Um, this picture could not get ANY fluffier

Um, are these labradoodles? I think they are… And could this sheep-skin-Labradoodle scene get any fluffier? The answer is none. None more fluffier.


OK, the scene would actually be fluffier if THIS GUY suddenly crawled out. But that’s the only way. Right Sarah E.?

Boxère Intérieur Déesigns

You need an énteriorr deesignarre to help you spruce up zee apartmont? Considère Boxère Intérieur Déesigns. We use zuh lime green shag on AAUL hour déesigns. Zuh clee-onts, zey lof eet. You cannot go wrong wis zuh lime. Eet ees more—how do you say?— éxpénséeve, but zuh lime—she ees worss eet. [sips Champagne from dog flute bowl] Weh.


Kim A. and boxer Béatrice, Merci infinement.

It’s pug Central…

…and I’ll post pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to


You’d post pugs too if it happened toooooo you[Right Elizabeth B.?] (Oh, and I assume the ‘B’ stands for Burberry?

You can almost hear the happy snorting

That must be coming from this pug-a-ru, Murphy. He’s monopolizing the mini-fish pond. I bet the fish in there are all: "Ehn! this suuuuux!"

And will you please check out the over-the-nose flap/roll on Murphy? That roll should have a special name. Like: "Schnozzleroll" or something.


Introducing: “MUZZLEFLAPS”

People, brilliant sender-inner Maria A. says: this pup comes "complete with ‘muzzleflaps’. MUZZLEFLAPS!!!

LOL, Peeps! Faw realsz. Just need little silver women sillouette on thar.


There needs to be a name for Cocker Spaniel toupées too, Maria.

Puppy? or Chicken?



Love this guy’s narration.

Please check out Percy the pup, sleeping like a chicken filet.

[Jump to YouTube]

Excellent find, Ann M. ;)


ha haha haha hahaha ha haha!

ha ha-ah ha hahaha [deep breath]

ahaahhhhh ahahahaha!ha hahah [wipes eyes] haaaaa.


That was funny, Kimmy M.

Invite me in for brunch

I like my eggs poached with a skosh of Hollandaise. OK, make that a LOT of Hollandaise.



Looooooove the muzzlepouche wrapped around the bowl. Lof eet, Leslie B.!

This is like, soooo convenient

I weesh that I could be carried around like this… I look good in Giraffe too. And, I heart leg holes.


Nice find, Amoise. Now—WHO sells these?! will the real retailer please stand up!?

// UPDATE — they stood up!  PuppyPurse can be found here. //

The water—she is fine…

Welcome to my hot tub, Babies. [waves paw over tub] you join me, non? We can spleeshe, we can splashe, Haf you ever had a tequila shot in dee bath? Let me be dee first to show you how eet’s done…


Delectable, Carrie L.!


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