Segmented Neutrophil. Wait. What?

Can…CELLS be QTE? The answer to THAT is YES! (And this one is singing Harry Connick Jr.!)

image1 (1)

“So, I’m learning to be a vet tech, and a couple weeks ago in the lab portion of one of my classes we were looking at blood smears. Imagine my surprise when I came across this white blood cell (a Segmented Neutrophil) smiling at me! The red blood cells around it also make it look like it has a body! Photo credit goes to my friend Sarah I., who managed to get this shot of it.” -Lindsay.


“♬Green Acres Is The Place To Be…♫”

….faaaarm livin’ is the life, you see!

Land, spreadin’ out so far and wide-

Keep your kittehs just give us another ride!

~ ~ ~

“Mr. Biscuit (far left) gets Orwellian (Huh? -B.) and takes over a farm outside of Portland, OR. with his Oregon Tails pack! Toonces has nuthin’ on this lot! (Photo: Cole Lasher.)” -Greg G.

ResQte Of The Week: Dateline, Ft. Worth Texas!

Check this out. An 80 year old retiree by the name of Eugene Bostick has been taking in strays,along with his brother Corkey. The Bored Panda article says they “began adopting them and taking them for rides with his tractor. ‘We started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for them to live.'”

THAT is good enough to be our ResQte Of The Week. But what puts this over the top? HE MADE A LOVE TRAIN FOR THEM TO RIDE AROUND IN.

Bostick Brothers, we salute you. Want to download the feature image above? Go for it.

UPDATE 4:41pm PT: Here’s a GoFundMe account set up for these doggehs. You know what to do.






Got this video clip from Tommie in The Netherlands. Now, all I can really figure out is this video has a bunch of cats in it, and…that’s about it. And…this is from a musician. Anyone else care to add some info? (And a cat cleaning itself in a stereo speaker, well, that’s a first.)

Uh, Shiro? Shiiiii-ro?

Has to be another one of those Shiro Zen deals. You are one with the Frogster, Shiro. Got some Zen Music for you to play while you watch the video, too…Just click the music and then the video real fast, to enable C.O. Synchro-Sync Action™! Both music and video end at the same time!

Earl’s Back. He’s Still Grumpy.

Earl first arrived at C.O. almost two months ago, and immediately got his own Trading of the very first! My Modern Met decided to do a story on Earl, and guess what?

STILL Bad to the Bone.





“♬ I Always Feel Like..Somebody’s Watching Me….♫ “

“…and I have no privacy, whoa -oh-oh!” from as seen by Smedley.

“We have had these little critters scavenging around our house. They seem to like our dog Stella’s milk bones and are quite the little bandits. The photo was taken by Stella’s owner Chris M. in Breezy Point MN.”- Karen M.


♬ Saturday In The Park, I Think It IS The 4th Of July ♫

You can keep the fireworks, I’ll just hang out in the park with this LITTLE GOLDIE PUPPEH!

O, Can-A-Da (Day)

“Attached is a picture of my Chihuahua “Teddy” dressed as an RCMP officer. Teddy will be debuting her costume in Banff during today’s Canada Day July 1 celebrations. Thanks for all the cuteness!”- Janet T.

#TBT: 06/25/07: Let’s Dance [Sing In David Bowie Voice]

under the moonlight

the stherious moonlight!


[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™ with added audio BONUS. -Ed.]