it was sealed. I think. You don’t think anyone got into it, do you?”

I Just CAN’T WATCH The Grinch

[It ALWAYS scares me when starts acting all Grinchy and steals all the Who’s presents! Is that part….over yet?]


Notice to All Tenants

The monorail raccoon has temporarily broken down somewhere between the 37th and 43rd floors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“The situation at my friends apartment right now,” says Redditor soupoder.

~We Interrupt 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks For This Announcement~

unnamed (1)It’s International Raccoon Appreciation Day! Cuteporter KB rustled up some great shots of these Little Bandito Buddies. “All these babies were in the care of rehabbers for the California Wildlife Center in Malibu,” she says.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)


~ We now return you to 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks. We regret the interruption no really these guys are Cute and besides it’s today only. ~

Muzzle…Nozzle…Or Schnozzle?

We might just have to add this to the Glossary as Sender-Inner Cailin S. remarks:

“My whole family loves Cute Overload. Pets and people alike. My son kept saying to me, “Kiba has such a cute nozzle!” or “that dog over there has a Cute nozzle.” I finally told him he was saying muzzle wrong. He proceeded to set me right: “Muzzle and Nozzle are two different things! A nozzle is an especially Cute combination of a muzzle and nose.” Duh! Here is a picture of two perfect specimens of “Nozzles,” Kiba and Outlaw. Maybe Nozzle should be considered for the Cute Overload Glossary? Thanks for always making us so happy!”



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