Lookin’ at first, throwin’ to third

Can you say—wall eyes people?

I can!


"Olive" is kinda half Princess Di there, huhn Kristen H.?

Let’s er, tally, the er votes here

Let’s see, these er, votes fer uh, the Bloggies, let’s see if we uh, got them right, here.



Nerd Central brot to you by Fernanda V. and “Emily”.

Honk to the shu, People

Honnnnk – shu

[snorts kernel of dog food into nose]

SNnoonnk – snuuu


Nice anerableness, Jez A.!

// UPDATE — Holly the bullmastiff is all grown ups now, and has a Dogster page, peeps!  Thanks, Alexandria (Holly’s mama) //

I’ve got ISSUES

That annoying new baby is getting all the attention in my house.

Pay attention!

Thanks, "Guffman" pup and sender-inner Kjessian J.

I agree, Guffman does have mad coping skills.

Puppeh to GO

Grab a muzzle pouche

and put eet in your pockeet

save it for a rainy daaaaaaay


Bailey pup and Jeff and Stacy—kudos, People.Kudos.

Hair in the drain

Um, can you get the hair out of the drain?

It’s clogging the tub.


Stherious, Lisa S. and Lauren from Alberta… ;)

uh oh.

Uh oh.

I think I pee-ed.


Winston! good boy on the paper. Nice Dogster page, too! Tori O., way to sumbit ‘em.

Oil Slick

Listen up, People [licks chops and tastes 5W-30] Oil slicks ken be hazardous. I mean, check me out—SLIPPERY CITY!


Moxie Roxie wears the “wet look”, by Kelly L.

Objects in the mirror are tewtelly schweet!



Check me out inmynewCamaro woooooooooooooo

OK, it’s a Honda.


Nice work "Alfers" and Mariel… ;)

And just what do we have here?

You know how some times you want to scream and so you have to STUFF YOUR FIST in your MOUTH so you don’t embarrass yourself?

Meet "Bumble" the Japanese (natch) Chin pup.

Fer crying out loud, People.

Bumble Yawwwwns

Say owner Anessa W., "She sleeps like it’s her job." I bet.


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