Noses, burrowing

Oh please. The whole Princess-Diana-head-down-puppy-dog-eyes-looking-up thing has been DONE! Can’t you do something NEW!?


Gawd! [say in Napoleon Dynamite voice]

Sara S., you’ve outdone yourself…

Oh come on, it’s only Wednesday?

I mean, what else can go wrong? Could gas prices go up MORE? no. Could I be paying MORE to fill up my Pupmobile? No way. I mean, a Pup’s gotta get around—please! All this worry is making me so worn OUT. I’m gonna nap-a-ru.


You’re in good hands with Tami 531.

…and, Happy Step-mom/adoptive mom’s day too

Let’s also shout out to all the folks in a Mom’s role—Happy Mother’s Day to yous too:

Dog: snooorff
Baby: [looks up at insane parent]


Dog: [Thinking] Feels cushiony!
Baby: "Malllgh!"


Dog: [slurp!]
Baby: Well, I uh… sure. OK. sure.


Dog: [awkward hug while making large snorting sounds]
Baby: "Holy MUFFLEPUFF!"


Biiiiig, slobbery thanks to Donya S.

Newsflash: Terrier finally lies down after hours of running around

This lil’ energetic terrier pup finally took a rest after running around crazily all day. Activities included pant-chewing, grass-eating, yipping, never slowing to less than a trot and smearing his nose on the clear-glass door to the backyard.


At least that’s what I’m imagining.

Happy Mother’s Day!

[Hallmark card lettering]

You’ll always mean much more to me
than you could ever guess
Because you do
so much to fill
my life with happiness


XO to Mommoi and Grandmas! Thanks to sender-inner who I cannot find…

Wee bit o’ Sheltie

This here’s the story of a bébé Sheltie pup who was a mini version of her siblings. When born, she was
just 3 ounces. (half the size of a can of tuna!) This is her at two days old.


Here she is at one month!Her name is paris, named for the trip the owner had to cancel in order to take care of her.


Group ‘ahnnnn!”s to Brittany F.

A Kinder, Gentler muzzle

Prosh, gentle pups prefer Fuzzy Pink Muzzle Warmers™ and you will to. Try one today. Free Ferret cap with purchase. [One size feets all]



Nominated for best ‘Muzzlepuff’, Montel the baby Bulldog arrives on the blue carpet. [No, I could not make that name up, People]


Submitted by Bulldogster-lover Kelly P. Montel is from J. Michael’s Kennel.


Step 1: Drink in this photo
Step 2: Reach hands towards computer screen
Step 3: Close eyes
Step 4: Move hand around in a snorgling motion
Step 5: "Feel" furry, soft skin folds.
Step 6: REPEAT!!!


The glorius, wrinkly Sophie was sent in by Wren G. ;)

And, we’re Baaaaaack!

PaulabeardSomething went wrong with Typepad yesterday where they suffered a "Denial of Service" attack! The downtime meant you haven’t gotten your fix in a while, our apologies. Who would dare attack Typepad!? SAVE US, WONDER WOMAN!


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