But, I…

Look, it’s PERFECTLY reasonable for me to sit here. I’ll simply be the first to the food. IF we ever get fed again, that is. I’m starved. Who do you have to nip around here for a little chow?

You know what? Forget the bowl, I’ll just open wide "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghe" [waits]


This crafty, fluffy puppulence currently wins 81% of his battles on the CuteTracker

Please don’t ask me how this happened

I mean, the staging, People—check it out! Hello Kitty shizzle everywhere, the delightful colors, the ribbon and —IS THAT JUST A HEAD!?


If it is, it’s perfectly packaged. On towels for comfort. Will someone please heyx-plain this to me!?

Wake up!

Open your eyes! (you rub your eyes in disbelief)

You’re back in "Pup Heaven"! You’re still sipping that perfect Long Island Iced Tea when you come upon this little Pupulence. He certainly looks familiar, then you realize it’s Pete the Pup from the Lil’ Rascals. Ahn, nice ta see ya, Pete.


Gracias, Manuel P.

Happy delicious birthday to me

Happy Hamburgler to Atticus who celebrated his first birthday, and made a wish for 50 million more hamburgers.


Blow out the candle, Traci R.!

Did Someone Say Rufus?

Sparkster here again, with a CO Exclusive™.  Rufus rooms with a coworker and makes regular appearances at my office.  How bitter is the wife when I get to see scenes like this every other day?  Pretty bitter…  Ha!  Take that, wife!

I explained to Rufus how popular he is on Cute Overload and managed to secure this interview.  He gave me 10 minutes.


S: Rufus, what are you training for right now?

R: Bark, bark, bark!  *cough*  *cough*  Sorry, about that.  I’m in deep training right now trying to drop some critical pounds in preparation for kicking some serious dog ass in the park.

S: Right, right.  That Pit seemed to be, uh, "frontin’" the other day…

R: Homie, don’t try to talk street.  You sound like a jack ass.  Anyway, you’re talking about "Francis."  He scraped the inside of my leg the other day and thinks he’s a playah, but he ain’t.

S: That’s heavy.  How are you training?

R: Oh, yeah…  You’re talking about the Rufus Program.  The Program is rock solid! The Program is sound!  See these muscles?  See them!?  Go ahead and squeeze!  That’s pure muscle, baby!

S: OK, I’m feeling like I need an adult here…

R: Whatever…  Here’s the program:

1. Maniacal Office Run
- Run around the office at breakneck speeds for no apparent reason.
Reps: 5/day

2. Prancing
- Take extra high steps to work those quads.  Shows everyone else who’s the dog (man).  Also really important for those shorts endorsements.
Reps: All day

3. Garbage Can Stretch
- Stretch over a garbage can and put your head down as far as you can.  Burn, baby, burn!
Potential Bonus: Snackables!  Mmm…
Reps: 3/day

MB: Impressive.  So I noticed some iPod ear phones.  Rufus, what’s on your iPod?

R: It’s called a dogPod.  Anywho, Survivor is of course on heavy rotation.  I’m also a big fan of Quiet Riot and some early Black Sabbath.  Oh, and Britney…  I’m *all* about Britney.

MB: Great stuff!  So what about these rumors about you and Ms. Champion Eclipse Envy O Sportingfield?

R: Look…  We just had coffee.  That’s it!  And in case you hear differently, I’m all man!  Not that you will, because all we had was coffee.

R: This has been great, but I’m late for a meeting with my agent.

MB: Uh, right.  Thank you. Rufus.

Help me, CuteOverload—you’re my only hope!

How do I know if a photo should be posted? When I have to pick my lower lip off the floor. Michael M. sent in such a photo. Lil’ mini Princess Pup with Pearls. I need her stylist.


Move over, hamsters

There’s a new proshness in town.




Paws up, Sarah K.!

Catch me as I pass out

Um, are those just giant steps, or is that pup the CUTEST DOG I HAVE EVER SEEN!?


Cuteologist Sarah K. of Pennsylvania is doing her best to KILL US ALL.

Simmer until floppy

Featuring another Cuteologist today, this one is "Cutella" of Michigan. She (assuming ‘she’ by the name) posted this delightful Simmering Pup.


Another Cuteologist profile

Brillo Cuteologist Darrelyn of Georgia attached this photo to the Cuteologist map the other day. What is she trying to do? KILL US!?



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