Pug breathing noises

Are sooooo romantic…the quivering muzzlepuff! The shifty eyes! the snorfing of sheets! Peep dis:

SNORF, sender-inner TTancm!


Check out this little chick, she is so great. Her name is "The Cuteness". It must be really nice to have a ‘The’ in your name. Of course, "The Cuteness" has a web site. She’s a mini white schnauzer with matching mini ear flops:


And, she can chill with the best of them (LOL!):


What?! [Blink blink]


Awesome submission Janet T. and T.C.’s owners… :)

When you name your dog ‘Hug’

He’s gotta be cute. Though this little Dude kinda looks like a really young Yoda.

Agree, do you not? [Yoda voice]



“It starts out as sort of a gang-snorgle…

…and ends up with a happily monosnorglous snorgle."

OK, that caption was TOO DAMN FUNNY not to include.

Way to go, Submitter Evan-Monkey-Treats.

We’re at a stage RED Neck Roll Alert, People

Oh, we’re BEYOND ‘Guarded’, People. This is a class A, Severe Risk of Neck Rolls Alert for ALL Persons. You have been warned…


BUT WAIT, there’s more. GAH!


Stick THAT in your mouth, Raymi!

Redonkulous submission, Jen L.!

Macro mania

Dewds, YOU MUST CHILL with the MACRO ACTION! You’re O.O.C.

Still, here’s ANOTHER one, this time, it’s smooshed-face-central with ‘Molly’  Pup:


GAH!!! I know, right, Bridgette?

Rule #7 Conga Dance

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [starting conga line]

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [out into the street]

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [Picking up people along the way]


Jenn P.—The duplicate eye coloring is the BEST PART!

P.S. Is it it just me, or is that dog ready for his own ‘Dogs who look like Hitler site"?

I’m half Panda

Part panda, part yellow Keshond. ALL PROSH, PEOPLE! [Kiddin’ on the Puh-puh-puh-puh panda part]


[singsong] ear-to-head ratioooo! sender-inner Kung Foodie and Char Richards—well done.

Teeny claws + perfect ear styles

Teeny Hua-hua below shows up his two perfect ear-styles: "Perked" and "teeny ear-top flop".


Barrrrrooo? [rolling ‘r’ on that one]


Gracias, Michelle S.!

“My puppy’s cuteness must be disemitated to the world.”

Yes, that’s what sender-inner Janna said. I’m in total agreement.


Now, puppykins shows off her eye-capsules and Rule #14!


Way to go, Janna L. ;)


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