Alert reder Simone T. saw this pupulence in Harajuku Japan and snapped a pic-ta-ru! [Say in Japanese accent]



Love the paw up, but goo’ lo’ that shirt has gots tah go! oh!

Only 22 days ’til Halloween…

I’m just sayin’.


Mr. Sams, always a pleasure. ;)

Two things.

OK, folks, two things. First,

1. WHO names a dog "Marcy"? Can cats named "Linda" be far behind!?
2. I’d like to make a request to you, the C.O. audience, that we change one of our important C.O. vocab words. The word is:


I’d like to change it to:

"Muzzlepouch" or even "whiskerpouch"

For the following reasons:
A. It’s really not a ‘puff’ it’s a ‘pouch’
B. ‘pouch’ sounds funnier when you say it like this: "whees-kare-pow-che" [cracking self up]

Thank you for your consideration.


Nice pow-che, Marceh! (And sender-inner Britta!)


SuperKewl Dewd Stephen sent in some chick-magnet photos of himself and his new puppy "Meg". Hey, Stephen, nice name… Check her out, Peeps!




The bellage, paws up, crossed paws—this last photo is the worst, OMG PON1ES! GAH!


For cryin’ out lou’, Stephen L.!

‘Tocks Up!

When in doubt, get those ‘tocks up.

Always works for me.


Heather G., NOW WE’RE ‘TOCKIN’!

Princess Di just called…

And she wants her look back—

NO ONE did puppy-dog eyes like Princess Di—until now.

THIS puppeh does them better.

AND he’s actually a puppeh.


Eva H.—nice detail on the claw protrusion.

Pardners, it’s October 4. Do you know what your Halloween costume’s gonna be?

LISTEN UP pardners!

Cowpup McSnufflesons here with a reeeeeeeeal important question—it’s Octohber fourth already, and with Halloween only 25 days away, I gotta know—

Do YOU know what you’re wearin’ for Halloween this year?

I diiiidn’t think so. [spitoon 'ding!' sound]

Well, saddle up yer outfits, hop off the toilet, and git to it, lil’ doggies!


[flushing sound] Sasha v.H—Thanks fer the dag-burn advice!


Pup #1: "Like, ONE!"
Pup #2: [Not paying attention] "uh… TWO!"
Pup #3: "TRES, HOMBRE!"
Pup #4: "quah-quah-quah-troh?"
Pup #5:
"ummmm…. Cinco?"


Michael K., thanks, times five [holding hand up]

The eyes—THE EYES!

Sender-inner Heather DARES US to check out the ‘tip o’ the tail action’ of her poochness Buddy. That is if we can get past the eyes. THE EYES!!!!!!!


Heather R.—you wrote the caption for us, Girl!

A perfect “Baroo?”

Speaking of "Baroo?" Let’s take a look at this perfect specimen of "Baroo?-ness." It’s "Chase" pup, with a perfect inquisitive held tilt, at nine weeks old, already Baroo-ing!

Look at him ‘Baroo’ like a pro. He should like, teach at Baroo U.


Skyline Events, you rocketh.