THIS JUST IN: A Chihuahua in a rack

Alert reader and trendsetter Renée K. says she just found our site and read the ENTIRE archive in one day. No wonder the chihuahua fell asleep. [rim shot] Oh!


Zzzzzzzzzz ;) Good night, Gus.

WHERE is the Bedazzler!?

You took it again didn’t you.



Return it this INSTANT, Ashley B.H.! And great work on the outfit, photo and text ;)

Behold! The most delicate of toy graspings!

You People are totally writing these things yourselves now. Sender-inner Rosie W. writes:

"*SCHLORMP* ( ball inhaled off floor) and behold! the most delicate of toy graspings evar!"

Absolutely correct. [Looking over glasses at specimen]


Rosie, it’s a good thing you know how to write these. You just saved me 2.3 minutos.

Do not look directly at this pup

Because his prosh ears will… entrance… you… into… lining… up…next to him—what were we talking about?


Extremely powerful pup you got there, Alexandra A. Strange—I just went out and bought milkbones for no reason…

‘Chicken Stix’ Splayment

Says Sender-Inner Catherine S.; "this is Flash, our little wiener dog. She’s 10 pounds of hell (cuz she’s 14 years old!) and just luvs to bask in the sun with her chicken stix splayed out. The splaying gives us a cute view of the ‘tockage."

True. True. [nodding with chin in hand]


Oh, and love the creepy sliver of window in the back—adding depth noooow [sing in Rocky theme]


In the end (heh) Catherine S. decided she wanted a ‘tock to go.

One-half Meerkat, one-half pup

People, this is what happens when pups and meerkats spend a leeeeeeetle too moishe time together. You get what’s called a Meerpup ("PupKat" was also an option, but too confusing)

Sigh [head tilt]


Good news is that MeerPup is adoptable at Bideawee ;) Thanks, Tiffany L.

I saved you from this mean, terrible toilet paperes!

That toilet paper roll was GOING TO ATTACK and prolly WIPE YOU TO DEATH!

I swear it was gonna.

But I saved you. Yes, I did. [claps paws in ‘done!’ motion]


Linda C., thank the Lo’ you had someone watching your back.

Flashdance-inspired Pupwear

Aside from the Sweateuw sock-wear for kittehs, ripped Flashdance-wear has to be the most popular homemade pet wear out thar.


Tiggy is a MANIAC, Lyra H. ;)

Bestest pillow evar

[Giant Newfoundland pup eye looks around]


[Pup’s eye closes, pup goes back to dreaming about "Lake Tinkle" ]


Ian W., looks verrrry comfortuhbuhls.


Pass the Poupon!

[licking chops]

This won’t hurt a bit! [slides delicious ear into mouf]

Mmmmm, Delectables! Better than the ones at the ballpark.

Angel,  Angel’s 1st steps, originally uploaded by Cynr.

BTW, Super-Sender-inner Eva H., did you hear, that after seven years, an Amerrrican finally won the latest hot-dog-eating contest?


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