Race around the gazeeebo

You will neverrrrrrr… [‘tocks waving]


CATCH MOI! [leafs fly up]


Most patient sender-inner award goes to Kristal S., who sent this in 12/12/05! Stherious.

Let’s just get this out of our systems

Dewds, behold even more of the genius phenomenon that is the front-paw pet costume illusion. Could I get MORE pets in costume submissions? noooooooo! [singsong]




I simply cannot get enough of the front leg paw costumes. The front-feet/leg action is simply the best. Still this photo takes the qizz-ake.

// UPDATE! //  Credit where credit is due… this is from Freeple.com‘s recent post "Pets Go Trick-Or-Treating."

Thanks, Heather S. and Scott!

A complete disregard for waving paws

Kitteh: Wave wave wave

Pup: [looks down]


Pup: [Pins kitteh to floor]

Kitteh: "Errr…. mee-alghe?"


;) Brandi D.!

There is just nothing more natural than a pug in a costume.

Pugs were MADE for costumes. If they could, pugs everywhere would dress THEMSELVES up, stuff THEMSELVES into motorcycle-shaped cookie jars and wait patiently for a photographer to appear. You know they would. Their little faces have humor built right in.


Hilar idea, Mary and ‘Popeye’ pup. Thanks to sender-inner Jennifer H.

Yer Monday morning Pick-me-up

I mean, LITERALLY, People!

Pick him UP!


Caroline G., nice eyes-to-nose-equidistance thing going on there • • •

‘Tocktober continues

Oh yeah, postscript, please check out this Italian Greyhound knee-knobules+’tocks shot at the dog show this weekend. Way to spot ‘em, Sparky!


Thanks to brilliant photographer Meg for this photo. ;)

“Where my bitches at?” – Rufus


The roving cuteporter was out and aboat this weekend, and hit the 2006 National Italian Greyhound Specialty at the San Francisco Crowne Plaza Hotel. The event was hosted by the Northern California Italian Greyhound Club. Of course Rufus attended—lookin’ fo’ bitchazz.


I had the pleasure of meeting one of the big winners for the weekend, a Floridian named Grace. Her champion pups "Whisper" and "Ember" kicked some ‘tocks at the Specialty. Ember was crowned "Winners Bitch" and "Best in Sweepstakes" while Whisper, who is #5 in the country, was up for a Best Beeyatch in Show (er…something). I hope she won.


Way to go, Grace!


How many shopping days left for your pug’s costume? May I recommend a "Pug-o-dile"?


Trick or treat, Skye, G. ;)

OOCED: Boston-style

What would "Out-of-Control-Eye-Day" be without a Boston Terrier?

Pup’s left eye: "honk-shu"
Pup’s right eye: "Baroo?"
Pup’s paws: "Ehn!"

This pup says so much—without saying a word. [Holding one finger in front of your lips] Sshhh.


Domo Arigato, Cathy W.!

OOCED: Puggage

That’s it. Today is offcially "Out of Control Eyeball Day" on C.O.

This pug is demonstrating unreal stubbtitude, a hilarious belly, and one super out-of-control eyeball.

Way to go, Mathilda!


The bellage is too funny, Sherri H. ;)


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