Meanwhile, in a pile o’ pillows

Kitten: Um, So, we built this fort, and we were playing in it, and suddenly Mom got all mad and she caught us making a fort and we got GROUNDED!

Dog: Can I have a popsicle?


Holy Rule #4, Ginnie-Pinkie S.!

I hate it when I lose the dog, then find him in the couch cushions

It’s like, days go by, and the dog is nowhere to be found. Then I find him in the couch cushions with the remote. Geeshe.


I love it when a photo makes me LOL—then I know it has to go up on the site, Deena and James I.

Things are getting really out of hand

[Dog voiceover] "It all, uh, started innocently enough. There I was, on a typical, hot, summer day, when I came upon a large bowl of water…"


"I slurped that there water. Oh, it quenched my dry froat!"


"When suddenly, I saw something in MY BOWL! I had to make sure my water was MINE ALL MINE! I considered an attack."


"Alas, it was nothing—but to make sure, I sat in the bowl to check ALL POSSIBILITIES."


"Indeed, all was safe, and I could safely slurp—it was—a relief."

Right, Shannon C.?

There’s nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money and that you want to party.

…Especially when you’re name is "Cash" and you’re rockin’ some wet pawsitude.


He doesn’t even know how money he is, does he, Mitzi?

It’s only Rule #4, Baby—don’t fight it

Look Baby—there is nothing wrong with Rule #4—[cat squeezes pup tighter] It’s perfectly normal for two different species to cuddle. Have some more Courvoisier, Baby. Chill.


This freaky moment brot to you by Ike the Pup, Gizmo the cat, and Elisha…

Armchair veterinarian

This guy’s squished muzzlepuff forced his tongue out. Tough when that happens; not enough room inside the muzzle for his tongue.


Give him a scratch between the eyes on that soft patch for us, Brenda!

Learning to Snorgle

It’s a beautiful thing when a child learns to snorgle. [‘The More You Know’ music] Enter, one, innocent, fluffulent pup, who SHOWS THIS KID THE WAY!


Mission accomplished, Wendy.


First snow!

first snow!

first snow!

According to Sender-Inner™ "Knuckles", This image is from MSNBC. It’s of a blind puppy experiencing snow for the first time. Oh, and ‘Sproinging around."


Nice air!

Rule of Cuteness #26: If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in, you’re cute

Sure, their might be some dirty laundry in this photo, but please try and focus. The point is that four-legged Phoebe can successfully tuck herself into bed, and dammit, that’s adorable. Ruhmember when Rufus did that?


Good work, Phoebes. You too, Elisabeth D.!


Look, sometimes, a Pup and his Ferret just wanna cuddle. Is that SO WRONG!?


No. the answer is no, Becca F.


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