Cheeky McCheekerson (aka Jowley McJowlerson)

That’s it, cheek puff *must* be a rule of Cuteness. Also, this lil’ pup looks like my Grandpa. Are you reading this, Papa? If so, leave a comment!

Thank you, Negin B.


Erin_l_3Interviewer: Perfect Little Pup—is there something you’d like to tell us?

PLP: Yes. I make the perfect AIM icon.

Interviewer: Thank you. [applause]

PLP: Here I am, at 60 by 60 pixels, below.

Interviewer: [more applause] Delightful! Thank you.


Erin of San Francisco, CA., "Baby in a Field" is terrif.

Breakfast of Champions



Nice ear flop, Platinum Ice ;)

Respect my authoritaaaay

Yep. It’s just another day. Catchin’ catty criminals. Puttin’ those drunk llamas behind bars last night was tough. But they need to know not to spit in people’s faces. A pup’s gotta do it. Someone has to.

Heather E., Step out of the car please.

Pupguard on duty

1. Make sure water vest is secure with all 7 belts and manual puff tube
2. Make certain emergency ear floatation devices are switched "on"
3. Make sure tongue is operable
4. Enable OptiGrab™ safety handle
5. GO!

Am I missing any safety rules?

Swim, Roosevelt!

I was told… there’d be no water involved!

I don’t *neeeed* a bath, I told you! I’m four months old, and I don’t need this! I was told there would be no water involved in this procedure, dammit! (shiver)


Gracias, Jordan H. ;)

and, repeat!









Ryan, thanks for the puphotos!

I cannot BELIEVE I have this stupid haircut.

OMG. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this poor dog. I think I’ve been laughing for a solid five minutes. Look at that haircut. He must be absolutely furious. LOOK at the fro with the trapezoid that is cut out to allow his beady eyes some room! OMG, ROTFL. And the poor other dog in the background is getting his hair cut the SAME WAY will have the SAME FATE. Oh, man, this is too much. I haven’t laughed this hard since, well, the last post.

Hot damn.


Thanks very very much, Kerry L. and the Chicago Tribune photographer Kuni Takahashi.

“Lil” Sophie

"Lil Sophie" is the name of this photo AND understatement of the year. "LilProshSophiePa-an-annnnts" might be more accurate. [Holding up clipboard and adjusting Cuteologist glasses] Thanks for the fantastic photo, Janet L. You really did it.


When are you going to post my photo!?

Look, I’m *just* as cute as the rest of those bizzatches, and I write my own emails. WHEN are you gonna post me? How many emails do I have to send? Do you know how hard it is to hit the send button with a paw? I didn’t think so. Look at me—it doesn’t get any fluffier. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and Peace out, Tater Tot (my bro). East Coast.


Thank you, Julia H.


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