Rule of Cuteness #16: [tiny] tongues are cute

Traci: I’m gonna send this photo in and it is sooo going to be put on Cute

Traci’s co-workers: No way, that is SO not getting POSTED!

Traci: Na-ahn. Will too.

Traci’s co-workers: Hey, have you finished your T.P.S. reports yet?


Kira took Laci’s bone! Thanks for the photo, ladies!

Dude, I have HAD IT!

All right, that is IT! I’VE HAD IT. I am BEAT. I’m taking a nap, and you can’t stop…. me… I’m so tie-tie, I don’t even have time to put my arm down… so… tie-tie.


Extra points for the tongue, Denise S.!


Kaption Kontest™

This has WAY too many possibilities for captions. Ya’ll must wrack your brains and come up with a good one. Mountain Dew encouraged for maximum brainstorming. I’ll have to send the winner (as judged by someone—not me, maybe my sister?) a free ‘World Peace hamster” T-shirt. Yes, we’re still working on those shirts.

//HUGE props to “Subhangi” who suggested the Kaption Kontest™ in the first place. T-shirt to you too, Dude!//


Great find, Jessica B.! Thank you.


Promenading in Vietnam, lil’ Pup here was captured by Pete "Snowcrash, bra!" S. Way to GO! Here’s a close up…


You don’t need animation to imagine the tail waggage. Adorable capture, Melissa C. Yes, butts are cute, but if we make a category of them, the website might catch on fire.


Lil’ Floating Snacks

er… ‘quacks.’

Maggie from Australia writes: "They are Pacific Black ducklings, native to Australia, who we rescued after they fell into the man-made water feature outside our home and couldn’t get out again [they were only a few days old and were a long way from flying]….This picture was taken one night when we’d returned the ducklings to their temporary sanctuary in our guest bathroom. Lucy, our 3 year old beagle, was fascinated by them and whimpered for hours after they were taken away – she missed her little mates."


The baby ducks should be releases to the wild later this month… ;) Thanks so much, Maggie.

Hold all calls please

Helllooo! My head is as wide as your cellllll phooooooone!


Momma, my arm hurts.

Fitting perfectly into the "Cute or Sad?" category, Linda P. sent in this prosh pup with an arm injury.  At least he has a sticker on his cast. XO, little bro!


Oh, this is not happening again

That damn cat thinks she can just leave me here out in the small bed, just because I came in later, DOESN’T MEAN I can’t have the big bed, I mean, I kinda fit in this bed sitting up—WHAT AM I SAYING? I can’t SLEEP LIKE THIS! If I wake up the cat, it’ll be mad again, oh dammit!


Thanks, Grace M.

I knead you

Tory L., class of 2006, sent in this hilarious cat kneading a puppy.
I love cat kneading….Thanks, Tory.


Sounds like it takes place in a grooming salon perhaps…