Pügg Glögg

Nothing says ‘Holidays’ like a ladleful of hot mulled Pügg Glögg.


Originally posted by Chris B on Facebook, tack Joey D.M.!

Triple Word Score

What should I play…

What should I play?


Bingo, Alison G!

Mondays suuuuuuuuuuck! [singsong]

Espesh when you’re tie-tiiiiiie! [singsong]

And your ‘tocks are up against a feeeeeeeeence [singsong]

And your ear is smoooooooshed! [singsong]


Nice one, Nerdboy and Joelle R.!

Rule of Cuteness #27: “Chub”

OK, it’s official, Peeps, a new Rule of Cuteness is the appearance of “chub” or small rolls underneath eyes. Another prime example of ‘Chub’ is shown here with this dachshund’s pawsitude.


Nice rolls, Rex! (And Sarah V.)

I’m a rockin, yes indeed

This little guy is hot stuff!Mini_dog_07Rock n’ roll Paul Lam, rock n’ ROLL!


Post (rhymes with lost) as in blankie post! (You know who you are blankie lovers!)Mini_dog_03Mini dog indeed “Homeboy” Paul Lam.

Wicked Awesome

Ova heah, ova heah! So what if I took a digga! Y’wanna staht? I drank a buncha beah at tha kegga n ate a plattah wit lobstah rolls. Killa pahty down Cape I tell ya!HobieShout out to real Chowdahead Jalebee Larsbien and Cape Cod dog Hobie


Carbs are baaaad, MMMMKAY?

But when you get them, it’s worth the effort.

Love the yelpitude, Wing Y. OH, and Go Crimson!



He’s strapped in!
He’s well fed!
His muzzle-powsche is combed perfectly!
He’s manicured and has fresh breath!

HE’S….MONTY the SAFETY PUP and he’s ready for ANYTHING!

"Baroo!?" [An alert Monty looks left quickly]


To The wonderful, dear, sender-inner Blythie and C.S.O.

OMG, soooo typical of these two

Pup: "Dewd."
[Annoyed] "What."

Pup: "Get up and get me a milk bone?"
Kitteh: "In yer dreams, Tiny." [Looks at camera, makes a ‘she’s crazy’ motion with paw]

Pup: "Shut up, I’m not tiny"
Kitteh: "I have an idea, YOU shut up and get me a Pounce treat."

[Hours pass]

Kitteh: "Whatevs, I’ll get it."


Muchas thanks to pets Trixie, Gracie, and sender-inner Trice D. ;)


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