You know how when you’re breezing thru thousands of email submissions and you suddenly start sreaming with delight? Well, that’s what happened with Greg H’s sumbishe below. You know what I mean. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!


For crying out loud, Greg. That’s potent shizzle.

Cast-tastic paw exten-shon?

Why in the world is his cast so…long!? He could fit an extra paw-length in thar! Maybe that’s what happened—he had a paw extension. It happens.


Sender-inner Erin J. and photo by B. Nilson…

Only on special occasions…

…Does the Puppy Crop Circle appear!

Hmmmmmmm—what could have caused this today?


Anne P.—Do you know what caused it?

Jeck-pup and Hyde-pup

HYDE-PUP! (rrroooooooowr)


JECK-PUP! (cooing sounds)


Yael W., [Insert multiple personalities joke here]

Chomp on this ear and you’ll feel better

It’s amazing how when you’re have a crapulent day at the office, a small puppy ear-chomp or two can wipe it all away. Make sure to not bite all the way through (I know it’s hard.)


Jamie H., does "Princess" have any ears left at this point?

Nyahm nyahm nyahm.

Rule of Cuteness #27: Have a tiny Mouf

If you have a tiny mouth, you’re most likely pretty cute. Check out tiny McMoufersons here. He could prolly fit one of your earlobes in there.


Know what I’m sayin’, Janet T.?

First time ‘tock viewin’

Look man, I didn’t ASK to see your ‘tocks. Them thar are some scary ‘tocks. [Shivers]


Lies V. R. and I are looking for the photographer of this and other kitten photos. Anyone have a clue!?

A Maltese gets sea legs

[ahem] Ahoy!

I say! [yelling over motor] um, AHOY!

[Teeny leg trembles]


Nice Maltese sea legs, Amanda C. ;)

Question for you…. ;)

OK, People, here’s teh Deal. Ususally, when we receive THREE OR MORE photos on the same topic, it can become a category. Here is the THIRD image with one ani-pal "cleaning" another. We’ve had two other images that would qualify for this category, here and here.

Should "Let me clean you" become a category!? What do YOU think?


Slurps to you, Rick G.

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

First time in the pool McSwimmersons here, wet pawsitude and all.


Thanks, Christina…