Got a Quarter, Mom?

C’mon, Mom, just a couple of quarters so I can ride! Three little quarters, that’s all I ask! I swear, if you let me have four quarters, I’ll never ask for another thing!


Via Sean Loyless.

Well, We Were Going to the Park…

… but now it looks like we’re stuck in park instead.


Via Reddit.

TGIF: Dog Tired

unnamed[Pooped. Finished. Wiped Out. Spent. Weary. Fatigued. Beat. Exhausted. If you think of any others, LMK. Ruckus OUT.]

“I took this photo last night of my friend’s new puppy, Ruckus. He’s a Mini Aussie and full of the dickens until he fell asleep on my lap. My friend and I would love to see him featured on Cute Overload!” -Maggie D.

Breaking Action Eyewitness News Alert Update Bulletin Thingy!

Police in Catburg have announced they have captured the notorious masked vandal, Pete McPup, suspected of leaving his mark all over town. In this photo, we see the Catburg SWHAP team closing in for the arrest.


New From Calvin Laboratories

In the wake of their success with transmogrification, scientists at Calvin Labs have triumphed again with the dog shrinking machine.

They Live Among Us!

Could your harmless-looking pet be an invader — from outer space? Oh, they may seem charming and innocent, with their flat little noses and floppy little ears, but when they think they’re alone…




Max the Pug, via Mikey Jones.

I Am Yoth-K’bongg, Devourer of Worlds

Desolate and ravenous, I drift through the endless cosmos alone, searching, yearning for worlds to sate my endless desire. At last! A class-M planet with hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere! Those are the kind with cream filling! With an unearthly shriek of pleasure, Yoth-K’bongg shall feed!


Via tom_bullock.

I Know What I Like and I Like This Slipper!

Hmf rf prflchuh huhwuh urh thruh hruh ghuy hrhur thruh…


Oh, sorry, I said “I’m perfectly aware of the chew toy over there.”


But nothing can beat that “new slipper” smell!


It’s Harvey, via Michael Button.

Leftover Halloween Candy

A chocolate kiss! Bonus: Costume blocks orbital mind control satellites.


Via Reddit.

It’s Right on the Tip of My, Um, Tasting-Thingy

I can still remember the day we met. She swam by and glanced at me, with a look that was so shy… Well, not shy, really, it was more — what’s the word? — demure. No, bashful… actually, more like coquettish… Flirtatious? Sly? Sneaky-lookish? Hang on, it’ll come to me…


Via Animal Planet. (I know, that’s probably not a koi. Cope with it.)


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