[Blues guitar riff]

I’ve lost all mah moneh…
my girl and mah car.
and now I got nuthin’ but…
a paw cast and mason jar

A jar of mooooooooooooonshine [howls]


Barooooo, Sad Oscar and sender-inner Jessica J. ;(

Playing with FIAH!

Will you please look at Señor Pup here, checking out his bowl that is OCCUPADO by a daring kitteh. Is this kitteh playing with FIAH or what. He’s doing what kittehs do best—some major taunting.


Kitteh: "Oh, don’t mind moi, I’m just makin’ muhself comfertuhbuls…"

Pup: [licks chops]


Marisa L.? Way to GO. Serious. Way to go.

Pugsters Manning

Go Colts!

(and Pugsters Manning)

You gotta love the leg action.


Hope ya’ll had a great Superbowl. Thanks to Sender-Inner Anika W.


Animal Planet PuppyBowl Highlights are UP and you need to see the ‘water bowl cam’, the quarterback retreiver, the flashing lights, the ref vacuuming the field, and the KITTEH HALFTIME SHOW!


Julie J.—it is like Cuteoverload TV! What a good idea!

Rule #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute

Dee-lee-shous leepy steecky.

I must have eet!


Melissa—your puppy looks great in "Precious Pink"!

I’m newborn and I ken’t git up


I’m just born and I ken’t turn over!

ehn! ehn! ehn! [feets waving]

Yi Y., nice pick.

Love the ‘modesty’ tail. Great submishe, Yi Y.—we’re speechless too.

Clusterphobes Beware

Where’s Jack?? Is Ninja Jack hidinks?
[flat silence]

C’mon boy!  Come out where we can see him!  Oh wherrre can Jack be??
Put the camera away and we can talk.
Jack Jack wants to come out where we can see, so Jack Jack can samplesome the bourguignon that Mommy’s got marinating, when it’s beingdinnertimes!
[exasperated sigh]


OK, let’s get one thing straight, lady: You blog this, and the laundry basket tastes vinegar vengeance, got it?
Ohhhh there’s my Jackie booooyyy!!!

Heh.  Thanks, Finn.  (There’s "mountain fresh" bleach in the hall closet.)

Just Pom’min around

Any of you that read this blog with any regularity know that when I laid eyes on this Pomeranian, I could not speak for three hours. It muted me!

So, join me now, will you? as we [sweeping arm gesture] jump on the Pomwagon:

Nice work, Cristina J.—we like eet too.


Oh oh oh oh please oh PLEEEASE play with meeeee???

YAAYYYYY play play play play play play play!

Wruff & stuff, Ceebs! …and Elvis, of course!

Onwards Furbrow Soldiers


It’s Rule of Cuteness #31, thanks to Jorden C., "Toasty" the queen of the Furrow, and YOU (with all yer opinions.)

Let’s just say that the ‘Furbrow’ is almost always accompanied by a "Baroo?!"



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