Dogs and Cats… Spinning Together…

By now we know that Fridays and weekends get pretty crazy for Meg.
So I’m here to make sure it’s crazy for EVERYBODY!  Buahahahahaaa!!


Happy RCF!  Luv y’all,
  – Theo.

source images are here and here

// UPDATE — stopped the spinning! But you can still see it, if you click the pic. //

I know how you feel, Kid

This is you at CuteOverload…


GITTIN’ SNORGLED NOW! [Rocky theme song]


Look at you! lookhowcuteyouare!!!

(I’m talking to you, Loki, Vesta and Renee S.)

Back to the Monday grind

Pour yourself a hot cup of ambition, People, it’s Monday.

Now, have a seat and let me tell you about our premium life insurance products.

What a way to make a livin'

Office manager Wendy P. sent this one in. I bet she can sing ‘9-to-5‘ with the best of ’em on karaoke night.

It’s my pawty…

…And I’ll curl my pars if I want to.


Sender-inner Michael S. sez this pup was born on Valentine’s Day and has a white heart on his head. ;)

// EDIT — [snicker!]  – Theo. //

The redonkulousness continues…


"Blobule!" [a redonkulous poem]

Blobule, blobule,
he’s a little blobule
Stubbular, Tubbular, smooshed-up muzzle-puffular
Blubbular, gut-u-lar, wall-eyed ankle chubbular
Even tho he’s radi-kewl,
he’s a little bloooobuuuuuule!


Right, Jessica T.?

Um, this dress is nicer than mine

McWahwah Chic-Pup-ersons is wearing a sweet St. Patreek’s dress. Holy craftsmanship, People.


S. Richardson—considered a dog clothing business yet?

// UPDATE — from the comments: "This is Arwen.  Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, so this is her in her special birthday dress."  Thanks, S.R.! //

Long… loooooonng….. week

Whuff… biznez travel really takes it out of ya.  Stheriouthly, I need DOUBLE naps, I’m sooo pewp’d.


Hee.  Happy Reality-Casual Friday, Peeps!
  – Guess Who

(source posts here and here)

Lookin’ at first, throwin’ to third

Can you say—wall eyes people?

I can!


"Olive" is kinda half Princess Di there, huhn Kristen H.?

Let’s er, tally, the er votes here

Let’s see, these er, votes fer uh, the Bloggies, let’s see if we uh, got them right, here.



Nerd Central brot to you by Fernanda V. and “Emily”.

Honk to the shu, People

Honnnnk – shu

[snorts kernel of dog food into nose]

SNnoonnk – snuuu


Nice anerableness, Jez A.!

// UPDATE — Holly the bullmastiff is all grown ups now, and has a Dogster page, peeps!  Thanks, Alexandria (Holly’s mama) //


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