Pink is the new dog

Thanks for the shout out today in Pink is the new Blog! Oh, it’s ON MY must-read daily list. I heart the hot pink Stencil type too, bro… In fact, I think this headline was written thanks to your influence.

///This just in, ‘Pink is the new Dog’ is a great blog in it’s own right! Check it!///

Amazing ‘pink’ work, Gucci Poochie!

P.S. Welcome to California, Trent!

You rang?

Look, I KNOW I’m in the minority here, but dammit, dogs with front feet costumes are HIGH-larious. Don’t fight me on this. Just squint your eyes and you can hardly see his back legs, it’s so funny.



You know that guy in college—the guy that owns the van that everyone piles into to go to Taco Bell? You know—he’s the guy who has a cassette tape that gets stuck in the van tape player, and everyone has to sing the same Bob Marley songs for four years? And his last name is "Donahue", so the van is nicknamed "Dona-van"? And he glues antlers on his scooter helmet, and insists everyone barbeque with him constantly? Remember that guy?

Well, this is the puppy that guy eventually gets for his kids.


Welcome to the family, Millie! (XOXOX, Joey D.!)

Debauchery Friday: Breakfast of Champions 2

First, there was Breakfast of Champions with that lil’ Diet Coke-swigging Lab. NOW, we have an even better way to start the day. Obvy, it’s time for this Lil’ gal to chug-a-pug.


I didn’t mean to make that pun, Julie S., I swear. It’s all the commenters fault for starting the pun wars! I’m INNOCENT!!!

Eight is Enough!

Sender-inner Karla didn’t say how the photo below came to be, but she did add this important information:

1. "OH… MY… GOD!!!!  don’t you just want to put them in your mouth!? times 8!"

I can only hope that the "Tom Bradford/Dick Van Patten" dog sucessfully rounds up "David", "Mary", "Joanie", "Susan", "Nancy", "Elizabeth", "Tommy" and of course, "Nicholas" successfully.


Cheep cheep, Karla!

Someone call child protective services


Sure, this may not be the CUTEST image on the CuteTracker, but it might just be the funniest.


Gracias, O Great CuteTracker!

Let’s hear it for the Soft Kronche™

Do you know what I mean? The "Soft Kronche™" is when a dog takes a really slow, soft bite on something—real gentle-like—I love that. They’re like: "Is eet OK to bite?" Like when they take a treat, it’s a responsible, soft, kronche.


The epitome of "puppy-dog eyes", Tristan G.

Just a little patience [Axl voice]

Kitten: [Looks at a dog that can one-bite him] "Aw yeah—Playground Central!™"
Dog: [shifty eyes] "Don’t even think—"


Dog: [eyeballs kitten size versus his own mouth size] "uh Boy. Here we go."


Dog: [eye roll]


Kitten: [Irish accent] "ah! Pullin’ over me covers fer a long winters nap!"
Dog: [thinking] "You’ve got to be kidding me—he does accents?!"


Kitten: [Looking dog straight in the eye] "Same time tomorrow?"
Dog: [Thinking] "With some Béarnaise sauce, you’d taste pretty good!"


Brilliant submission from Jennifer C. from the Animal Liberation Front site.

This was me all weekend

Didn’t accomplish a thing ‘cept putting my paws up.

Yep, juuuust gonna let the remote sit right there…


Exposed belly brought to you by "Penny" and Christine R.

Perfect expression

I love the look on this girl’s face. It’s the epitome of the C.O. audience—captured! Oh, and Senor Chihuahua-kins isn’t bad either.


Nice shot, Tom W.! Tom took this shot at the Raleigh Artsplosure Spring festival.