Turn the ‘Lectric blankie up to “9”

I won’t be in the office today. There’s a cold front coming this way and I gotta stay in—in my BATIK BEDDING WONDERLAND THAT IS! [Sniff]


Snuggle up, Idil B. Oh, and nice Rule 6 action.

That’s it, I’m calling Pup Protective Services myself

That’s it, I’ve had it up to HERE [raises paw] with you clowns. Your "Oooooh, Puppy Soup!" and your "Labrador Bisque" was funny the first ten times. Are you guys high or what? 


Simmah dahn nah, Lauren M.

This guy is ready to help with your Festival of Lights

Rabbi "Rocky" wishes you a Happy חנוכה


OK, you KNOW you have to send this photo to your fave Jewish person today. Just do eet!
Thanks, Craig R.

I want, the small bed. Honest.

You might infer from the photo below that Buster, the Lhasa-poo, gets to choose where he sleeps, and he chose the big bed. This would be false. Hali, the bigger dog, likes the little bed.


Anna C.— Suuure we believe you. Kinda like these two guys—remember them?

I got yer groceries right heah

Hey, makes sense to me—come on, little Dude, pick it up.


Head bow to Nancy F. who found this on China Daily via Neatorama.

Olive and Maggie: BFFs

Best Friends Forever Olive the Boston terrier and Maggie the cat are are upping their proshness level by getting caught playing in a sunbeam. They’re so cute I bet they wear matching half-heart pendants.



Rikki E. K., way to send ‘em in!

Le Sigh

Sender-inner David K. writes:"This is Bert in socks. My parents just got a new floor put in and didn’t want scratches. Thus the socks and hilarity."You’re tellin’ us.


Le sigh, Bert. Le sigh. ;)

Look, I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this

OK, OK, People, calm down.

I’m sure there is an explanation for all of this.

I’m sure the cat in the foreground was simply reaching for his morning porridge, and there was a simple misunderstanding that caused a ‘Head chomp’, and the kitten in the background was not scarred for life.



I mean, what could have caused this "GAALGH" action, Tiffany L.?

Doin’ The Puppy Paw Slide

Now playing on CuteCast:




Athena A., nice worrrrrrkzzzzzzzzzz

Wall-To-Wall Pawsitude

Gracie here just HAD to lie down n demo her daintiness. These paws are practically rule #19. So close (pushing nose against screen) sooooooo close!


You are a lucky Gal Janna S!


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