What a nerd.

OMG, sleeping on your computer. Holy eight-sided dice, People. Amazing there is no Slashdot up on the screen. I bet this pup is dreaming about calculus. It kinda looks like he’s backstage at MacWorld or something.


Jenny E.—for reals, it looks like a good place to keep warm [insert exploding Dell laptop joke here]

Ani-pals in a Mondrian frame

Ooooooh, what better way to start your new year than with a SCHWEET desktop (measures a whopping 5100 pixels wide, People) for your computer?

Download this mofo pronto!

Cutest... Desktop... EVAR

Awesome work, Cassandra P. Nice choices!

Happy *hic!* New Years

Try my *hic!* Chocolate Stout. It’s Tipsy Pookins brand, so you know it’s *hic!* good. [Gnaws on bottlecap]


DRINK AND SNORGLE, PEOPLE!!!! You too, Colleen A.

Annoying Stylist

I’ll just put these in the closet and get out your good shoes. It’s the least I can do. Now, go take a shower and get ready for New Years Eve, you slacker.


Gary B., make sure to wear a New Years hat out tonight…

Ear Bud Central

Um, could this gaggle of seal pups be ANY CUTER? The little ear buds are the best part. There are like, ten pairs of ears in this photo. Oh, and the smiling baby seals? Puhlease, these guys are giving me diabetes they’re so sweet.Sealio IglesiasSealImages.com—way to ORNK! ORNK! (flapping flippers together)

Too mellow for words

Do you think the white mouse has still ANOTHER, smaller animal on it’s back? That would be the best. These guys are all so peaceful when they’d prolly rather chomp on each other. Envision world peace, People. En-veeze-zhon eet!


Way to submeet eet, Jennifer!

Patience in the form of soft ear flops and tiny lower chompers

BAROOO!?? [Opportunity!?]


Baroooo. [Must wait for next opportunity]


Sarah G.—your pup should be outlawed, he’s so prosh.

The Day After

Dewd, it’s the day after Christmas and I am sooooooo bummed it’s over. Look, I know it’s 10:51AM and you made Pop Tarts and coffee, but I am NOT getting out of bed. Yesterday was just too much fun, I ate too much turkey and ham and Ambrosia salad, and wine, and zzzzzzzzzzzz


Hung over from it all, Melody B.?

Light Kronsche

I teenk dees one ees workingk.

And dees one. [Kronsche]

And dees one. [Kronsche]


Lara. J. gave this pup to her Mom for Christmas last year. w00f!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Nothing says Christmas like a Yorkshire terrier in a top hat Eskimo-style snowman outfit.



Thanks, Sender-inner Lisa B., who found this guy on FunnyDog.net


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