Mmmmm, Pancakes!

File this one under QTE Food For A Great Cause, People. Brady Phelps is a chef with a plan.

image1He has started a campaign for charity: water where they give 100% of all donations to clean water projects around the world (primarily Africa). He says, “If anyone makes a $100 donation, I’ll make and send a timelapse video of whatever pancake design they want. Here’s the link to donate. I’ve raised over $35,000 just by making pancakes! One reason I chose charity:water is, they have private donors that cover all of their operating costs so that 100% of all public donations go directly to clean water projects. Water changes everything.”

“Gee, That’s Kind Of Strange.”

Marie Davidek of Mount Morris Township in Michigan, found a tomato that’s better suited for the bathtub than the salad bowl! (Looks oddly familiar…hmmmm….)


Who Wants Some Frog Pancakes?

It’s breakfast time after all, and- sorry, what? No, they’re not MADE OF Froggers! [Say like Homer Simpson: D’OH!] They LOOK like Froggers…and other Amphibians! Take a peek, and then break out the Mrs. Butterworth’s!

[*Note: Viral video star and pancake connoisseur Saipancakes just released this time-lapse video of his creation of four Amphibians exhibit-inspired pancakes for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. -Ed.]

Ya Never Know Where The QTE Will Strike

You know, like in a bag of crackers at lunch, right? Lori B. says, “My ex-husband (we’re friends) Tom texted me yesterday from his office to share a picture of a “Cute Cracker.” As you can see, I responded enthusiastically. Tom actually did save it. He brought it home and gave it to me. Look at that shy little smile! Cute!”

bear 2
[*Note: There may be more to this story…stay tuned. -Ed.]

Ooooh, How I Loff This Red Thing!

IMG_1656Rachel W. says, “When I showed my coworker this picture, he said I had to send it over to your site. Our rescue dog Peanut has been told so many times he’s our baby that he’s starting to believe it. You can see more of his shenanigans on Instagram.

Gudetama: The Laziest Egg In Japan Hong Kong

042815-fb-gudetamaBelieve me when I say it took awhile to get this story straight. So..Gudetama is a…Sanrio (aha!) character. And let’s just quote RN24 for the deets:

“Sanrio’s egg-turned-mascot character gets its name from a combination of the words ‘gude'(pronouced goo-deh), which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and ‘tama’ from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese. And sure enough, Gudetama is an egg that, well..seems to lack the energy to do anything active at all.”

And what’s all this about? Big G is taking a road trip- a special appearance from now ’til September 6 at Langham Place, a big high-end shopping spot in Hong Kong. (Location info below.)

Unless you just wanna eat him, of course.












If You Go™:

Where: Langham Place
Addy: Address: 555 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
Phone: Tel: +852 3552 3388.
Hours: 11:00a – 11:00p.
Online: Website : Twitter : Merch.

(Story from Andrew Y. ~ RocketNews24)


pugloafYou remember Catloaf from a week ago, right? Well, the dogs got all huffy about that and demanded equal time. So be it. (Mashable.)


cat-loaf-bread-lou-lou-p-delights-1A “Catloaf” is when your kitteh plops his/herself down wherever they want to (imagine that,) folds the front paws up underneath, and…looks like a loaf of bread.

Lou Lou P’s Delights, a UK baker, decided to bake actual catloafs. (Or would it be…”catloaves?”)

The My Modern Met article says LLP recommends using this Bunny Bread recipe. Bunneh Bread? Who knew?


Baymax Dumplings. Well, Sure They Are.

Andrew Y. sent this image in, with just the URL and the subject line, “Baymax Dumplings.” Er- what? Turns out- and I am going way out on a limb here- that Baymax is the title hero of the movie “Big Hero 6.” I think. If you can follow this plot, you get a gold star. It’s all about (quoting Wikipedia) “Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old robotics genius who lives in the futuristic fictional city of San Fransokyo.”

A-HA! I knew the Big J was involved. It’s now OK to eat the dumplings.


Hammies…Or…Mochi Buns?

YOU make the call! Big J-quality QTE, thanks to Meg B. who added, “Found this on Twitter from The Land Of Cuteness – Japan!”




[*Note: helpful Korean Mochi Bun recipe here! -Ed.]


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