And, we’re Baaaaaack!

PaulabeardSomething went wrong with Typepad yesterday where they suffered a "Denial of Service" attack! The downtime meant you haven’t gotten your fix in a while, our apologies. Who would dare attack Typepad!? SAVE US, WONDER WOMAN!


This is the most nerve-wracking pic evarr! Shelby the Rottweiler is about to ‘one-bite’ Magick the prosh kitten. I can only hope this is a case of simple snorgling! [I was only snorgling, your Honor/Officer]


Aieeee! Please assuage our fears, Connie H.!

“Mr. Miki! you be good while I’m gone, Baby. Buh-bye!”

[front door closes]

Faster than a speeding Chuckwagon, Miki tears straight for the couch—the couch with the TAUNTING PILLOWS! WHY! WHY DO THEY TAUNT HIM MERCILESSLY!? There is one thing Miki does know: THOSE PILLOWS ARE GONNA PAY. [Begin Flight of the Bumblebee music]


EVEN IF [arrrr-g… eh-arrrrrrrrrrgh head shaking violently back and forth]


IT TAKES ALL DAY! [arrrrrrgh—head shakes—pause—arrrrrrrrg!!!]



Nice work, Miki and ‘owned’ owner Fadi C.

[Three?] pups in a cradle

These first two pups are so cute, you barely notice the third one! Love the sunbeam on Pup numero uno. Such cute button (HEY, that’s a REAL BUTTON!) noses…


Awesome job, Flickr streamer Candlemomo!

Your fortune says: You will meet Daisy the Daschund

Confucious says: You will soon befriend a delightful lil’ pup named Daisy the Daschund (OK, it’s not a giant fortune cookie, but a blankie, you’re right)


:) to Samantha F.!

The Scrolldown (with thanks to GFY)

As they say over on Go Fug Yourself, this one is a ‘scrolldown.’ Meaning, the story changes as you scroll down. First the anerable eyes. THEN A thumb in the mouth and then a sweet lil’ belly. Puh-lease.


Wah-wah, Melissa F.!

Dulce de Leche!

Soooo Rule #7. Australian Shepard Jade with creamy, delicious daughter "Savi". And Hello, J.Lo would pay millions for those lashes. Are those MORE PAWS ON THE RIGHT?


So sweet, Linda F.!

This just in! There she is…. Miss Amerrrrica!

Captiacn10704242021beautiful_bulldog_iacCaptiacn10604242131aptopix_beautiful_bulThe 22nd Annual Most Beautiful Bulldog contest was held yesterday in Des Moines, IA. The winner holds the title of Official Mascot for Drake University.

And the crown went to Hannah! Followed by runners-up from impersonators of the Bulldog Village People.

Oh, and Bulldog fans, check out Bulldogster.

Thanks for sending in, Gabbi! Gracias to Yahoo News.

When owners look like their pets

It’s so weird how people pick pets that look like them, you know?


Whoa. Thanks, Sara J. G. (who submitted this WAY back in December…!)

Tuning in

Left ear: Honk-shu

Right ear: Baroo?


And terrific Pawsitude… A+ for the Alaskan Malamute "Cody", Emma B.!


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