So I says to him, I says…

Red hat Pup: "…Look, life comes with responsibilities…Teddy Roosevelt gave an entirespeech once with a bullet lodged in his chest. Some tings are a matter ‘a duty."
Blue hat pup: "You gotta point d’ere. You gotta point."


Adam, Adam, Adam, you knit these hats!?

A little competishe?

SOMEONE is trying to compete with Donadog!!!! [singsong]

Meet (blue-eyed) Bernard.


Karen S., Who’s Cuter!? Millie or Bernard?!

Tisket a Tasket


Um, sender-inner Wendi B. says she was ‘minding her own bizznazz’ when ‘the girl who works next door came over with this basket of puppies.’

SURE, Wendi., and monkeys are gonna fly out of my ‘tocks.


What in the world!? It’s like a medieval monthly payment to the local noble or something… "Please Suh! Accept these puppies for a crust of bread!"

Snork snork snork [pacifier sucking sound]

Passie_1_2Eagle-eyed reader [and designer!] Marianne W. sent this gem in.

Turns out pacifiers aren’t just for bébés. New Zealand magazine "Stuff" has reported that two pups, found by the Wellington, NZ, SPCA, had been abandonned and needed some extra comforting. That comfort came in the form of pacifiers, OMG PONIES!11!

Check out the full story

Photos by ANDREW GORRIE/Dominion Post


Quick, snorgle this! [stuffs pup in your face]

"Pardon me, but do you have any Dee-Jawn Puppon?"

1, originally uploaded by a.m.cross.

He’s the perfect vintage!

And leave some of the ears for me.

The Brave Spelunker

Hot winds from the cavernous Newfoundland!

wot a brave chickeh chickeh chickeh (echo!)

Echo echo echo echo

Way to go, Sarah H-I, Nora + Jeff


Like an electric blankie, "Pinch" the pup is there!

Warming the bed of "Noé" kitten and acting as a pseudo-pillow.

Ahn. "Pinch" kinda looks like a "Perfect Pet."


Totally redonk, Crystal G.!

Birdeh please!

Check out this McPuppersons. That parrot is all; "I shall eeeeat you", and the pup is all; "Birdeh pleeeeease."

That boid better step the heck off [neck all in a twist]

Aw ahn!

XOXOX, Ann F.!

It’s coitins!

Er… curtains!

It’s curtains, I tells ya!

(At least that’s what Kolby’s ‘tocks are called…)


Susan S., Tell yer Dad and Kolby-pup "hi" for us… ;)

Par-donn while I schnuzzle your muzzle

This poor bebe duckles, thinks this puppeh is his Mom. The puppeh is all stoked to have a pal, but still a bebeh his own self! Please check out how this duckles schnuzzles some pup muzzle.

Eileen K., I’m not gonna even ax you what your search terms were to find this vid.


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